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Jet Charters, Card Cutters are welcome

For those who have invested in the purchase of jet cards and are now enduring pains with high prices, limited availability and more restrictions by the Jet Operators we here you! You can’t hold the Pandemic Responsible for the new rules which are designed to fill the deep pockets of certain firms. The news media frequently indicate that firms like “Wheels Up” are big money losers. Firms like Netjets continue to operate with substantial profit margins and high quality standards.

The alternative to the prepaid Jet card

Consider the Zero Card alternative, On Demand Charters which are yours to experience in the same way and manner you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for your charter hours, no risks or on-going obligations. Vegas Express Jet Leads the way by providing you with Private Jet Charter quotes from up to 80 Private Jet Operators. All with the highest quality and safety ratings.

Welcome on Board, you Private Jet is waiting. Traveling in luxury on a private jet to the Las Vegas Strip can be an enticing experience. While private jets typically come with a hefty price tag, there are ways to enjoy such luxury at more affordable prices. Take a few steps and make your private plane an affordable option. Share the costs for your plane with friends and family–this will be your lifetime journey.

Flying private has traditionally been associated with high costs and limited flexibility, particularly when using jet cards. However, in recent years, the private aviation industry has seen the emergence of new and innovative models that offer more cost-effective and flexible options for flying privately. Let’s explore some of the best ways to fly private without the limitations of traditional jet cards.

Jet Charters- On demand charters

On-demand charter allows you to book a private jet for a specific trip without the need for any upfront commitments or membership fees. Several online platforms and charter brokers connect you directly with operators who have available aircraft. You can compare prices, aircraft types, and amenities to find the best fit for your needs. This option offers greater flexibility in choosing different aircraft types and locations, without the financial commitment of a jet card.

Jet memberships- You may avoid

Jet brokers and some operators will encourage you to sign-up for programs which offer free quotes, membership cards and some claim lower prices for your jet charter. Before you sign and approve have your financial advisor and your lawyer review your benefits–you may conclude that such programs may work for large corporate accounts bu are of little value for the small business and vacation traveler. Why should you pay fees and charges when it’s available at no cost to you. All quotes provided by Vegas Express Jet are free of charge- no hidden fees or costs to you.

Jet Charters, Fractional Ownership “Like timeshares in the air”

The times for the purchase of 1/7 or 10% of an aircraft have passed and gone. It’s a process which require the sharing of flight time and lot’s of legal complications. Avoid this option–if you like to buy a plane make it yours. One of our Jet Experts will be pleased to provide you with options if you wish to proceed. Please ask for one of our Jet Advisors and call 702-720-2449. No charge of fee for the initial consultation. Consider the Hondajet, Vision Jet and Pilatus Turbo prop as options.

Jet Charters, share a seat

Jet sharing, also known as jet pooling or jet sharing, involves sharing the cost of a private jet with other passengers who are traveling on the same or similar routes. These platforms connect travelers with available seats on private jets, reducing the overall cost per passenger. Jet sharing services often offer greater flexibility in terms of departure times and locations, making it a more affordable option for private travel. You will find Jet Sharing options in busy flight segments, this includes New York to Florida and LAX to Vegas. Flight need a minimum of 4-6 passengers to operate. Call our airport desk for listings, availability and pricing.

Jet Charters, Open Legs save 40-50&

Empty leg flights occur when a private jet is flying without passengers, either returning to its base or flying to pick up new passengers. These flights are often offered at significantly discounted rates since the operator wants to offset the cost of the empty leg. We have an updated list of Empty or Open Legs in our inventory system. With so many frequent changes and updates, may we suggest that your call our airport desk with your needs. We will handle all the details and allow you to directly negotiate the best deal. Flight are posted from 3-30 days before flight departure. Bigger discounts are yours at the very last moment. It’s a matter of demand and supply!

Jet prices for my trip to Vegas, take your friends!

Take a moment to schedule your trip and visit with some your friends to seek feedback for the best travel dates–remember the Vegas Resort prices are the highest on weekends and holidays. For better prices and more group concessions consider a midweek Sunday-Thursday visit. If you belong to a Golf Club the Casino may provide you with Comp rooms, Dining and entertainment deals provided you guests are willing to spend some time at the Casino Floor! The Charter Team at Vegas Express Jet will be delighted to provide you with Charter Costs based on the size of your group. We also will be here to help you the shared costs you need to collect from each participant. We suggest that you keep the funds in a secure bank account, just in case one of your friends needs to cancel or seeks a refund. You plan would be as follows:

  • Visit with your friends and use social media to seek feedback on your private jet trip to Vegas
  • Try to secure a minimum of 10-20 folks who will join you
  • Set the dates and schedule for your trip
  • Vegas Express Jet will be here to help you with charter quotes and seat costs
  • Our Concierge Team will be pleased to help you secure special rates and concessions at hotels
  • We are well connected with the Las Vegas Resorts and will be here to help you with your Charter flights and hotel package to Vegas.

Jet Vacations on the Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the ultimate place to visit the Glitz and Glitter which is exclusively yours on the Vegas Strip. Many of our guests will take a day for visits to the National Parks which include Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Others opt for a day flight to the California Wineries on the Central Coast or for a day of gold at Pebble Beach. Whatever you wishes, our Concierge Team will be here to provide you with a custom crafted itinerary and pricing. If you are traveling with children or young adults ask us about a daytrip to Disneyland. Please call us with your wishes and ask for the Concierge Desk at 702-336-7345.

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