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How to search for a Private Jet?

Searching for a Private Jet–best charter rates

Explore the steps you should follow to find the best deals for your next journey. The tools you need to upgrade from commercial air to a luxury Jet Journey. Download the information you need to save time and compare aircraft, charter and rental options. Vegas Express Jet is like KAYAK displays rates for Commercial Airlines. Compare side-by-side plane options with costs and special amenities such as Standard Catering and WIFI. Start your search and get a quote.

When you fly private you will avoid over crowded and understaffed airports. No need to arrive early saving, no TSA Lines with instant departures when you arrive at your Private Airport Lounge. 100% More Peace of Mind during these unsettling time!

Citation Jets-Vegas Express Jet

Searches, how to avoid extra fees and charges! Save 30%

Brokers will be here to encourage you to buy pricey prepaid jet cards with price tags of $25,000 to $250,000 in exchange for prepaid hours and VIP services allowing you to book for last minute deals. As a matter of fact Vegas Express Jet does not require you to make any investment. Fly like you take a ride with UBER of Lyft and only pay for your charter. Zero obligations or risks. Private Jets 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership- like timeshares in the air.

A better way to search for a Private Jet- Get a quote here.

Vegas Express Jet allows you to search for airports worldwide- you simply select the airports which are closest to your destination. Simply include your dates and times. No credit card is needed to secure a quote–within a short period you receive your email message with the information you need to make an intelligent decision:

  • Compare several airplane types with seating plans and details such as total seats and WIFI and Entertainment packages.
  • Your flight schedule is fully detailed with your departure and arrival information in local times. You flight hours and distance are included in the quote.
  • Prices for each aircraft include the costs for the flight hours, taxes (US 7.5%) and other fees
  • View images of the aircraft interior–compare seating, conference tables etc.
Seating Plan with your quotes

After you search, proceed and ask for a Charter Agreement

You select the best aircraft and pricing–the Jet Operator will send you a Charter Agreement for your review and approval:

  • The Identification of your aircraft (Tail Number) and complete name of the Authorized FAA Part Operator will be here for you to review.
  • Carefully review the prices and the operator schedules, sign and approve. This is done on the website of the operator. It’s secure and safe.
  • You pay via credit card—as a matter of fact the Operator will use your card to hold the aircraft and charge you card 24-72 hours before departure. View all cancellations-rules-and policies.
  • Vegas Express Jet will not collect any funds—

Your charter tickets!

Expect your Charter-flight and travel documents to include your Private Airport Lounge information, your flight schedules and names of the Captain, First Officer and contacts.

Team Support- Tel:702-336-7345

One of our Team Members will be here to assist you at any time. Plus we will be here to assist:

  • Any special services you may need–traveling with Pets?
  • Catering support, hand crafted sandwiches, cheese platters
  • Ground support, airport transfers, rental cars
  • Hotel accommodations with special “Perks and Upgrades at the Wynn-Encore, Bellagio or the 4 Seasons
  • B/B Luxury Rental cars
  • Complimentary services are provided with travelers who book large jets (please view your quotes)

Vegas Express Jet LC and Vegas Jet NV is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations.

Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Flights will be operated by a direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier, as applicable, which will have operational control of the aircraft

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