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How to fly Private Cheap

Jet prices from $1,900 per hour for the Vision Cirrus Jet–this is the plane you take for a Charter from Santa Barbara to LAX or the Vegas Strip. A great budget option, we recommend for up to three passengers- do use the back seats for baggage. This High Tech Cirrus jet has the latest safety technologies with a build-in parachute and a self landing system. The safety features are second to none for the Cheap Jet.

Bigger and Better—The Hondajet with the “over the wing” engines is in high demand. This aircraft has five seats, complimentary WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. It’s yours with a very generous bar package and loaded snack basket. It’s a great choice for business flyers who need to visit with clients in smaller communities no longer served by the commercial airlines.

Please note that the hourly charter rates apply to weekdays- the higher rates in effect during weekend and special sports, concerts events. The range-flight distance for each aircraft is impacted by the number of passengers and total weight with baggage. Please view our fleet options and select. The prices below are sample rates in effect during July 2022–some firms impose fuel surcharges, however the Very Light Jets are still your Cheapest Jet Options.

Product Prices from 3-5 Seats 2 6-8 Seats Range
Cirrus Vision $1,900 p/h 3-5  n/a 900 miles
Hondajet $2,300 – $2,700 5 n/a  1000 miles plus
Citation M2 $2,300 p/h  5 n/a  1000 miles plus
Phenom 300 $3,500 – $4,000   7 seats up to 4.5 hours
Hondajet-5 passengers

Cheap Private Jets

Vegas Express Jet, the Strip Leading Private Jet Charter- Experience the difference with multiple side-by-side quotes!

For over 20 years, Vegas Express Jet has been delivering premium charter flight experiences with access to a network of 70 plus jet operators with hundreds of aircraft. We are battle born on the Vegas Strip and serve the major Casino Resort guests. Our mission is to provide you with the very best aircraft at amazing prices. This without the need for you to purchase pricey prepaid jet cards with price tags from $25,000 to $250,000. Nor do we sell you on costly annual memberships.

Complimentary Car Rental or Limo Services by Vegas Express Jet, details in your Charter Proposal. Need support text or call our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

How much is your Private Jet

Discover how we do all the work for you, getting you the best prices from over 70 FAA Approved Charter operators. Move fast with our Three Step process to get a price, compare aircraft and view your selections side-by-side.

Ask for a quote, all you need is your travel dates and number of seats you need. We enhance your search, one of our team members will deploy the latest technologies to the provide your with Cheaper Costs and compare this with recent flight departures and costs. You will benefit from our expertise without the need of any Jet Cards or Memberships.

Watch you e:mail for a message from Vegas Express Jet. This includes options for several airplane types, your seating, photos and detailed pricing for several aircraft. You will be able to compare aircraft and costs side-by-side. Our exclusive gift for you to decide.

Pick a quote and receive a charter proposal from the Charter Operator direct to you- this includes Guaranteed Prices, your flight confirmations and you option to accept-approve or look for more options and deals. Pay with a credit card or bank wire–your trip is charged 24/72 hours before flight departure. Don’t overlook the charges for taxes and fees–they should be fully detailed! Your aircraft tail number (N Number for North America) should be a part of your charter proposal.

Take time to review you quote, it will include fully transparent pricing and special benefits. Look for:

  • Airport transfers from your Private Airport Lounge to your resort
  • Complimentary catering and bar services. Sea and Fruit platters, sandwiches hand crafted by our Partners at Panera Bakery and Whole Foods markets.
  • Upgrades at Hotels/Resorts
  • Special offers for tours to the National Parks and events.
  • Support services for custom travel, wedding ceremonies and casino host introductions for special comps.
Phenom 300, standup cabin seating for up to 7

Cheaper flights by Private Jet

For travelers with very flexible schedules we recommend you consider OPEN LEGS. Charters in this category include flights operated to deliver guests to their destination–in many cases the same flights operate without any passengers returning to base. Open legs are published up to 30 days before flight departures by the operator. The good news, you may be able to book an open leg and save from 30 to 50%. You may be at risk when the charter is cancelled, you would need to book a new flight or travel commercial. Most availability for open legs is with the larger Midsize and large Cabin Gulfstream Jet. Our Team Members have excess to all available open legs. Text us with your needs and we will update you on availability and pricing. Text 702-336-7345.

One way charter- a number of our Charter Partners will offer special “One Way Rates” when you fly Coast to Coast or long haul flights of 4 plus hours ask us for a one way quote—this applies to the Gulfstream Aircraft with 12-14 seats.

Automated Open Legs and One Way options, you may save from 30-50%.

No worries, each and every time you request a rate quote–our system will search for Open leg and One way flight availability. For additional information please call or text our airport desk at 702-336-7345. You will notice that your quote may reflect the availability and options you should consider.


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Vegas Express Jet LLC and partner website Fly Private Vegas is a Jet Portal and Technology Platform.  Charter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 directly to the traveler for review and approvals. Vegas Express Jet LLC does not own or operate aircraft. All charters are operated by FAA Authorized operators who exercise full control over the aircraft. Aircraft Registration and Operator data re fully disclosed in accordance with DOT and FAA requirements. Travelers need to secure their own travel insurance for flight interruptions, cancellations, lost bags and health care coverage.  Ground Transfers, hotel accommodations are available from Royalty Travel NV a fully accredited TRUE #99901760 agency

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