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How to fly Private

You may understand- Times are very different, demand for Private Jet has doubled during the Pandemic–many travelers who experienced a Private Jet for the first time decided to continue to rent a jet for Business or Vacation Travel. In case you are planning a Jet Charter we are here to help. Knowing your options saves you time and money. Please read on:

Discover our THREE CLICK system which does all the work for you. Most of our Vegas Casino and Vacation flyers prefer the flexibility of options without the need to make any long term commitments such as Memberships or Pricey Jet Cards.

When you commence a search in Google for Private Jets, you will soon discover a variety of messages and options from Jet Brokers and Operators. You should know that some Brokers like you to believe that they own and operate their own fleets. Some Brokers may be promoting Jet Cards which directly enhances their cash flow. Larger and well established firms like Netjets offer a wide range of options and are focused on the Corporate travelers. Expect a large fleet of jets with dedicated flight crews. Consider Netjets as an option if you fly at least 100 plus Charter Hours per year. It will be pricey!

Honda Jet- 5 Seats Vegas Express Jet
Honda Very Light Jet, Seating for 6 passengers, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345. Ask us for a quote.

How Much does it cost to Charter a Private Jet

Private Jet travel offers a wide range of benefits. For example you will not be required to arrive early, most commercial flights require an early arrival at a commercial airport to complete TSA inspections and spend time in boarding lounges. When you fly private you depart from a Private Airport Lounge–no lines, no waiting. Your crew members will be waiting for your arrival. Instant baggage delivery at your destination. No worries, you will be able to set your own schedule! Most Jet flyers save from 3-6 Hours on any typical travel day! Enjoy more time at the pool or quality time with your family. For Business Flyers time is a precious commodity.

Just in case you operate a small business or plan to take a Private Jet on your next vacation Vegas Express Jet offers solutions which are affordable and offer you all the benefits of Luxury Travel without the need to make big up-front benefits. Take a moment to download your options:

JET BROKERS- Are the Middleman between the Jet Operators and you. They will provide you with Charter Quotes and increase the charter costs to compensate for their staff, office and advertising. Expect to pay an additional 5-10%. You may receive special offers for Jet Cards, prepaid jet travel is not a good option for travelers who fly under 100 hours per year. No need to take risks and assume long term membership obligations when you charter a couple times per year!

JET OPERATORSThese are the firms that own, manage aircraft and provide all the services for your flight. Some firms have a large fleet, other may have one or two aircraft. The will promote their own aircraft only

JET CARDS– Best compared to pre-loaded credit cards for Jet flights. You will be required to invest and prepay from $25,000 to $250,000. This may be a good option for a Corporate account but is not a great choice for individual Jet Flyers

FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP Like a Timeshare in the Air you buy 1/7th of a plane that you share with others- it’s an expensive option. You will be paying a share of the crew costs, aircraft maintenance. Discovering an operator which has the best Jet Rental is time consuming and could be expensive.

How much does it cost to Charter a Jet

Introducing you to the Three Click System which lets you compare the Cheapest Jet Prices. Vegas Express Jet does all the work for you. Our Leading Edge Technologies secure Jet Quotes from 50 Plus Operators- firms compete for your business. Vegas Express Jet simply shares the best and cheapest options with you. Get a quote, no credit card or personal information needed. No worries, Vegas Express Jet has no commissioned sales team members–we are consultants for the Charter-Aviation Industry and provide you with unbiased Jet Charter Options.

  • CLICK ONE-You simply ask for a quote. Our in-house technology system and our Flight Planners will secure quotes from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Jet operators. You have access to hundreds of Private Jet Charters with 4-30 seats.
  • CLICK TWOYou receive a e-mail message with Photos of several aircraft types, seating plans and information such as WIFI and Baggage Space. This will be your quote with side-by-side pricing for the aircraft which meet your needs. For short flights under 1,500 miles we will include the newest Very Light Jets with Charter rates from $1,600 per hour.
  • CLICK THREEAfter you review all your options and prices you may select a specific plane rental. The Aircraft operator will issue a Charter Agreement with “Guaranteed Prices” and you flight confirmations. Pay by Credit Card- you card is actually charged 24-72 hours before departure. Optionally pay with a Bank Wire Check.
Honda Jet- 5 Seats Vegas Express Jet
Honda Jet, 6 Seats- Much preferred from flights under 2.5 Hours.

How Expensive is a Private Jet ?

Take charge and lower the costs for your Private Jet. Fly midweek, with more availability rates are lower. Just in case you have a flexible schedule consider an “Open Legs” (Flight operate to and form destinations and return to base without passengers) Operators will offer such flights at hefty discounts with savings from 30-60%.

Citation Jets, P.702-336-7345
Citation Very Light M2 Jet and Citation M3. Call for quotes at 702-336-7345. All types of Private Planes 4-30 Seats.

For Coast to Coast flights consider a “Floater”- aircraft based at major cities which do not return to base- available for flights of 4-5 hours. Aircraft types include the Gulfstream 4 and Hawker 800 flights with 8-14 seats. Our Team Members will be able to access all open legs, one way floater aircraft. Simply contact our Airport desk at 702-336-7345 or E:mail or Charter Desk.


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Vegas Express does NOT collect any charter payments. Vegas Express Jet LLC Jan 2022.

 Vegas Express Jet is a technology portal which sources quotes on behalf of clients from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Part 135 Charter Flight Operators.  Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. Charter Agreements are issued directly to the travelers by the Flight Operator, with total Charter costs, tax and handling fees.   Flight-Charter Costs are directly paid to the Charter Operator by the Charter Party via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transaction.    Concierge and ground services are provided by Royalty Travel NV, a fully accredited TRUE #99901760 Agency.  Carefully review your charter agreement before you sign-approve.  Your Charter Agreement will identify-disclose the Aircraft Registration (Tail Number and Operator Detail.)

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