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How much is a Private Jet Vacation

Be prepared to understand the latest pricing in the Private Jet industry, driven by the Pandemic. Charter Operators are discovering that the tools deployed by the major airlines can be useful for owners and operators by private Jets. the Secret sauce here is named Dynamic Pricing. Explore your options and manage your costs. Vegas Express Jet will be delighted to provide you with a series of quotes. Consider a date range for your Charter Quotes. Vegas Express Jet is based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor–we are the Premier Operator for VIP Travelers visiting the Wynn, Resorts World and the MGM Bellagio.
Select the Best Buy and Jet for your Trip,

How does is work-understanding Dynamic Prices

Multi layered software programs are designed for operators, or in some cases designed by IT Departments and are most driven by high demand and peak travel days. Commercial airlines have a long history of demand periods and upload major events such as sports events, concerts and major conventions into their systems. For instance:

  • Expect higher hourly prices and fees on peak weekend periods
  • Special Holidays, Labor Day, 4th of July and New Years Period
  • Systems will be adjusting during high demand periods with very limited period. Like with commercial airlines prices will be updated daily or even hourly.
  • Expect a very unpredictable pattern of price changes which may not be under the control of the Flight desks.

Securing the best deals for your Journey.

High demand periods will trigger increased rates–early bookings may provide you with the lower rates–make certain to ask us for a Charter Agreement and Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations.

Consider one the newest VLY Light Jets. This includes the Phenom 100 and our preferred Citation M3 with 5 seats. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles–you do not need a bigger jet for a short flight. Hourly rates range from $1,900 to $2,300–however such rates may increase by up to 25% with Dynamic Pricing.

Rates for Light Jets from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour/ Support
Tel: 702-336-7345

How much is a your Private Jet- impact of Dynamic Pricing

  • We are here to assist you with a number of options. Compare aircraft types with rates and options you should consider to lower your costs
  • Exclusively yours “Multiple Quotes” from Vegas Express Jet. No need for credit cards, no risks on your part
  • Avoid pricey Jet Cards or Membership fees. Vegas Express Jet “Uberizes the Private Jet”- you only pay for your flight hours and charter costs.
  • Need help, support call our support desk at Tel:702-336-7345

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