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Cessna Light Jet 7 Seats From Vegas Express Jet

How Much is a Private Jet from LAX to Las Vegas


Private Jet Charters to the Las Vegas Strip help you save hours or days–. The Las Vegas McCarran Airports requires you to arrive 3 hours before you flight.  With a Private Jet Rental you simply arrive on time and enjoy more time to focus on “Fun”. As you know Private Jets fly from Private Airport Lounges–it’s hassle free. Valet park your car and you’re on your way. Vegas Express Jet is located on the Las Vegas Corridor—need help simply call our airport phone at p.(1)702-336-7345.

CES Las Vegas Jan 7- 10th 2020. 

We receive hundreds of requests from travelers from LAX who visit the Las Vegas Strip for a weekend.  Take a minute to understand how rates are determined and what you will pay for your Private Plane Charter:

  • Charter rates are based on the hours flown by type of Private Plane. For example a Very Light, Phenom 100 with 4 seats and an interior designed by BMW will cost you from $1,950 to $2,100 per hour. 
  • Operators will be charging a two hour minimum for each flight leg or segment. If you visit the Vegas Strip for a weekend, you will be flying a total of two segments. Your costs will be based on a total flying time of 4 hours!
  • Your estimated flight charges will be 4 hours $2,100 or $8,400. Ask us for larger jets with 6, 8, 10 or 12 seats. 
  • Hourly charter costs may be lower during midweek flights. Upcharges may apply during peak holiday weekends. 
Phenom 100, Very Light Jet with 4 seats and interior designed by BMW
Phenom 100- Fuel Saving Jet, interior designed by BMW- seats 4. Text us for quotes at P.702-336-7345. “Wheels Up Fast”


Other charges for all Private Jet flights include a 7.5% for Federal Taxes which apply to US flights. Additionally you will be charged for airport, landing and handling fees. Suggest you increase your hourly charter costs by 20%. This brings your estimated costs at $10,800-


Easy steps you can take to secure a Guaranteed flight schedule which meets your needs and a Guaranteed rate. You also will be able to select a larger 6, 8 or 14 seat jet.

  • Take a moment and provide us with your flight schedule departure times, preferred plane and number of seats you need. Use our “Flexible Quote Sheet”
  • You may include any special requests you may have—will you travel with a Furry Friend.
  • Yes–Feel free to include you flight budget or any special needs you may have for a Party or Wedding Jet!
Vegas with Vegas Express Jet P.702-336-7345
Las Vegas Strip, Weddings, Parties and Mansion Stays. Contact our Air Concierges call P.702-336-7345



For last minute charter requests, please text us at (1)702-336-7345. Do include your flight schedule and number of travelers. We handle the rest for an instant response.

  • All Charter quotes include a 4% cash discount. You pay the flight operator direct
  • Your charter quote includes you airport schedules and special offers, free dining and transfer options. (We have a Wedding Consultant, Travel Planner and a Group Mansion Coordinator on our Team)
  • It’s easy to compare our rates- with multiple offers for plane types.
  • For Las Vegas Shows and Tours please visit



For more help and support, please visit PrivateJet-Advisor a support Jet Portal for all your travel needs.  For special rates, travel news and support from our Air Concierge Team visit us here.


Vegas Express is a Technology Jet portal which provides travelers with detailed quotes and charter agreements issued by FAA Part 135 Authorized operators. All rates are guaranteed by the operator with aircraft details and registrations. Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. We recommend that you visit our Advisory Team.



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