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How much is a Private Jet?

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Anticipate a new normal when you Fly Private. Demand for Private Plane Rentals has exploded since the Pandemic. Regular Commercial Airline travelers discovered the benefits from flying private to cities no longer served by commercial air. Fuel costs have increased however, by selecting a certain type of planes you will be able to manage your budget. This without limiting your ability to fly from Private Lounges and avoid long lines and delays at commercial airports. Arriving just 15 minutes before your flight departure is fine–your plane and crew members will be on-site to meet and greet you 30 minutes before departure.

How much is a Private Jet Rental

Here are some steps you need to consider before your consider a Private Jet flight!

You should know that over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles. Flights in this group depart with 2-3 passengers. The average flying time is about 2.2 hours. The Aircraft builders have introduced a series of new of new aircraft which you should consider for your next Jet Rental. We help you discover how we do all the work for you and help you save 30%. Go ahead and explore your options.

Need a fast response go ahead text us. All Jet Costs are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the air)

Hondajet- 6 Passengers Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

The Hondajet has a specious interior with seating for 6 passengers- this aircraft has ample baggage space, a fully enclosed washroom and comes with complimentary WIFI Services. This jet has a range of about 2.3 hours and speed of 380-400 miles per hour. It will take your from Dallas or Austin in a couple of hours. Book early since demand is high.

Interior of the Hondajet-Vegas Expressjet 702-336-7345

The Hondajet interior is spacious, makes you feel like you’re on a much bigger jet. Hourly charter rates range from $2,300 to $2,500 per hour. The higher rates apply to Peak Holidays and a number of weekend during major sports events and weekends. Business Travelers will take this Jet on a one day business trip and return in the evening. Golfers will setup Tee Times at the famous Pebble Beach Golf Club for 3:00PM and fly to the Monterey CA airport–only minutes away from the most famous club. You can this jet for a weekend trip to Vegas from all the California and Arizona Airports. Your time, your schedule.

Citation M2 Left and Citation M3

Compare the Citation M2 with 5 seats with the Citation M3. The hourly charter rate for the M2 ranges from $2,200 to $2,500 per hour. The Citation M3 with 6 seats charters for $2,800 per hour. The big difference is the range of the aircraft. You will be able to take the M3 to places like San Jose or Seattle or for a weekend to Austin or Dallas.

Citation M2, designed by BMW seating for 5

Frequent flyers will always ask for the M2 with a luxury cabin designed by BMW. This is the perfect jet for day trips to the California Wineries at Napa Valley or Paso Robles at the Central Coast. California visitors will make it a Vegas weekend with flights from John Wayne, Carlsbad and the LAX Bob Hope and Van Nuys Airport. A typical weekend rate Friday-Sunday will cost about $2,000 per person–or $10,000 to $12,000 for the entire weekend Jet Rental.

Seat Map Citation M3

A seat map let’s you review the interior seating of each aircraft type- it comes standard with your rate quote from Vegas Express Jet. It’s our mission to provide you with fully transparent rate quotes, no surprise or last minute hidden fees. Lack of transparency is one of the foremost concerns of Private Jet flyers. Make certain that you ask us about baggage space, catering options and traveling with your furry friends. Over 20% of all our flights include Pets! Our Golden Retriever is a Frequent Furry Flyer!

How much is your Private Jet Flight

We help you compare the best prices at one place. After you ask for a quote, Vegas Express Jet will provide you with multiple aircraft rental options with side by side pricing. Saving you hours of searches and confusing options and choices. We do the work for you, in a fully transparent way. This without the need for credit cards or personal-private information. You’re invited to experience our THREE CLICK system. It’s fast and efficient, you receive all the information you need to make an intelligent decision. All aircraft offered will be ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated, amongst the highest safety ratings in the aviation industry.

  1. Click One: Get a quote, include your flight schedule and number of seats required.
  2. Click Two: Watch your e:mail for a quote message which includes several aircraft types with side-by-side prices. View your proposed flight schedules in local times. Compare aircraft interiors and seat maps. Feel free to make a selection.
  3. Click Three: You decided to move forward with one of the aircraft options. The flight operator will send you a direct proposal-agreement for your review and opt-in. This includes your Guaranteed Pricing and your confirmed flights. You may hold your flight rental reservation with a credit card and make final payment 24-72 hours before. Optionally feel free to pay via a Bank Check Wire, this saves you the 4% credit card fee.

Private Jet Concierges

Our Team Members will be here to assist with your plane options and pricing. With 50 Plus Alliance Partners with hundreds of aircraft types we will be able to identify the very best and cost efficient aircraft options. We will be here to assist with last minute departures with “wheels up” in hours! The Concierge services are provided Free of Charge for all our Jet Flight Clients. No request is too small:

  • Assist you with special requests, pet travel or special services
  • Provide you with menu options and complimentary options as reviewed in your charter quote
  • Complimentary Suite Upgrades at the 4 Seasons, Wynn-Encore and major resorts. A special $300 rate for a 2 night midweek stay at the Circa Vegas.
  • Customized Travel services, your Resort Hotels, Transfers and option to use planeside limousine services.
  • Golf tours and TEE times at all Golf Courses including the Pebble Beach Golf Course with a short 10 minute transfer from the Monterey CA airport
  • Day and weekend excursions to the Wineries. This includes Napa Valley, California Central Coast from Paso Robles.
  • Family trips to the National Parks with a luxury SUV and Tour Guide–or Day excursions to Disneyland CA.
  • Receptions for weddings at Private Airport Lounges, before or after your flight. Pleas share your needs with our In-House Wedding Consultant Joni Moss Graham. Pleas contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.
Contact us, share your

We your minutes away from receiving multiple rate quotes for all charter aircraft 4-30 seats. Exclusively yours from Vegas Express Jet you will be able to view multiple-side-by-side quotes. Unbeatable services are yours with full support, no long waiting times and clicks away from your flight departure.

Jet Prices by Aircraft type, Quick Reference!

  • Very light Jets from $1,900 to $2,400 per hour
  • Light Jets, Medium Jets from $2,800 to $3,500 per hour
  • Super Midsize (Coast to Coast) seating for 10-12 passengers from $4,400 per hour
  • Large Cabin Gulfstream Jets from $5,900 per hour. International flights up to 14 seats (London, Paris, Rome)

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Vegas Express Jet LLC is a Private Jet Technology Portal which secures quotes for travelers. Bids are secured from 50 Plus Alliance Partners and FAA Part 135 operators. Best available quotes are shared with the consumer for review and consideration. Travelers may opt to select a quote and directly receive a Charter Agreement from the operator which is fully transparent with Guaranteed Rates, Full disclosure of Flight schedules and the identification of the aircraft (Tail Number and Operator Details.)  Travelers pay the operator direct via a Credit Card or Bank Wire. Vegas Express Jet does not collect any payment or owns or operates any aircraft and is NOT a direct or indirect air carrier. Liability insurance is provided by the FAA Part 135 operator.  Carefully review your Charter Agreement before you sign and approve- cancellation terms and conditions may apply.  Concierge Services for Vegas Express Jet are provided by a TRUE 99901760 Registered Agency. Fly Private Vegas is a sister company of Vegas Express Jet LLC.

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