How much is a Private Jet?

How much is a Private Jet?

We are here to help you, with Jet Prices and Aircraft options–when you deal directly with the Charter Operator you avoid the “Middleman” with a number of extra fees and charges. Lear how you will be able to Charter A jets with 30% less Than Jet Cards or Fractional Ownership.  With Vegas Express Jet you will be able to fly to and from 4,000 airports. 

Many airports are not served by the commercial airlines.  We compare quotes we receive from 50 Plus Alliance Partners–all commercial Jet operators who compete for your business.  You compare aircraft side by side and select the best prices for your journey.  No risks on your part–No need for a Credit Card.   May we provide you with a quote?

Spacious Citation M2 with seating for 5

Your savings options:

Understand, 70% of all Private Jet Charters are under 1,500 miles.  About 2,3 hours with an average of 2-3 passengers.  For this type of a short trip you do not need a Big Plane–the newest group of Very Light Jets should be on top of your wish list.  This includes the new 2013 Citation M2 with 5 seats and a reach of about 2,300 miles. 

This Jet has 5 comfortable seats and has a fully enclosed washroom– for entertainment use IPads, or E-Mail.  The price is very affordable with rates from $2,300 to $2,500 per hour—-also available the Phenom 100 Jet with 4 seats with rates from $1,995 to $2,100. (sorry the Phenom 100 has no washroom).  You will be able to fly this jet for a weekend from John Wayne to the Vegas Strip for about $2,500- per person Roundtrip.  

Budget your costs, save from 30-60%

Door to Door Private Jets- Best Corona Options are here.

Open Legs are flight segments form the Home Base of the Plane and Crew which fly empty to pick-up passengers.  The same applies for return passengers back to base without revenue passengers.  Operators are eager to sell open legs and will take a big sales cut to entice you.  Open leg discounts range from 30 to 60%–most are sold at a 50% discount.  To take advantage of open legs, you need to know! Need help call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345

  • Open legs are posted on our in-house system within 3-13 days before flight dates.
  • Biggest discounts at the very last moment.
  • You simply make a bid—or we will suggest a price which works for you
  • Understand the risks—–whenever the charter flight is cancelled this will also apply to your departure. You may need purchase a regular charter, postpone your trip or book a commercial ticket.
  • Optionally book a Very Light Jet, our Jet Team will be pleased to provide you with “Smart Options”

When do you need to upgrade to a bigger jet

For Coast to Coast travel, or with large families of groups consider a Midsize Jet or Super Midsize Aircraft with 12, 14 or 16 seats. The Lear Jet 60 is a great aircraft choice for trips from LAX to Chicago, Dallas, Houston.  The Challenger 601 with 12 seats is a great choice for a trip from Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale to New York-Teterboro or Miami to Las Vegas. 

Make it Party, Elope or Micro Wedding or a Vacation, plan your trip here.

One single source for all your Travel, Wedding and Party journeys.  Vegas Express Jet has a team of Jet Experts who help you with your vacation.  Ask us for a quote—, no need for credit cards.

1) You quote includes several aircraft options, take the best plane and price for your Journey

2) Take a look and fully Transparent Rates, for your charter hours and charges.  No hidden fees or last minute charges

3) Your Charter Agreement is issued by the Operator Direct to you, you avoid Middleman charges and receive Guaranteed Rates and flight confirmations.  Pay via bank check and receive an additional 4% discount which is included in your price quotes.

Feel free to call us at P.702-336-7345 or E-Mail us.


Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators. Charter Agreements are issued by the operators with Guaranteed Rates, and Aircraft-Operator Registration Details. Vegas Express Jet is not an indirect flight operator and does not own or operate aircraft.  Ground Services provided by our in-house Concierge and Signature Agency. Benefit from Special Perks such as upgrades and bar and boutique credit.

Covid-19 Protocols are followed for you safety and protection.

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* Vegas Express Jet LLC, Jets does not own or operate aircraft and is a Private Jet Charter Technology Portal .with Full Disclosure of Aircraft Registration and Identification of FAA Part135 Authorized Operator.


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