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How Much Are Private Jets

How much are Private Jets


How to find great Prices–working with a Travel and Jet Portal lets you benefit from the best private plane options. In the past purchasing a private jet required you to make some type of ownership deal like “Fractional Jets” a timeshare scam which is long gone.

With “On Demand Charters” you buy a private Jet Rental or Charter like an Uber or Lyft. You only pay for the charter hours! No need to buy a pricey Jet Card or purchase a Prepaid Jet Card. Save from $5,000- $25,000 before you charter.


Planning a trip to the Las Vegas Strip- we have some “Blue Monday Deals” waiting for your next Private Jet flight, the sample rates are for the Cessna Citation. A five Seat Light Jet, model 2016.

  • Santa Barbara – Las Vegas for only $5,102 including all taxes and fees!
  • John Wayne SNA – Las Vegas for $4,834, taxes and fees included
  • San Jose to Las Vegas, priced at $6,403, taxes and fees included
  • Seattle to Las Vegas for or only $13,692, tax and fees included

Ask us for a quote- compare prices and options.

Vegas Express, Private Planes- 702-336-7345



Private Jet flights, multiple jet quotes are yours allowing you to review “multiple jet options” . Compare and make an intelligent decision for your next Plane Charter or Rental. Receive a quote with several aircraft types and pricing. View options which let you avoid long layovers and fuel stops  


Private Planes are “Big Time Savers”, with departures from a private airport lounge you will avoid the long lines, no TSA inspections. Save costs by using all your available seats–great prices are yours for short weekends and trip to the Las Vegas Strip, Orlando or Hawaii.  When you buy a Private Jet Charter consider a bigger Jet and bring your friends.  Use Crowd-sharing and have you friends pay a part of the charter costs!


Your premier source for Party Jets, stays at Las Vegas Mansions and top Resorts on the Vegas Strip, at the Wynn-Encore, the Cosmopolitan and Waldorf.  Receive special “Perks and Upgrades”.  More trips at Royalty Travel US. The place for great deals and information for your next journey. For more help on your next journey contact us.


All aircraft are operated by FAA Part 135 firms with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings. All our team members and aircraft operators are required to comply with the same  safety rules and the scheduled airlines.


Vegas Express Jet, Private Jet Charters Las Vegas Strip, Henderson Executive Airport. Departures from private Airport Lounges at Signature and Atlantic at Las Vegas, Van Nuys and at the John Wayne (SNA) and Carlsbad-San Diego Airports,

Aicraft types include the Cessna Citation, Lear Jets, Gulfstream 200, GIV, GV, G550 with up to 16 seats. Visit us at Vegas Express Jet, Jet Net Charters, PrivateJet-Advisor and Royalty Travel US.

Located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor- WorldWide flights to over 4,000 destinations. Private Jet with seating for 4-18 guests. Commercial Airbus and Boeing Jets with 160 seats for group and incentive travel. Need support, share your needs.


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