Flight “Share Connect”

Welcome to “Flight Share Connect” finding others to share a private flight with the same desired itinerary. We are here to help you lower your charter. And we jointly contribute towards lower Carbon burns*

Our system is demand -driven, allowing people to find others to share a flight. When sharing is agreed between the parties, we help arrange the flight on the right airplane with a FAA certified on demand air carrier. As you may anticipate we receive more calls for Share Connect seats in busy markets. This includes Friday-Sunday flights from Burbank, Van Nuys, John Wayne and Carlsbad. No Privacy Concerns, no information is shared unless we have your approval.

Following this a Charter Agreement is provided to the party who first requested a Charter quote. This party receives a Charter Agreement with Guaranteed Costs and flight confirmations. No extra fees or charges apply. As always a single payment applies for the entire Jet Charter.

Share Connect–how this it work?

Here is an example how Flight “Share Connect” works for you.

Very Light Jet, Medium Jets 4-6 seats

Flight “Share Connect” may not be a good choice if you plan a Tuesday Trip from Tyler TX to Las Vegas–demand in this market is low, your option to share a jet will be limited. Feel free to take a moment for a casual chat with our Flight Planners. We suggest that you consider a flight with a very light jet and take advantage of our lowest available charter rates tel:702-336-7345.


Step 1: Vegas Express Jet will update you on other parties who requested a charter to the same dates and times.

Here is an example of a weekend Charter from John Wayne on a Friday Morning to Las Vegas, returning on Sunday Afternoon with a Very Light Phenom Jet with seating for four. Anticipate that the Charter Costs are $11,000 – based on a Pro-Rated Seat cost this is $5,500- per person with two travelers only. In the event a second couple joins this flight the seat costs are reduced to $2,750- per person since now 4 guests contribute to the overall charter costs.

We will search our database of flights to see if one matches your itinerary requirements, our Team Members will update you on others who will be traveling to your destination on the same day.

As an alternative option–you may proceed to book your charter after you accepted your charter with Guaranteed rates and schedules—Vegas Express will update a database and book individuals on your charter. You receive the credit on the card you used for the Charter. A small handling fee of 4% applies.

Step 2: No information is shared without your prior approval–we will ask your confirmation by e-mail before we proceed.

If you are, we’ll arrange for you to communicate securely with your potential companions. When an agreement is reached our Flight Planners will help to book your shared flight on an FAA-certified on-demand air carrier.

Step 3: New options to enjoy a Luxury Flight, make new friends and enjoy bigger savings

Expect a quote for your charter–however we will not provide you with a firm booking and charter agreement unless your wish to proceed. This may be on you own, or with other travelers who decided to join your flight.

  • Vegas Express Jet will provide you with a detailed quote for your charter flight. Benefit from the lowest possible rates.
  • The original charter party will receive a Charter Agreement for approval and payment. Make certain that you collected the funds from all participants to pay for the Charter Costs.
Midsize Jet- “Flight Share Connect”

No commitment on your part-

Our Flight Planners and Concierge Department will keep you updated with weekly messages after you request a Flight Share Connect option. No need for commitments until you agree with the other party to fly together and pay for your Charter. No extra fees or charges apply.

Why choose to share?

  • Reduce the cost of private jet travel – the more seats filled on a flight, the less you pay. At the same time you will help us save the environment.
  • Enjoy the Luxury Experience with departures and arrival at Private Airport Lounges. Arrive on the Vegas Strip with you Car and Driver Planeside!
  • No need for early check-ins, lines at gates and baggage. More time at the Pool, Games and Shows!

Private Jets, 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

Trip-By-Trip Solutions allow you to benefit from big savings without the need to purchase “Pricey Memberships or agree to long term commitments. Our quotes are fully detailed and allow you to compare aircraft options and prices side-by-side.

Expect full transparency detailing your charter hours and full disclosure of all fees and taxes. Don’t hesitate to contact our airport desk at tel: 702-720-2449.

Have questions, answers may help you decide:

  1. How about charges or fees for the “Share Connect Program”, No charges or fees at this time
  2. The Number of other participants who will join our flight? Our program was recently introduced, we have been able to coordinate a number of weekend bookings from LAX to Vegas. We have parties listed for flights from Dallas, Seattle and Chicago.
  3. Are we allowed to bring Pets?—we do not offer this option. You may wish to charter an entire aircraft.
  4. What happens when one of the parties cancels at the last moment—after the charter agreement has been approved and signed and payment has been made. Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions as indicated in the Charter Agreement.
  5. How far in advance can we sign-up for a “Share Connect” Seat. Vegas Express Jet will accept all inquiries and listings up to 90 days before flight.
  6. Will Vegas Guarantee that we will find other travelers to reduce our costs? Sorry, we are unable to determine future demand. Consider this, if you do not connect with other travelers going the same direction on the same day, you do not have any obligations or risks. Inviting friends to join you may be an other option. Just in case!
  7. How do you compute carbon burns- Each aircraft burns a total number of carbons per flight, per seat carbons are based on the number of seats occupied. – Feel free to ask us about the Carbon Burns for a specific aircraft type.

Start your your “Flight Connect” Journey here, no risks or obligations on your part! Start your Journey

It’s not complicated, no need to make any commitments on you part. We do not need your personal information. We will be delighted to send you a sample quote for your party and list you at the same time for our Flight “Share Connect” programs. Our E:Mail!

Protecting you;

Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Resorts with Commercial and Private Jet Charters for 17 years.  We deploy smart and scalable technologies as a Jet Portal which provides our clients with Charter Rate quotes from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  We do not sell or promote Pricey Jet Cards or ongoing Membership Obligations.  No hidden charges or fees!

Vegas Express Jet LC and Vegas Jet NV  is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  

Tour operator information, terms and conditions are fully disclosed with your itinerary proposals. Health and Local Government Protocols are detailed.  Rates, Terms are fully detailed.  Some services are subject to cancellation and handling fees.  Credit Cards are accepted and may be subject to an upcharge of 3-4% by the financial institution.

Charter Agreements are issued by the operators with Guaranteed Rates, and Aircraft-Operator Registration Details. Vegas Express Jet is not an indirect flight operator and does not own or operate aircraft.    Vegas Express Jet LLC is in full compliance with all DOT and FAA Rules and Regulations.

DOT and FAA requirements are followed with details pertaining to the Aircraft Registration and full disclosure of the Aircraft operator. Please consult your Charter Agreement for full details….


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