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Eco Friendly Flights

Bio Fuel Options–we will include the options and details in your quote, please call us at 702-336-7345

Eco Friendly Jets with Vegas Express Jet

  1. Eco-Friendly Aircraft Selection: We will present you with a range of aircraft options that are designed to be more fuel-efficient and emit lower greenhouse gases. These aircraft may utilize the latest technological advancements to minimize their environmental footprint. Whenever possible we will offer the use of Biofuels as an option with each or our charter proposals.
  2. all types of commercial aircraft and private jets. From the newest Hondajets to the Large Challenger aircraft with up to 19 seats.
  3. Carbon Offsetting: We can advise on various carbon offset programs that allow you to mitigate the carbon emissions produced during your flights. By participating in such programs, you can contribute to environmental projects that balance out the environmental impact of your travel.
  4. Optimal Flight Planning: Our team will assess your travel itineraries and recommend flight routes that optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. By taking advantage of advanced flight planning tools and techniques, we can help you make environmentally conscious choices.
  5. Sustainable Ground Operations: Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the skies. We can also guide you on sustainable ground operations, promoting practices like efficient ground transportation, waste reduction, and energy conservation at airports and FBOs. Catering options include fresh and local produce and portioning. Ensure the recycling of all supplies used in-flight. This includes cans and food containers.
  6. Partnering with Eco-Friendly Operators: We have built strong relationships with operators who share our dedication to sustainability. We will strive to connect you with operators that adhere to best environmental practices and support eco-friendly initiatives.
  7. Raising Awareness: We will keep you informed about the latest developments and advancements in sustainable aviation. Our aim is to create awareness among our clients about the importance of sustainability and the positive impact their choices can make.
  8. Vegas Express Jet is different, no need to purchase pricey jet cards or memberships. Feel free to ask for Jet Prices for several aircraft type–you compare and decide. Need support, please reach-out to our airport team at 702-336-7345.
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