Private Jet, Play Golf at Big Sur!

Take a Private Jet on a summer vacation with your family. This is the time to avoid long lines at the commercial airports and spend more time with the family. We simply wanted a vacation in a cool place and are considering the California Beaches. Ou kids asked us about the Big Sur and the Monterey Aquarium. Personally, I was considering a round of Golf at Pebble Beach. I know that I can take a private jet to the Monterey Airport which is only Five minutes from the Golf Course. My wife love Cabernet wines and was looking for a place with a close by winery. That makes is a trip to Big Sir a Great Choice.

My kids are 4 and 6 years old. –they like us to take a side trip to Disneyland. We have been talking to the Concierge Team at Vegas Express Jet about the options, and yes this includes are budget. We would be renting a SUV from GOGO and drive down the Coats on Highway One. Staying a couple of nights in Newport Beach would be fun–it will be short drive to Disneyland. We are now waiting for a itinerary and jet quotes from Vegas Express Jet. Understand that they will be sending a -proposal with a number of options–and yes prices for the Private Plane.

One of the flight planners suggested a Cessna Cj3 with seating for 7, that should work for us. We have one more decision to make, shall we take our dog with us–understand that most hotels are dog friendly. We will be sharing our experience with our friends and family and hope that Vegas Express Jet will offer us a great deal. Staying away from the long lines and the crowd at the airport is one of our plans.


Private Jet Vacations

Save 30% with Vegas Express Jet Rentals. You only pay for the Charter Hours. No need for pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. We offer total freedom of choice allowing you to fly any place at anytime without any restrictions. We help you select the best aircraft for you and your family. We are here to follow your wishes. No need for any up front commitments. We help you take care of all the details. This includes your Private Jet Charter, Ground Services including GOGO SUV Car Rentals and your stay at Resorts which are best suited for you, your family and your furry friends. Just in case you like to escape from the hot summer days on the Vegas Strip- make it a day trip or weekend to Disneyland with a cool stay on the San Diego Beaches.

How much is my Private Jet Vacation?

Reach out to our Air Concierge Team at 702-336-7345. Share your schedule and your family needs. No need for any up-front commitments or credit cards. A day by day itinerary will be hand crafted to address your needs. The prices will be fully transparent with the costs for your Private Plane, Car Rentals and Hotels. No hidden charges of fees. After you receive our proposal feel free to make any changes. Just in case, this is your very first Private Jet Journey we will be here to provide you with seating plans and special in-flight entertainment options to make this a great journey. Your journey commences at your home–in the meantime we will be here to assist with any last changes. Are you traveling with children or young adults–make certain to include a stay at Disneyland. 

Fly Private Vacations

Places to visit with your Private Jet Charters. Daytrips or Weekends.. Day Journeys to the California Wineries at Napa Valley, Sonoma or at Paso Robles. Play Golf at the Pebble Beach. Take a ride along Highway One from Monterey to Santa Barbara and stay at the 4 Seasons. Visit Universal Studios, Disneyland in So.Cal. Or Make it a long week journey to Disneyland Orlando. Our Jet Concierge will custom craft your itinerary and combine this with your very own jet charter.

How much is my Private Jet Charter

Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you. Receive a series of price estimates with aircraft details and side-by-side costs. You also receive a day-by-days itinerary with your ground services. Car Rentals, Hotel Accommodations , entry fees for Golf and Disney. View the special amenities which include hotel and dining credits, room upgrades and special services. All made possible with our affiliation with the Signature Network.

Contact us at any time for support at 702-336-7345.

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