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Cutting the Wings of your Jet Card?

If you are the owner of a Private Jet Card or Fractional owner take a moment to explore your options. Unhappy flyers are reporting their pains in securing flight confirmations. Operators are imposing all types of restrictions. This is reflected in the lack of availability, and may require to stay with a specific aircraft type you simply can’t secure. You may now discover that many of the great benefits are no longer available! Discover your options and benefit from big savings by avoiding the middleman. Business Magazines report a high level of dissatisfaction by card holders– you do have better options.

Total Freedom from Jet Cards and Pricey Memberships

Private Jets 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. You can rent, charter or lease a Private Jet with “On Demand Charters” it’s like a ride with UBER or Lyft- you will be charged for the time it takes to operate your flight and return the aircraft back to base. Further cost reductions include Open Legs and for larger jet we will quote one ways and the use of “Floater Aircraft”. This type of jet will operate from the major cities with high charter demand. You will discover that a Jet Card limits your ability to select the very best Jet Charter or Rental for your next trip. We can help you avoid Pricey Membership charges and fees.

Citation M2 Jet, Model 2016 Free WIFI For quotes 702-336-7345

Jet Prices, Full Transparency

Charter Quotes are secured from 50 plus FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators- we share multiple aircraft options and pricing which includes all taxes and fees. Your Charter Agreement will be issued directly to you or your business. Anticipate fully Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmations. You will be able to determine the Aircraft Registration and Operator Identification. Some operators may include fuel Upcharges and Dynamic Pricing which may apply on Peak Holidays. Fly with 100% more peace of mind- no need to purchase Jet Cards or buy Memberships. Jet Charters, 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership–(Compare this with Timeshare deals)

You will be here to help you secure any Jet Type-4-30 Seats.

Don’t overlook the new category of Very Light Jets, the new Honda Jet, Citation M3 are great solutions for flights under 2,3 hours. The Citation M3 offers 4-6 seats, FREE WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. The interior designed by BMW will not disappoint. Fly this Jet from Salt Lake City to Phoenix, Burbank to Las Vegas. For lovers of fine wines, from John Wayne to Napa Valley. Rates for Very Light Jets range from $2,300 to $2,400 per hour. For budget minded travelers, the Cirrus Jet with 3 seats is great option for short flights under 500 miles. This high tech aircraft is outfitted with a Parachute-just in case. The self landing system is a first in the Private Jet industry. Rates from $1,600 per hour, don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote.

Aircraft Options and Availability

For Coast to Coast flights consider a Super Mid, this includes the Challenger 601-604 series with up to 12 seats or our most preferred Gulfstream with 9 or 10 seats. Jets in this group provide you with spacious stand-up cabins, forward galleys and the services of a flight attendant. This group of Super Midsize Jets offer very tempting rates from $4,500 per hour. In high demand, the Super Mid Category is a great choice for Business Meetings, Weddings and small tour groups. Book early and take your flights midweek to score great deals.

Gulfstream 200 Jet- 10 Seat Super-Midsize Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345. Take this Jet to Hawaii, Coast to Coast

All quotes are provided by FAA Part 135 Authorized firms with ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings. Amongst the highest safety standards in the Private Aviation Industry. Vegas Express Jet will limit your quotes to aircraft of the year 2000 or later. This category is a Best Buy in the Luxury Jet market.

Jet Card Cutters, Jet quotes

Book at the very last moment when you fly midweek—this is the sweet spot for great pricing. For weekend and special sports events, big shows book early. Weekend and Holiday demand simply exceeds available aircraft inventory and crew time. Experience our Three Click Quote and Booking process:

  1. CLICK ONE: Share your flight schedule and the number of seats you need. Our Team of Flight Planners will do all the work
  2. CLICK TWO: Receive several aircraft quotes, with photos and seating plans and detail. Aircraft WIFI, washrooms and baggage space. You will be able to determine which aircraft and prices meet your budget Plan.
  3. CLICK THREE: After you accept a quote for you Jet Charter, you receive a Charter Agreement issued by the Charter Operator (Aircraft Owner) with Guaranteed Prices and Flight Confirmations. Subject to your review and approval you pay the Operator Direct via your credit card—Payment for your charter is charges 24-72 hours before your flight departure. Optionally you may pay via Bank Wire Check Payment.
Napa Valley, Central Coasts Wine Journeys

Full support from our Flight Planners and Air Concierge Team

Sorry, Sorry No commissioned salesman or hard selling brokers. Consider us as your Private Jet Advisor- we are totally focused on your specific needs. Our Air Concierge Team is here to coordinate your Car and Driver services, Car Rentals and Resort Stays. Enjoy special Perks at the Wynn Las Vegas and 4Seasons Resorts in Hawaii, Florida and Mexico. Over 30% of all our guests will ask us for ground services. Please view your quote sheet for any special offers extended by our partners.

  • Helicopter Charters and Luxury Car and Guided tours to Bryce, Grand Canyon and Zion. Save up to 50% when you charter a Helicopter (Prices compared to individual seats on tours.)
  • Day Journeys and Weekends to Napa Valley, Central California Coast. Jets for Leisure and Business Trips with Wine Paring and Patio Luncheons. We host small Medical and Business Groups up to 160 guests.
  • From the Vegas Strip- one day or weekend tours to Disneyland or San Diego.
  • At your pleasure-custom crafted tours to meet all your needs- designed by a Team of Travel Advisors. No request is too small.

Jet Cards for Private Jets

Cheap Jet Charters are your when you cut your Jet Card cords. Enjoy total freedom of choice and select the Private Rental Jet that you prefer. With full transparency you will be able to compare aircraft side-by-side with multiple Jet quotes. You select and receive a Charter Agreement- this includes Guaranteed Rates and you flight confirmations. You will be able to view the Tail Number Registration and the Flight Operator. No last minute charges or hidden fees. You avoid the middleman and pay the operator direct. No Broker fees or charges.

Cessna Citation- Call for quotes 702-336-7345

Air Concierge Services- Airport Desk at 702-336-7345

Just in case, our Team Members are here to assist with special catering, car and driver plane-side transfers, suite upgrades at luxury hotels at the Wynn, 4Seasons at Las Vegas, Hawaii and Mexico. No request is too small. We provide you with a flight tracker application to share with friends and family.


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Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations. Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational Vegas Express Jet LLC is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 control of aircraft. Your Charter Agreement is issued by the FAA Part 135  Charter Operator direct to you with Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations. – Travel Team Services provided by Royalty Travel, Registration TRUE #99901760


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