Custom Air Charters

Commercial Jet Charters

You define your very own flight experience with Vegas Express Jet customized Charter Services. With all types of aircraft. Seating configurations for 30 to 212 seats. We are here to meet your special needs with your branding and messages. Inside and outside the aircraft. One of our Team Members will meet with you to provide you with a wide range of options. This includes:

  • Special Check-in positions with your branding and ticket/seat assignments
  • On-board welcome messages by crew members
  • Video messages
  • Meal Tray menu cards with a special welcome message
  • Headrest covers with your Logo-Branding
  • Logo placements at the entrance door of your aircraft.

Custom Air Charters Worldwide

Getting the information and support you need. You will be able to select from a wide range of aircraft types and seating options.. From single entity charters (one person or firm pays for the Jet Charter) to tour group charters where individuals purchase a seat. We will address your specific needs and help you select the best aircraft for your mission. The FAA has established specific rules for a variety of Jet Charters.

SPORTS CHARTERS– You may require a Jet with an entire business class cabin- this includes the Boeing 737 with up to 57 Business Class Seats. Or the B737 or the Airbus 319 with up to 160 seats. Options include your ability to keep the middle seats open.

INCENTIVE-BUSINESS CHARTERS– You may prefer a B757 with a mix of First/Business and Coach Seats. This aircraft is well suited for flights to Hawaii, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. For special product launches we provide day jets to destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando to Burbank. Planeside transfers to busses and limousines will reduce travel times.

GROUP CHARTERS: All coach class aircraft with 30 to 160 seats.

All Business Class 737 Sports-Business Jet Charter

Sports, Tour Charters

Need a Jet Charter for an extended period. Our Team Members will help you with your flight planning and provide you with a number of aircraft options based on your show schedules. We will consult with all the airports to ensure that your aircraft is secure and serviced in accordance with your requirements. Our Air Concierge Team will address all Visa requirements (If any) and assist with ground transfers.

All Coach 757-200ER Jet for International Flights

Tour Charters, Commercial Air options

Compare and pricing of all your options may apply to small groups. This may include special negotiated rates for Business Class Seats on International routes. Our Team Members and Travel Planners will be here to provide you with side-by-side rate quotes and options. We help you determine the pro’s and con’s of each option. Anticipating your needs is a key consideration–

Aircraft Charters

We are here to assist with last minute charter requests for all types of aircraft to over 4,000 destinations. We encourage you to send us a short message with the size of your group. Please include your destinations and preferred flight schedule. As a next step our Team Members will share a number of aircraft options with pricing details. We will anticipate all your needs from Check-in to your arrival and baggage delivery. Your group and firm will benefit from our background and experience in major launches for Car Manufacturers, Sports and Religious Groups with thousands of guests. We are here to help you plan your group to ensure that each guest, participant rates the travel experience as excellent. We encourage you to partake in aircraft inspections and help us pre-plan the customer check-in facilities at Private Lounges.


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 Vegas Express Jet–is a technology portal which sources quotes on behalf of clients from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Part 135 Charter Flight Operators.  Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. Charter Agreements are issued directly to the travelers by the Flight Operator, with total Charter costs, tax and handling fees.   Flight-Charter Costs are directly paid to the Charter Operator by the Charter Party via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transaction.    Concierge and ground services are provided by Royalty Travel NV, a fully accredited TRUE #99901760 Agency.  Carefully review your charter agreement before you sign-approve.  Your Charter Agreement will identify-disclose the Aircraft Registration (Tail Number and Operator Detail.)

Vegas Express does NOT collect any charter payments. Vegas Express Jet LLC Jan 2022.