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Circa Las Vegas Grand Opening, Fly Private

Grand Opening Oct 28, 2020

Circa Las Vegas Downtown Grand Opening Oct 28, 2020 is the day to Celebrate! You’re invited.

Looking to get away, Check out air and accommodations offers available at the Las Vegas Downtown Circa- arrive like a Movie Start and Celebrate the Largest Sports book ever–or a stadium heated rooftop pool! 

Vegas Express rates are 30% Less Tan Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Select from all types of Jet Charter, Rentals or Lease options with Trip-By-Trip pricing with no need for Pricey Prepaid Jets Cards or Membership obligations. Our Team Members will help you select the very best, cost efficient Jet for your journey! Support at P.702-336-7345

Did you know! Over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,500 miles.  A Very Light Jet, which includes the Citation CJ3 will fully satisfy your needs.  This Jet has seating for 6 guests, a fully enclosed washroom and WiFi. This late model 2009 Jet is yours for Charter Rates from $2,400 to $2,700 per hour.  May we offer you a  Quote- No credit card needed.

Touchless Concierge Jet flights

Exclusively yours our Touchless flights take you from your home for a secure Plane-Side Boarding. Helping you avoid all crowds and take you to the air without delays– Share the ride with your family, friends and take your furry friends. All Covid-19 Protocols are in place to keep you safe. Enjoy 100% More Peace of Mind during these unsettling times. A new way to Fly Private!

Circa- Expect a very special welcome reception.

Remember how Vegas used to be—it’s now even better with the personal touches you have been missing.  Vegas Express Jet and the Team Members at the “Circa” will be welcoming you to a very special welcome and reception. It takes one call to complete your Private Jet and Circa booking.  One of the Vegas Express Jet and Travel Experts will handle all the detail—receive a Jet quote with multiple aircraft options and prices to make an intelligent booking decision.  You booking at the Circa will include special VIP services—the Concierge Manager and his Team will take very special care of your guests.

Door to Door Private Jets- Better Corona protection No Crowded Cabins.

Travel Now, Or Plan Ahead!

The Travel Industry is preparing for a big comeback–in the meantime you will be able to score great deals on Caribbean Yacht Charters or Free nights at Resorts in Mexico. Members or Travel Team will update you on all options including insurance coverage in the event you need to change your travel plans. Ask is for a quote and receive the information you need to make an intelligent Jet Charter Reservation. Expect the following with each quote:

  • Detailed flight schedules in local times, this includes flight times, distance flown.
  • Photos for several aircraft options with interior seating and facilities, washrooms, bars, WiFi and Entertainment Systems.
  • Fully transparent rate quotes, sourced from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners (All FAA Part 135 Operators), compare rates and options “side-by-Side”
  • View Special Perks and Upgrades as a part of your Private Jet Leisure options. Free night stays, bar credits and free nights for extended stays.

No need to worry about risks:

Your Charter Agreement is delivered to you up-on acceptance of your quote.  You select your aircraft options and receive a Flight Confirmation and Guaranteed rates for your flight and aircraft. For additional protection and security you pay the flight operator direct. Full transparency with the Aircraft Registration (N Tail Number) and Operator details.  We limit options to Operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum Safety Ratings- the highest quality standards in the Private Aviation Industry. Ask for a Charter Quote. (No Credit card needed to secure a quote)

Our Flexible Quotes provide you with the ability to select your own Charter Jet–plus our Team Members will include additional Jet options lower costs. Have questions, please contact us at P.702-336-7345.


A Division of Vegas Express Jet LLC provides Business Executives with long term plans and options to better manage Private Jet and Travel options with the use of leading edge technologies.  Please visit us at Private Jet Advisor.  

For support or departures with Wheels Up in the next 24-48 hours, please contact our Airport Phone at (1)-702-336-7345 E-Mail us.


Protecting you , update Covid 19

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Charter rates are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance Partners who compete for your business.   The latest technologies and filed tariffs are applied for quotes.  No Credit Card needed to secure a quote!
Charter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmations.  Full disclosure of Aircraft Registration with details of the FAA Part 135 Authorized Operator.  Vegas Express Jet is not an indirect air carrier and does not own or operate aircraft.
Ground Services, Hotels and Resorts reservations are serviced by a Signature Authorized Agency. Benefit from Special Perks such as upgrades and bar and boutique credit.
Covid-19 Protocols will be disclosed in Charter Agreements, travel destinations and operations are under direct control by the Federal, State and City Airport Regulations.  All Operators follow Covid-19 Protocols.
Update 23 Sep 2020 Vegas Express Jet- LLC

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