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Cheapest Private Jet

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Over 90% of all the quote requests are for the Cheapest Jets, many are from frequent Jet flyers who have been Jet Card buyers, or past Jet Owners. Private Jets can be costly to buy, own and maintain. For first time Jet Flyers a Jet Rental, like you take an UBER or Lyft is your best solution for Low Cost Jet Travel without any long term membership fees or obligations. You simply pay for your charter hours–that’s all.

  • Private Jets are much cheaper when you avoid the middleman broker- dealing with the operator direct let’s you avoid the Middleman.
  • Very Light Jets, which included the newest Citation M2 and the Cirrus Jet are great options for flights under 2.2 hours. Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 1,500 miles. Do you fit in this Category. Hourly rates for the Cirrus start at $1,600 per hour–this Small Jet has a range of about 500 miles and limited seating for 3 guests. Our passenger prefer the 5 Seat Citation M2 with a range of 1500 miles. This Jet is yours with WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. Enjoy a fully enclosed washroom. Hourly Charter-Rental Rates from $2,300 to $2,600.
  • The “Secret Sauce” for great deals on private jets is as follows: Secure the very best prices and aircraft options from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Jet operators and compare the very best prices side-by-side. Thanks to leading edge technologies and a Team of Flight planners, you receive the information you need to make an intelligent decision
Citation M2 with 5 seats, Ask for a quote

Cheapest Private Jet for Sale

It takes 3 Clicks–you will have all the information to decide, we keep it simple and fully transparent

  1. CLICK ONE: Request a quote, all it takes is your flight schedule and number of seats you need
  2. CLICK TWO: Become an insider with photo’s seating plans of several aircraft which have been selected as the “Best Deals” for your flights. Prices are displayed side-by-side. Rates are fully transparent. This includes the costs for your Charter Hours, FET (Federal Excise Taxes of 7.5%) and other services. No hidden fees or last minute charges.
  3. CLICK THREE: Like the quote?- the Operator will provide you with a Charter Agreement with Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmations. At the moment you approve your flight is confirmed. Use your credit card and your card is charged at 24-72 hours before your flight departure. Optionally you may pay via a Bank Check Wire.

How much is a Private Jet to Vegas

Private Jets save 30%, No need for Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. No pricey memberships or on-going financial obligations. You simply pat for the Jet Charter, the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. Double down on your savings with Open Legs or Floaters saving you from 30-60%. A great choice for travelers with a “Flexible Schedule”. Our non commissioned Team Members are here to assist with flight planning and travel advise. Special PERKS are included in your quote for Resort Suite Upgrades at the Wynn Las Vegas, ARIA and 4 Seasons. Explore trips to the Grand Canyon, Bryce or Zion by car and driver or Helicopter. Simply share your wishes via E:Mail.

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Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations. Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational Vegas Express Jet LLC is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 control of aircraft. Your Charter Agreement is issued by the FAA Part 135  Charter Operator direct to you with Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations. – Travel Team Services provided by Royalty Travel, Registration TRUE #99901760

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