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Cheapest Private Jet

Don’t be disappointed, explore and download our tools to benefit from big savings on your next Private Jet flight. Private Jet Travel has increased by 28%, Jet Prices have increased due to the higher costs of fuel. We have been advising our Travelers to look at flight options with fuel efficient aircraft. Hundreds of Private Jet flyers have used our tools to reduce their costs and enjoy the newest jets at very compelling prices. You c an control your costs and budget with a few simple steps which are totally under your control. No need to up front investments, as a matter of fact you will benefit from our leading edge technologies–please read-on.

Cheapest Private Jet to Buy

You could spend $3- to $5 Million and buy your own private jet. The glitz and glamor of owning your own aircraft is well deserved. However you will soon discover that the costs of ownership will soon exceed the price you paid. We have better solutions you should download here:

Did you know that over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,500 miles. Industry data confirms that the typical charter flight is about 2.3 hours. Most flights depart with 2-3 passengers. You don’t need a large expensive jet for trips this short. On top of your wish list should be one of the newest Very Light Jets. Explore your options here:

Cheap Charter Jets

The Cirrus Vision Jet is designed as one of the safest in the air. This Jet has a build-in parachute and a self landing system- just in case. It can be operated by one pilot and is should be considered for flights of 500 to 600 miles. This would cover a distance from Santa Barbara to Vegas or from the Strip to Bakersfield CA. We suggest that you limit the size of your group to three since baggage has to be placed in the cabin. The aircraft has no washroom. The Hourly charter price ranges from $1,600 to $1,900. This makes this Jet Rental a great budget option. We suggest that you pay a small fee and charter this plane with a minimum of two pilots.

Cirrus Vision Jet with Budget Pricing, Call us at 702-270-2449

Cheapest Charter Rentals

To enjoy the benefits of a Larger Cabin with a spacious layout and washroom facilities, do consider the most popular Jets. This includes the Hondajet with seating for 5 guests or the Citation M2 with the same seating. The M2 has an interior designed by BMW with a fully enclosed washroom. The Hondajet provide you with great seating and complimentary Wi-Fi. Hourly charter prices range from $2,300 to $2,700. The rates are higher during the Friday-Monday weekend period.

How much is my Jet Rental

Vegas Express Jet has an exclusive service allowing you to compare several aircraft and pricing options side by side. No fees or charges at this time:

Save time, it takes three click only. Get the prices you need for a Jet Rental-Charter. Compare several aircraft side-by-side and view images of the aircraft interior and seating plans.  Details such as Bar Services, Entertainment and WIFI are included in your quote.

No Credit Card or Personal information needed.

  • CLICK ONE:  Get your quote, share your flight schedule and number of seats you need.  Our system will connect with over 50 FAA Authorized Charter firms.  Each firm competes for your business.  We do all the work for you with our Leading Edge Search Technologies.
  • CLICK TWO:  View your quotes and photos of your aircraft options. Aircraft details, seating and catering services are submitted for your review. All Hourly Charter prices are detailed, plus taxes and fees.  You will be able to compare aircraft rentals and prices side-by-side. You now will be able to select a plane that meets all your requirements.
  • CLICK THREE:  Receive a e:mail message from the operator direct to you with a Guaranteed Quote and Flight Confirmations.  Simply follow the link in your message to proceed with your flight confirmation. If you wish- confirm and accept and submit your credit card to hold your reservation.  Optionally you may pay via a Bank Wire Check and save 4%.

Cheapest Private Jets Vegas

Take advantage of a Team of Private Jet Concierges who provide you with the support you need. For Card Cutters who have purchased prepaid hours and need to change due to higher fees. Or travelers who like to experience the Private Jet flight without the long lines at airports. Discover and download your benefits here:

  • Review your quote for pricing and aircraft information. Notice special offers for Hotel upgrades to a higher category at check-in. Complimentary Breakfast services daily.
  • Private Car and Limousine services for Large Cabin Jets
  • Special catering options with bar and snack services and additional options for Sea and Fruit platters. Our special offers for hand crafted sandwiches prepared by the Panera Bakery
  • No charge for custom itineraries prepared for you. Visit the National Parks, daily Jet Charters to Napa Valley and the California Central Coast and Golf at Pebble Beach.

Cheap Jets Vegas


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All charter agreements are extended by FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators. Full transparency with Aircraft Identification (Tail Number) and Name and details of the Flight Operator. Vegas Express Jet LLC is not a direct or indirect aircraft operator. All ground services provided by Royalty, TRUE Registration 99901760. Insurance coverage is provided by the Charter Operators. The purchase of a Travel Policy is highly recommended, please ask for details.

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