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Cheap Private Jets

Cheap Private Jets

Phenom 100 Jet, 4 Seat Interior designed by BMW. Year model 2009 WIFI


Over 80% of all travelers for Private Jets are searching for Prices and deals. That’s a fact, aircraft operators and brokers are very price competitive. For some the margins are razor thin. What you need to know, your options and steps you can take to secure a best price “great deal”.


Operators manage various types of planes for the owners of aircraft who seek revenues from Charters to offset ownership costs. Each operator has a limited number of aircraft and types. Don’t be surprised to learn that operators are here to charter their own aircraft first!

Brokers will help you with a wide range of aircraft options since they have the connections and technologies to secure a number of quotes on your behalf. This means that you may have more options, the broker will charge you a commission which may cost you extra $$.  Some brokers may try to upsell you to a stored value Jet Card in exchange for lower rates. This could be a pricey option you may wish to avoid.

Other trade options include your requirement to pay annual memberships to secure guaranteed hourly prices and aircraft availability. “Wheels Up” offers this option for frequent flyers. This is a great option provided you fly for business and frequently.

For experienced and frequent private jet flyers the choice is simple—they will have a preference for a specific aircraft and understand the rates and fees which are offered by operators and brokers.

  • Here is your first budget and Cheap private plane option— If this is a trip under 90 minutes consider a Turbo Prop. This would include the King Air with up to 6 seats- in  some cases you will find this airplane with up to 9 seats. Aircraft costs are based on hourly fees, expect a minimum charge of 2 hours for the King Air C90. For example the trip from Los Angeles Burbank Airport to Las Vegas for a weekend will cost you close to $6,900. This price includes all your taxes and fees. Keep this option open—
  • King Air B200 jet exterior

    Vegas Express Jet –  King C 90 budget option

  • Upgrading to a very light jet like the Phenom 100 will up  your costs to about $9,400 for the same trip. It will be a newer jet  with an interior designed by BMW. The Phenom has 4 seats only, compare this with 6 on the King. The Phenom will save you six minutes flying time—-you do the numbers and decide.
  • Live the life with Luxury Swivel Seats on the Lear 60 the most preferred Private Jet by Business Travelers. Year 2006 New Interior–WIFI “We printed the picture in a large version to provide you with a luxury cabin”. If you prefer a luxury experience this Jet is waiting for you!

  • If you prefer true luxury you move-up to the Lear 60 with 6 seats, a small bar and a fully enclosed washroom plus a garment closed. This is the aircraft which is preferred by business travelers, the folks from the movie set and serious private jet vacation flyers. A round trip from LAX to Las Vegas for a weekend requires an investment of close the $14,000- Luxury has a price, the 2009 Lear Jet 60 with WIFI is pricey and fast!
  • Challenger jet interior

    Super Midsize with a large wide stand-up cabin. Ask for quotes by Vegas Express Jet–Party Plane, 12 seats

    The ultimate party plane is the Challenger 601-604 super midsize jet with 12 seats. This airplane has a luxury suite like interior with a full galley, large powder room and super comfortable seats. It’s a standup cabin which you will not experience in the smaller aircraft. Luxury comes with a price, your trip from LAX for a Las Vegas weekend will be priced at $25,000–this includes the services of a Cabin Attendant. For those who appreciate understated elegance this aircraft should be on top of your  Wedding or Party List.

  • Don’t save on safety–at the very minimum ask for an operator with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum designation. This extra margin of safety is critical. Other operators are Wyvern rated—-avoid operators which are not rated.

For your disclosure Vegas Express Jet is a Aviation Consulting firm–it’s our mission to introduce Charter Travelers towards cost saving charter options.  Benefit from customized quotes which detail your flight schedules, provide you with aircraft images and detailed rate quotes. (No hidden fees or charges). You never pay Vegas Express direct—to avoid the middleman and pay the operator direct.  No risks or obligations on you part.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for Cheap Private Jets, One way flights or Open Legs. Call us at P.702-336-7345 or ask for a quote. No request is too small- we do not charge you a service fee for phone calls! It’s FREE

Flights depart from Private Lounges. On the Las Vegas Strip from Atlantic, Henderson Executive, Signature. From LAX Van Nuys, Burbank, Hawthorne, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne. From San Diego- Carlsbad. For support call our airport phone at P.(1) 702-336-7345.

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