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Cheap Private Jet Rentals

Have you noticed? The costs for fuel and high demand continue to impact the price you pay for a Private Jet Charter. We help you understand how plane rentals are charged. How you can reduce you Jet Charter Costs with a number of steps you should consider at this time. No need to skimp on luxury, we receive hundreds of requests daily from new Jet and Frequent flyers who need to curb their costs during a challenging time.

Private planes are in high demand, since the 2020-21 Pandemic travelers moved from super crowded airports to Private Plane Charters. At the same time the major airlines cut air services to smaller cities. For the business traveler the choice was clear. They joined our clients are fly Private, in a totally hasslefree environment. No need for Jet Cards or Pricey Memberships.

A new group of Private Jet flyers emerged after the Jet Operators revised and cut the benefits of Private Jet Cards with higher prices, less availability and more restrictions to book a jet. This group is best known as the Jet Card Cutters. For Business flyers, the Private Jet is the ultimate time saver with the convenience of Private Lounges and very few delays. In a hurry, get your quote here.

Cheapest Private Jets


Most Private Jet flyers are learning that 80% of all Jet Charters are under 1500 miles. Based on the numbers a typical Jet flight is only 2.3 hours. Overall flights depart with an average of 3.2 passengers. The Aviation Industry responded by introducing a new category of Very Light Jets. This group of aircraft are priced between $4- $5.5 Million. Some aircraft are designed to be operated by a single pilot. Albeit many operated with two pilots to provide an extra layer of safety. “Hand’s down, your Cheapest Private Jet Buy”. Get a quote and view the numbers. Check it out:

Cirrus Vision Jet 3-5 Passengers

The Vision Jet by Cirrus is a high tech aircraft. This includes a build-in parachute and a self landing system. The aircraft is a great choice for trips up to 950 miles. The distance is based on the passenger load and baggage on board. Cruising speed 256. Cabin width 5 ft 1 inch, height 4 ft 1 inch.

The hourly charter prices start at $1,825- per hour. Additional charges apply for high density fees and fuel upcharges. All aircraft are subject to a 7.5% FET (Excise Tax). This rate is the very best and cheapest jet option.

Hondajet, 5 seats Vegas Express Jet

The Hondajet is amongst the most preferred Private Jet Charters, this Jet has seating for 5 passengers with 2 crew members. Cruising speed is 360 KTS, high speed option is 422 KTS. This is a fast jet with an large cabin interior and a fully enclosed washroom. Hourly charter costs range from $2,500 to $2,700 per hour. During peak/peak holidays Dynamic Pricing may in crease the charter costs by 20%. This may not be the Cheapest Private Jet option, however if you like a super comfortable light jet– pick this one for your next Trip.

Cessna Jets offer a classy interior designed by BMW, the M2 has 5 seats- comparing the M2 with the M3. The Citation M2 has seating for 5 and the CJ3 seats 60 passengers. Cruising speed for the M2 is 323 KTS and 348 KTS for the CJ3. The hourly charter rates for the M2 from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. Charter costs for the CJ3 from $3,200 per hour. Each of the aircraft provides you with a fully enclosed washroom. The M2 has an IPad entertainment system, the CJ3 offers complimentary Wi-Fi.

Each of the aircraft are in high demand, the M3 is longer range Jet. This Jet will take you to Las Vegas from San Francisco, Dallas or Scottsdale. For holiday travel and special events early reservations are essential. Get your quote now, no need for credit cards or personal information.

Phenom 300, Medium Range Jet 7 seats

Are you looking for a Cheap Business Jet—The Phenom 300 has been designed as a Business Jet with an interior designed by BMW and a standup cabin which is a unique feature of this aircraft. In very high demand by the Business Traveler the cabin height is 5ft 1 inch. Seats are very comfortable with a center meeting table. Cruising speed 383 KTS.

Hourly prices range from $3,500 to $4,000 per hour—very early bookings are recommended. Select this jet for trips up to 4.5 hours. Fly from Chicago to LAX or from Las Vegas to Seattle, Portland or Vancouver.

Gulfstream G650 N511DB Seating for 14 guests, High end Luxury

Looking for a Cheap Luxury Jet- Are you planning a special group meeting, wedding or special event. The Super Mid Category of Private Planes are a Best Buy with cost savings for $1,000 per hour. The Challenger 401-404 series with up to 12 seats will take you from LAX to Maui or from New York Teterboro to Las Vegas. Prices range from $4,900 to $5,400 per hour. This type of aircraft will fully satisfy all your needs with a full galley for in-flight dining and a oversized enclosed washroom.

This aircraft is preferred by our Casino Clients who visit the Strip Resorts- this includes the Aria, Bellagio, Caesars and the Wynn Las Vegas.

You’re invited to use our THREE CLICK system. Get the prices you need for a Jet Rental-Charter. Compare several aircraft side-by-side and view images of the aircraft interior and seating plans.  Details such as Bar Services, Entertainment and WIFI are included in your quote. No Credit Card or Personal information needed.

  • CLICK ONE:  Get your quote, share your flight schedule and number of seats you need.  Our system will connect with over 50 FAA Authorized Charter firms.  Each firm competes for your business.  We do all the work for you with our Leading Edge Search Technologies.
  • CLICK TWO:  View your quotes and photos of your aircraft options. Aircraft details, seating and catering services are submitted for your review. All Hourly Charter prices are detailed, plus taxes and fees.  You will be able to compare aircraft rentals and prices side-by-side. You now will be able to select a plane that meets all your requirements.
  • CLICK THREE:  Receive a e:mail message from the operator direct to you with a Guaranteed Quote and Flight Confirmations.  Simply follow the link in your message to proceed with your flight confirmation. If you wish- confirm and accept and submit your credit card to hold your reservation.  Optionally you may pay via a Bank Wire Check and save 4%.

SUPPORT:  Contact our Airport desk at 702-336-7345.  Our Air Concierge Team will be here to provide you with Aircraft Options, Catering Request and special ground services. You may e:mail us.

One of our Team Members will address your Business Travel with a Custom Crafted Report and detailed solutions. Airport desk 702-336-7345.

Personal advised for you by one of our most experienced Jet Consultants. Each of Team Members is Battle Born with an extensive background in the Airline system. From operations to aircraft sales, maintenance and flight planning. Ensuring that the Crew members are available for your on-time departure. Private Jets can be big budget items. With the support of our Team Members you will discover that discover that you have the tools to manage your flights and budget with out limiting your sales and marketing activities. Feel free to schedule a convenient time for a casual meeting at 702-33-7345.

  • Understanding your travel needs, current and future
  • Provide you with options to manage your travel costs, from Fractional to Jet Card options and On Demand Charters.
  • Aircraft types which best meet your travel needs, this to include you charter costs based on future travel plans
  • Our Team will include options for day charters and programs for an extended charter period to meet with all your prime accounts, complete your flight schedules as a Golf Pro or entertainer who travels to and from Gigs in various cities.
  • The Private Jet Advisor Program is $125- and is yours within the next 10 working days. Upon receipt of your Plans and Flight Solutions you will receive an invoice for payment. If Not Satisfied you simply do not pay. The ultimate guarantee for full satisfactions.
  • Individual quote requests are extended FREE of Charge.


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