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Cheap Flights to Las Vegas


Our clients and leading the way, thank for sharing your mission and offering a solution for cost-effective business travel in the current environment. Combining charter flights with commercial flights to hub cities is indeed a strategy that can help reduce expenses while still allowing for efficient travel.

By utilizing commercial flights to major hub cities and then connecting with charter flights to reach smaller communities, businesses can optimize their travel itineraries and save costs. This approach provides the opportunity to meet clients, conduct sales calls, and build new partnerships while keeping financial goals and expenses in check. Expect savings from 30-50 allowing you to travel to more destinations for less.

For example, instead of taking a direct charter flight from your hometown to Tyler, Texas, you could take a commercial flight to a major hub city like Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and then connect with a charter flight to Tyler. This combination allows for cost savings by utilizing the efficiency and scale of commercial airlines for longer distances and then leveraging the flexibility and convenience of charter flights for the final leg to smaller communities.

This approach can be particularly useful in today’s climate of prudent spending and cost savings, where firms may have tighter travel budgets. By strategically combining charter and commercial flights, businesses can still maintain valuable face-to-face interactions with clients and partners while optimizing their travel expenses.

Overall, this option provides a creative solution to meet financial goals, control expenses, and continue building relationships with clients and partners in a more cost-effective manner.

Cheap Jets, Experience the PC 12 and Very Light Jets

That’s great to hear that your clients are looking for cost savings while ensuring safety and comfort. The Pilatus PC-12 is indeed a popular choice for those requirements. It is a Swiss-made single-engine turboprop aircraft known for its versatility and ability to operate on shorter runways.

The Pilatus PC-12 offers several advantages, such as its seating capacity of up to 7 passengers, which allows for small group travel. Its capability to operate on shorter runways provides access to airports that are closer to your desired destinations, making it convenient for travel to smaller cities in California like Carlsbad, Montgomery Field in San Diego, Paso Robles, Napa, and Monterey.

In addition to its versatility, the Pilatus PC-12 offers cost savings compared to Very Light Jets (VLJs). With hourly charter rates approximately 30% lower than those of VLJs, it becomes an attractive option for day trips from Las Vegas to these smaller cities in California.

Overall, the Pilatus PC-12’s combination of range, seating capacity, versatility, and cost savings makes it a top choice for clients seeking efficient and comfortable travel options to smaller airports and destinations.

Vegas Jets, The Cessna Citation M2

For more luxury and a slightly higher speed, select the Citation with seating for 5, WIFI entertainment and a fully enclosed washroom. Hourly rates from $2,700- to $3,000 per hour. This Jet will be a great option for trips to Paso Robles, Monterey, Napa and all the smaller cities in California. You will be able to avoid long lines and slow traffic on highways 101 and 1. Extend you business trip with a day at Pebble Beach for a round of Golf or visit the Wineries in Templeton. You will be delighted with the Cabin of the Citation which is designed by the folks at BMW. Other aircraft choices include the Hondajet.

Vegas Private Jets the Phenom 300, Commercial Air

Each of our clients have different needs, for some travelers this means more commercial flying combined with lengthy road trips. We have seen increased demand for smaller jets. One of the most preferred is the new Phenom 300 with seating for up to 7 travelers. Consider the Phenom for longer trips from LAX to Chicago (Deerfield) or Austin TX. This plane is uniquely different will a standup and spacious cabin. This plane has an interior and conference table–it’s the most preferred jet by the seasoned business flyer.

How much is your Private Jet to Vegas

Feel free to share your needs with one of our flights planners, we will be here to help you develop a cost efficient flight schedule. It will our mission to help you include several stopovers during a business day. You may consider the use of a meeting room at an airport to meet with your dealers or franchised owners.

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