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Charter flights and Private Jet Rentals

Looking for a Private Jet? It’s not complicated a few single steps will make it work–getting the best aircraft and great deal on a jet rental requires a couple of smart moves on your part. We will take you to the places you should avoid, such as Pricey Jet cards and will help you understand to fly private at great discounts with the best plane types for your Business Trip or Vacation. Trust us, we will take you to a soft landing without risks or commitments, Let’s walk you through the marketplace, who flies private now! From here we will take you to How to Charter your Private Jet.

Professional Athletes: Athletes, like golfers, frequently use private jets to travel to tournaments that may be located far apart. This mode of transportation offers flexibility and can help them manage their tight competition schedules. Some golfers have tournament games which require short overnight trips from C Coast to Coast. For the convenience as prestige, some big name golfers will own their own plane. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates own their own planes.  Just in case you belong to this group–Working with an experienced flight planner is essential, frequent flight changes are a part of the game. 

Entertainers: Many high-profile entertainers, such as Taylor Swift, own their private jets. This ownership provides them with privacy and control over their travel arrangements, which can be crucial for individuals in the public eye. A great option for Mega Billionaires. You may not belong to this group. Some entertainers may leave the city after their performance, it’s a part of a business which takes long hours and requires Coast to Coast Travel. Schedules carriers typically have a very few late departures.

Corporate Jet Ownership: Large and small corporate firms may own private jets for various purposes, including executive travel, business meetings, and maintaining a global presence. Owning a jet can provide flexibility and efficiency for corporate travel needs. However, many firms have been selling their aircraft to reduce costs and are now charter clients.  Cost Offset: Some private jet owners opt to charter their aircraft when they are not using them personally. This can help offset the ongoing expenses associated with jet ownership, such as crew salaries, maintenance, and insurance.

Flying Private for Vacation: Many flyers discovered the benefits of a Private Jet during the pandemic, they decided to continue to fly private to save time and enjoy a total hassle-free experience. For those who do not have commercial airline services the Private Jet is the very best option compared to long road trips. This applies to most California Guests–On a typical weekend journey Vegas visitors will have an extra 4-8-hours since they do not have to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before flight departures. Road Trips may take from 6-10 hours on weekends.  For those who have not traveled private, we encourage you to explore all options. Please read-on and start a great journey with your own Jet Rental. You will learn that you no longer need to invest in Pricey Jet Cards or Membership to become a Private Jet Flyer.

Gulfstream Jet 14 seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Charter flights Vegas

Most folks do not fall into the very rich category–however they will splurge occasionally on a Private Plane Charter. This is a substantial number of travelers who are searching for a great deal on Jet Rental or Charter. All travelers agree that a Private Jet is a great time saver. When you compare your options a charter plane should be on top of your wish list. 

Make sure to consider the type of plane which will work best for you.. Take a look at the types of planes here.

Leisure Travelers have a wide range of options, for shorter trips the Turbo Props and Very Light Jets are one of the most affordable options. As a first step, take a look at your fleet options, consider the distance you will fly, (Flight hours) and number of seats you need. 

Charter flights, prices

  • Determine the purpose of your trip, such as business, leisure, or a special occasion. Invite your friends, they may pay a share of your charter costs.
  • Establish your departure and destination airports. Select a local airport that saves you time. For example you will be able to arrive at the Signature FBO on the Vegas Strip–great for a short ride to the Wynn. Staying downtown Vegas select the Henderson Executive Airport.
  • Decide on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you’ll be carrying.
  • Remember when you fly Private you can set you own times and schedules.
Citation Jet, Vegas Express Jet, may we offer a quote, contact us at 702-336-7345

Pick a plane, visit our fleet options—

  • Research different types of private jets to find one that suits your needs. As mentioned, consider factors like fuel efficiency and passenger capacity. Don’t overlook the Turbo Props which include the Pilatus PC 12 with up to 6 seats or the Very Light Jet Category. Aircraft in this category currently handle up to 70% of all Charter flights, A typical flight under 3,2 hours. The Hondajet and Citation M2 should be on your wish list. Please visit your aircraft options here.
  • The Price for a Pilatus Turbo PC 12 starts under $1,000 per hour. Do remember, charter hours are based on the total time needed to complete your trip. This includes the return of the Aircraft and Crew to their Homebase. A 7.5% Excise Tax applies to all Domestic US Flights. Get a quote here.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help, you should consider your baggage and sports gear. Feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Charter flights reservations

  • Decide whether you want to work with a charter broker or a charter operator.
  • Charter Broker: Brokers can offer a wide range of options from various operators but may charge an additional commission. They may be inclined to offer you Pricey prepaid Jet Cards or Memberships. Selling Jet Cards can be very profitable. Before you consider any options of this type consult with a Legal or Financial Advisor. A Jet Card may require an investment from $25,000 to $250,000. The industry has some 150 plus jet cards, best used by larger firms or executives who fly a minimum of 125-150 hours per year. This option may not be the best solution for you or your business, do consult with a Financial Advisor or Lawyer before you proceed. You can avoid all risks and fears when you simply look for “On Demand Charters”
  • Charter Operator: Operators have their own fleet of aircraft and might offer more competitive prices but may have limited options. Operators will be inclined to sell you on their own, sometimes small fleet of planes.
  • After you consider all your options, securing a Price Quote from a Jet Portal should be high on your shopping list. Vegas Express is a Jet Technology Portal which secures quotes from 80 Plus Charter Operators and Alliance Partners. Typical cost savings are about 30% when compared with Jet Cards and Fractional ownership. Get a quote here.
  • Don’t overlook Open Leg Prices, this includes flights which are operated after the passengers arrive at their destination and the aircraft returns to base empty. No revenue, no income encourages operators to offer empty legs at deep discounted rates. You will be able to save from 30-60% on flights from Vegas to LA on weekends or one-way flights from Carlsbad, John Wayne, Bakersfield to Las Vegas on weekends. For pricing and availability contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.
  1. Request Quotes:
    • After you review the aircraft options and prices you may decide to proceed. Vegas Express jet will provide you with a direct link to the charter operator allowing you to secure a Guaranteed Rates and flight confirmations. You will have full transparency with the aircraft registration and flight confirmations. All fees and charges will be included. No hidden fees or charges.
  2. Review Terms and Conditions:
    • Carefully review the terms and conditions of the charter agreement. Pay attention to cancellation policies, payment terms, and any restrictions.
    • Ensure that the aircraft meets your safety requirements, stay with ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated firms or WYVERN.
  3. Compare Costs:
    • Compare the quotes you receive, taking into account the total cost, including any commissions or fees. Make certain that all taxes and fees are fully detailed.
    • How about WIFI, is this free and included in your jet.
  4. Book Your Charter:
    • Once you’ve chosen a charter provider and aircraft, confirm your booking and provide the necessary payment information.
    • Ensure you receive a confirmation with all the details of your trip, including the aircraft’s tail number, crew information, and contact details. Your rate should be guaranteed with your flight confirmations and name of the charter firm.
  5. Pre-Flight Planning:
    • Communicate your preferences for in-flight services, such as catering and ground transportation. When you book your charter with Vegas Express Jet you should be receiving special offers for complimentary catering or limousine transfers.
    • It’s perfectly OK to arrive at your Private Airport lounge 10-15 minutes before departure. A member of the Flight Crew will meet you in lounge- the baggage will be delivered to your plane. Make certain to have a driver’s license or passport with you.
    • One of our Team Members will be in contact with you, just in case you need some additional assistance.
  6. Enjoy Your Flight:
    • Make it a stressful trip, take a moment to enjoy a Private Jet with friends and a great flight team. In the event you need to make changes, we are always here to assist at 702-336-7345.
Planeside meeting for your Transfer to your Resort. Our Air Concierge Team will be here to assist, 702-336-7345.

Charter flights Vegas Express

Remember to take your time, payments for charters are normally charged to you 24/72 prior to departure. You may pay by credit card or via a Bank Wire Transaction.

For your safety we will limit all our quotes with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum, or WYVERN accreditations. Vegas Express Jet will not use your names or contacts data for marketing programs. You pay the flight operator direct! 

Our Credentials, Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Resorts for over 20 years. Our policies ensure that your personal business is not shared or at risk. Resorts value their VIP Guests and privacy is critical. We do not sell Jet Cards or Memberships and provide consulting services upon request for clients who upgrade to jet ownership. Each of our team members has an extensive background in airport operations and aircraft management. We never compromise on your safety and only offer ARG/US Gold and Platinum Certified Jet Operators. Whenever in doubt, feel free to contact us at or call us at 702-720-2449 our Google Secure phone connection.  

Charter Flights charters and rentals

Our Air Concierge Team is here to anticipate all your needs. From special seating arrangements for families, traveling with pets. Over 20% of all our flights include Furry Travelers. We recognize that some travelers may need some special assistance, please share your needs and we will be pleased to make every effort to accommodate. This also applies to special catering options and healthy meal options. Please accept our offer for special upgrades at some of the most revered resorts including the Wynn-Encore, The 4Seasons and Caesars. Discover a wide variety of incentives offered by our Alliance Partners which are fully detailed in your quote. This includes a complimentary tour for two guests for Downtown Vegas with a bite-size sampling dining experience. Explore other offers for Catering, Limousine services when you fly to and from the Henderson Executive Airport. Gateway to Downtown Vegas, Red Rock Casino Resorts and Lake Las Vegas. For more information please visit Las Vegas Territory.

Are you planning to visit the Las Vegas Sports Books or get involved in the excitement at Casino Floor-feel free to ask us for introductions, Casino hosts may extend special Perks and Privileges such as complimentary rooms and dining during your stay. Please ask us for a referral, the Host will contact you direct. Remember, you should sign-up for the Royalty Plans at you Resort to earn point and benefit from special privileges. We do not ask you for personal information.!

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