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Charter Jet Prices

Charter Jet Prices

Private Jet Prices for Lear 35A with up to 7 seats text us for quote at 702-336-7345- Great deals “Wheels Up” Fast

Before you search for Private Jet Prices, you will be able to anticipate your costs of a Private Jet. Search for the aircraft that meets your needs from a small Lear 35A to the large Super Midsize Challenger 601-  Need quotes for several aircraft options–we make it work for you to compare.

RENT A PRIVATE JET- The Lear 35A with 7 seats!

The Lear Jet 35A is a Fast Jet with a range of 4 hours. Select this Jet for your trip from San Francisco, San Jose or Santa Barbara for a weekend trip to the Vegas Strip. Complete your package with a stay at the

Rates for a weekend charter from $2,500- per hour, including your Taxes and Fees with a two hour minimum. Ask us for a quote now.

For shorter flights–under 3 hours consider the Phenom 100 with 4 seats and save up to 30%.


Live the life with Luxury Swivel Seats on the Lear 60 the most preferred Private Jet by Business Travelers. The Lear 60 is spacious and a great upgrade- ask us for a quote

NEED TO RENT A MEDIUM JET-   More speed and larger cabin

How much will you pay for more cabin space, larger seats and more speed? Place the Lear 60 on your wish list. This Private Jet will fly you within 4-5 hours from the Midwest (Chicago) Taxes (Dallas-Houston and Austin) to the Las Vegas Strip. Renting this Jet will take you in Luxury with rates of $3,700 per hour. Enjoy a mini bar and fully enclosed lavatory which will be appreciated by the ladies in your party!


This is the private jet for the special party, a wedding or a big event on the Vegas Strip. Stay at the Wynn-Encore and make it the ultimate luxury journey! Bring a group of friends and start a party at the departure lounge before you leave your hometown airport.

It’s a pricey jet with a charter rate of $4,700 per hour–a weekend in Vegas leaving from LAX will cost you about $26,000. This includes your flight attendant, all fees and taxes. Our about $2,200 per passenger! We will take care of the Champagne and the cheese platters!

Here are the answers to your questions:

  • How much will it cost to fly private?— Simply ask us for a quote, use our simple form, answer some questions and “Pick a Plane”
  • Private Jet Prices—- what’s included? Firstly you will see the photos of your plane, inside images and the outside.
  • Your price quote will detail your flight schedules, flight times and costs. Expect to pay for flight hours, Federal Taxes of 7.5% and handling fees. All our quotes include a special 4% discount.
  • How do you pay for a Private Jet—you may use a Credit Card, however it’s less expensive to pay via a Bank Wire. You pay the Charter operator direct “This saves the middleman and reduces you costs from 3.4 to 4%.
  • Do I pay before I fly—Yes, full payment is required before you receive your flight ticket. We also need the names as shown on the driver’s licenses of your guests and birthdays. You flight deck team will verify before your departure.
  • No need to worry about TSA lines, baggage is loaded and unloaded in minutes.

Are you upgrading from Commercial Air and Consider a Private Jet?


Take advantage of a team of Jet Experts who are here to provide you with money savings options—text or phone 702-336-7345 for our Airport Phone.

You can save by avoiding membership fees or pricey pre-loaded jet cards. You may benefit from a one time benefit and pay on-going fees and charges. Vegas Express Jet offers “On demand charters” only. You only pay for your charter and have no on-going obligations.

Or ask for a quote, feel free to include your budget price. We can beat plane for plane type bids. This means that you receive a Guaranteed rate with Price Matching. Or feel free to visit our new store.

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Departures from Private Airport Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip, Atlantic, Signature, Henderson Executive, LAX, Van Nuys, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Newport Beach SNA, Carlsbad, San Diego.

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