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Charter A Private Jet

Charter a Private Jet

Private Jet Prices:

Start with your schedule, from where do you wish to fly

  • You flight schedule
  • Number of passengers
  • One Way or Roundtrip

Great Value and Budget Buy Get a Quote Now Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Chartered Flights:

Select your plane, Turbo, Light Jet?

  • For flights under 2 hours, consider a King Air Twin  Turbo with 7 seats, rates from $1495- per hour
  • Flights under 3,2 hours–the Phenom 100 is a Very Light Jet with a range of 1300 miles. This Jet has 4 seats with spacious interior designed by BMW. This aircraft is priced from $1995- per hour.
  • The Lear 31A and 35 with up to 8 seats should be you pick for flights up to 4 hours with rates from $2400- to $2800
  • Planning a Long Haul flight from LAX to Miami, Seattle, Dallas, Houston or Chicago the Lear 60 is a bet choice. Rates from $3,500 per hour.

Charter a Private Jet:

Understand that operators will require a 2 hour minimum. This applies to all aircraft types. You will be able to secure special One Way rates and Open Legs to reduce your charter costs. Consider this option if you have a “Flexible Schedule” Visit the current list of Open Legs.

Private Jet Prices:

Compare charter rates, feel free to ask for multiple charter quotes–for example you may ask for a Turbo rate and a light or medium jet.  Feel free to ask for any type of aircraft with seating for 4-19 passengers. For a quote-

Rent a Private Jet:

You will be able to rent a jet with any type of flight schedule, no need to worry you will not be required to purchase pricey memberships of prepay expensive Jet Cards with investment of $5,000- to $25,000. “On Demand Charters are your best buy”

How much is a Private Jet:

Vegas Express Jet will be sending a you a fully transparent quote with aircraft photos and your flight schedules in local times. View the aircraft cabin and seating arrangements.  No need to worry about last minute hidden fees or charges. You charter agreement provides you with specific aircraft and availability. Save up to 4% when you pay the operator direct!

Jet Net Charters:

Jet Net Charters is our “Airplane Store” we are introducing you to a Uber or Lyft environment with aircraft information and Private Jet Vacation options with Wine Journeys to the California and French Wineries. The store operates in “Beta Format” we welcome your suggestions and feedback.


Vegas Express Jet- Jet Net Charters with Private Airport Lounges at Signature, Atlantic and Henderson Executive Airport (15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip), Van Nuys (Beverly Hills), Burbank (Movie Studios), Long Beach, John Way SNA, Carlsbad-Palomar, San Diego CA.

Our Admin offices are located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor- p.702-336-7345


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