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Charter A Private Jet

Charter a Private Jet

Searching for a Private Jet is like starting at the line of one of the Strip Buffets. You will find a large selection of delicious options.

Private Jet Prices–are you in Charge?

Charter Operators and Brokers have one single goal which includes the generation of an on-going revenue stream, build programs which develop a strong bonding between upscale and their business.

Brokers will benefit from reduced marketing costs. Oversight by the FAA pertaining to their offerings in very limited. Contracts deserve a careful review before you sign-up and make a substantial financial investment.

FAA Part 135 Authorized operators may own their own fleet or manage aircraft for owners. This group is eager to cover the on-going costs for aircraft, maintenance and office staff.

Here are some of the cards, consider you options:

  • AIRSTREAM Jet Cards, $25,000 featured by Florida Broker. Charter costs are quoted per mile starting at $9- up to $24 for a large jet
  • DASHJET $145,000 or about $6,000 per hour for 25 flight hours
  • PRIESTER CENTERLINE Card, Customized with prices quoted by operator
  • DELTA PRIVATE JETS, Membership for first year $8,500, source for open legs and 30 plus destinations with a wide range of jets
  • NORTHERN FLIGHT FL Advantage card. 25 Hour card $165,000
  • SILVERHAWK Jet card– Minimum deposit $100,000 mostly for travelers in the Midwest with lower positioning costs
  • SURF AIR EXPRESS, Annual membership of $2,500 buys seats for as low as $445- wide selection of flight options for road worriers in California.
  • WHEELS UP, Initial fee of $17,500 and annual renewal charge of $8,500 (Some discounts available through Costco) with 100 plus aircraft which includes King Air.
  • NETJETS, Minimum deposit of $100,000 offers guaranteed access to discounted hourly rates. Deposit is fully refundable.

Jet Prices:

Take some time to consider your options, the above description only provides you with some of the options and details provided by the Brokers and operators. Membership programs or Jet Cards deserve further consideration for Private Jet flyers who charter a minimum of 100 plus hours per year!

For occasional jet flyers–“On Demand Jet Charters” may be your best option. Zero Risks!

No sleepless nights with “On Demand Charters” since you are not required to pay any membership fees or purchase pricey jet cards. You only pay for the hours flown for your trips–your Charter Agreement details all costs and charges for your flight.

Aircraft costs, fully detailed in your charter agreement:

Full disclosure: This includes your flight schedules in local times with airport information

Aircraft details: Photos of the aircraft interior with seating layout and exterior images

Costs: For your flight hours, handling and landing fees and Taxes. Full transparency with no hidden charges of fees.

Options may include special catering services, ground transfers and hotel/resort accommodations. Our Air Concierges will provide you with customized itineraries and special services upon request.

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