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Casino Jets, Las Vegas

You’re invited—Securing an invitation from a Las Vegas casino resort to receive a complimentary charter flight on a private plane operated by MGM, Venetian, or Caesars typically requires building a strong relationship with the casino and meeting certain criteria. While I can provide you with general guidelines, please note that specific invitation criteria and processes may vary between resorts. Here are some steps you can take to get invited, book your own Jet Charter–or your trip could be free of charge. Take a moment to explore and download your options. You could be leaving from one of the 4,000 Private Jet Airports.

Casino Loyalty for Private Jet invitations

  1. Join player loyalty programs: Sign up for the player loyalty programs offered by the casino resorts you are interested in. These programs track your gambling activities and provide perks and rewards based on your level of play. Accumulating a high-tier status within the loyalty program can enhance your chances of receiving special Private Jet invitation.
  2. Develop a relationship with a casino host: Casino hosts are responsible for identifying and assisting high-value players. Establish a relationship with a casino host by introducing yourself and demonstrating consistent gambling activity at the casino. Building a rapport with a host can increase the likelihood of being considered for exclusive invitations. This is a first step you should consider if you like to arrive on the Strip with a Casino Jet.
  3. Maintain a significant bankroll: To be considered for a complimentary charter flight, you’ll need to demonstrate a willingness to gamble with a substantial bankroll. The exact amount varies depending on the casino and the level of exclusivity associated with the private plane invitation.
  4. Be a responsible gambler: Casinos value players who gamble responsibly and exhibit good behavior.
  5. Regularly visit the casino resort: Being a frequent visitor can improve your chances of receiving special invitations. Make a point to visit and gamble at the specific resort you’re interested in, as this demonstrates your loyalty and commitment. Stay in touch with your Casino Host–don’t hesitate to ask for a special Junket invitation–make certain that you understand the steps you need to take to fly aboard a Private Jet Junket!
  6. Network and attend special events: Take advantage of networking opportunities at the casino resort. Attend special events, tournaments, or promotional activities, as these can provide opportunities to meet key individuals who can help facilitate your invitation.
  7. Our Team Members at Vegas Express Jet, will help you with Contacts the casino’s VIP services: Once you have established a gambling history and developed relationships with casino hosts, consider contacting the VIP services department directly. Inquire about the possibility of receiving an invitation for a complimentary charter flight on a private plane. They can provide you with more information on the specific criteria and processes for obtaining such invitations.
Vegas Express Jet, 14 Seat Casino Gulfstream Charter Jet

Casino Jet- Bring your own group.

A better option may include your own Private Plane with you and your friends. Casino’s are eager to make major concessions to Golf and Social Clubs. You will benefit from a wide range of Complimentary options which include Rooms Suites, Fine Dining, Golf Outings in exchange for spending some time of the Casino Floors. Try your luck at Poker, Carbs and Baccarat–this provides the Casino with the ability to earn some returns from the incentives they provide for your group. One of our Team Members will be pleased to help you schedule a meeting with one of the Resorts–it’s yours to proceed or decline. Making this your vey own Vegas Party Jet is a great option-see more

Casino Jets- Make it your own party jet and fly free!

Here may be you very best option, bring your friends on a trip to Vegas and Charter your own plane- have each of your guests pay a share of the Charter Costs. Our Travel Planner will be pleased to provide you with a Resort Package which includes special perks such as Free breakfasts, Golf and Spa Credits. Use your social media and memberships lists to entice your guests to join you for the ultimate outing on the Vegas Strip. For the best possible deals consider a midweek stay. During this period the resorts have the lowest rates, great availability and showrooms are eager to offer tickets at 1/2 price.

Casino Jets- Fly Free of Charge.

Our Team Members will do all the work for you. You invite your guests to enjoy the best of the Vegas Strip, exchange your Casino Junket for your own party jet.

  • Based on the number of guests you plan to invite we will provide you with a series of Private Jet options with the seats you need, based on your schedule
  • Update you on the costs, payment options and flights–we will include the airports and flight schedules
  • Handle all your group reservations allowing you to deal with the resort direct if you wish–include all the options for Complimentary Services, Golf and Dining options.
  • Help you schedule, or handle all the payments for your Jet Charter.
  • No limits, we event post your package on our website for others to join.
  • Above all, you will be rewarded with a Free Private Journey and Resort stay in exchange for planning and organizing a Great Journey to Vegas. It’s good to know that you can start with a small plane with seating for 8 passengers and may be able to expand to a Challenger Large Cabin Super Midsize Jet with 19 seats. Our group planners always keep a small waiting list to ensure that their flights are fully booked at departure time.
  • Our Team Members will be here to assist with your Private Jet and Group requirements. You will be requested to pay the Hotels and Resorts directly via your Credit card. The same applies to your Private Jet payments, directly to the charter operator.
  • If you wish, feel free to ask your own travel advisor to assist with your Resorts/Casino requirements. We will be here to help you schedule a Party Jet.

Your party on the Vegas Strip.

As a group organizer, you should understand that you are free to take a group of friends and share the costs of your groups or Club’s outing. If you decide to operate a Casino Junket you will be required to follow your state’s gaming regulations.

We have done this before, for Golf Clubs, Weddings, Small Incentive Groups and Extended Family parties and events.

Support, ask for our Group desk at 702-336-7345

There is nothing like a Private Jet departure party at your local Private Jet Airport–continue the event in the air with open bar and special catering options. We meet you and your group planeside upon arrival for a fast transfer to your resort! This is your party and we will be here to assist! We simply make a Greeat Part “BETTER”

About Vegas Express Jet and Fly Private Vegas–we have served the Las Vegas Resorts and VIP Guests for over 14 years and anticipate your every need. Each of our Jet Experts is a fully Certified Flight and Travel Planner. Fo support please contact us.

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