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Here are the tools you need to “Get On Board a Casino Jet” after 20 years in the Private Jet and Luxury Travel industry- We are here to share the “Secret Sauce you need. You can make it happen, we are here to make it work for you!

As a Private Jet Portal-Technology Jet firm, we extend quotes to the Casino Executives and Hosts at many of the Vegas Strip Resorts. This includes Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, Aria, Wynn and Cosmopolitan. The Four Seasons is the exception since this is a Non Casino Resort. This Resort is a great choice if you like to avoid the Glitch and Glitter and prefer a simply great experience. Just in case we will offer you great Perks which include a daily complimentary breakfast and suite upgrades which are subject to availability at time of check-in!

It will take some work on you part to connect with Casino Hosts and make certain that you collect your fair share of the “Perks” which are extended to their most valued guests. The resorts are eager to have players on the casino floor midweek, keep this in mind when you plan your trip. Be visible, connect and leverage your play time. You will not be disappointed when you connect with the House Team at you Resort- This includes the Hosts and Executives. Find a place where you are comfortable like the Aria, Bellagio or the Wynn where most of our guests will stay.

Falcon Jet, seating for 10 guests, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Casino Junkets

You may be flying private or receive totally free airline tickets. Be warned–This will take some effort on your part. First and foremost you need to join a Casino Loyalty Program. Consider the MGM “M Life” program which allows you to collect points for play time at all slots and tables. Double your chances and spend some time at the Gaming Tables which includes Baccarat, Crabs and Poker. During your playtime- make yourself very visible to the most important staff members on the Casino Floor- this need to include you Casino Hosts.

Make certain that he/she is aware of your loyalty to the resort and your playtime. Don’t forget to update him, her on your visits to the Sports Book.

Finding and updating your Casino Host is your mission.

Your host is the person who controls and extends all ” comps”. From Room Suites, Golf Outings, Show tickets and of course dining in one of the fancy gourmet restaurants. Be patient, don’t push to hard and make it a winning combination. Place your bets carefully and try new options. Carefully calculate your odds and stay with the games where you are a winner!

Seek the help from you Casino Host and Open a Bank Account at the Resort Cage! Cage is a fancy word for Bank!

Private Jet invitations

The Pandemic has created a new normal–bigger resorts like the MGM have changed their fleets. It’s a smart move to ask for credits which you may use for your own Private Jet Charter. As always stay close to your Casino Hosts and Connections. They have the tools to track your play time and reward you accordingly.

How Much is my Private Jet Charter

Many of our guests will Charter a Larger Jet and invite their friends from the Golf or Social Club to share their costs. Sharing the seat costs is perfectly legal, you could be flying free. You collect the seat costs and pay the Charter Operator. The Casino will be delighted to host your group with Comp Rooms and Golf at one of the Vegas Clubs. Casinos are eager to extend additional Perks to groups that will be at the Resort Midweek.

  1. CLICK ONE: It’s simple, you share your flight schedule and seats required, from 4-14. We will do all the work and help you select from Hundreds of Aircraft types. We will ensure that the very best, cost advantages are shared with you.
  2. CLICK TWO: Our Team Members will secure quotes from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Jet Operators who compete for your business. An automated search for Open Legs and One Ways is included. You will be able to view aircraft type, seating plans and details such as WIFI, entertainment and Bar Services. It’s easy to compare costs with side-by-side pricing. View photo’s of the aircraft interior.
  3. CLICK THREE: Like any of the options and the Operator will send you a proposal charter agreement with ‘Guaranteed Rates” and flight confirmations. It’s yours to opt-in and make a deposit with your credit card. Full payment is charged to your card 24-72 hours before flight departure.

Charter Costs, support 702-336-7345

National Parks, Escorted Tours Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Our Flight and Travel Planners are here to assist- do take advantage of the Perks, they are yours to enjoy:

  • Our Team Members will be here to assist with the completion of your charter documents. Vegas Express “Does not collect any funds- you pay the operator direct and avoid Middleman Broker costs and fees.
  • Your charter quotes will include details pertaining to standard catering and alcoholic beverages. Ask us for additional menu options.
  • Our Team Travel advisors are here to help you with custom Jet Vacation Packages to Hawaii, Caribbean, California and the Vegas Strip. We help you plan visits to the National Parks with your Car, Driver-Guide or schedule a Golf Outing at Pebble Beach. For our Gourmet flight guests we recommend a special luncheon at the French Laundry at Yountville CA. No request is too small–share you wish list from a Romantic Wedding to a night under the stars in one of the Parks.
  • PERKS, Need Resorts/Casino Reservations, take advantage of Complimentary Breakfast and Room upgrades subject to availability at check-in. Hotel credits for Spa and Dining Options at 4Seasons Properties. A one night hotel deposit will be processed by our Concierge Team.

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Vegas Express Jet is a subsidiary of Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect “Air Carrier”.  Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Private Jet portal which provides quotes and aircraft information for aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 and 121 Operators.  Fully transparent Charter Agreements are issued by the Charter Operators in accordance with DOT and FAA Requirements.

Ground Services partners include the Signature Network and RoyaltyTravelNV. Com. True Registration 99901760. 


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