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Barbie Flights

Barbie will be “On Board”

Flying Private means that many of our Cockpit Members are highly accomplished female Captain and First officers. All of us enjoyed the Barbie Movie and like to recognize the great work by Mattel and the Cast who made us focus on the great accomplishments of all our Team Members, Flight Deck Crew and ground support. 

To Celebrate the Mattel and the most recent movie, we like to share a complimentary Barbie Doll, this will be on Board your Private Jet Charter or delivered upon arrival. Barbie’s arrival reflects the big changes in the Private Jet Industry. No longer a need to buy expensive Prepaid Jet Cards with investments of $25,000 to $250,000 or Memberships. Fly now, like you pay for a rideshare firm and only pay for your charter hours. No risks, no on-going obligations. Vegas Express Jet is a technology Portal. You receive the best prices and aircraft options directly from the FAA Authorized Operators. Our mission is to provide you with full transparency and no hidden fees or charges. You have total freedom of choice. Read-on and discover how you will be able to fly with Barbie.

Barbie Private Jet Flights

Barbie is very different; you will experience the very same when you consider that your do not need to invest in pricey Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership to fly private. We will not ask you to purchase a membership aircraft details and pricing for your Private Jet journey. We understand the needs of the Private Jet Flyer. A good flight can mean peace of mind, arriving relaxed. Away from the TSA lines at commercial airports. There is no up-front commitment required, we are here to build a fully transparent relationship with all our clients who benefit from leading edge technologies. Our Team Members will be here to provide you with meaningful solutions which are budget friendly. After all, your flight with Barbies should include a soft landing.

Falcon 1000, 9 seats by Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Barbie Flight Prices

Barbie is yours to enjoy with the compliments of the Vegas Express Jet–details for your complimentary Barbie Doll will be included in your quote. For a detailed and fully transparent quote for a Private Plane Rental or Charter please follow us here:

  • Get a Jet Price, all you need is your schedule and number of seats your need
  • Your inbox will display a message from Vegas Express Jet with several aircraft types, seating charters, bar and beverage offers and Free WIFI. Prices for each plane rental are displayed side-by-side. You compare and decide
  • Feel free to ask for additional quote–or a charter proposal with Guaranteed Rates and your flight confirmations. All the work is done for you. Pay for your charter 24/72 hours before departure.
  • Support is here from a Team of Full Time Flight Planners at 702-336-7345

Barbie’s party!

Barbie has her own Concierge Team, for special occasions and parties our Air Concierge Team will be here to assist with custom crafted itineraries. Our Resorts have been offering special Barbie events and options for Young Adults and Families. From Weddings to pool parties. Please feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Need to know, all Barbie Dolls are subject to availability. Limit two dolls for each charter booking. Please view options with you quote. Offer is valid through 12/15/2023 and has no cash value. We hope to recognize the little girls and maybe the older generation that the Barbie Movie has inspired all of us to recognize how much we have changed and live in a new culture. Welcome-on-board Barbie!

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