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Air Charter Services Las Vegas

Air Charter Services Las Vegas

Chartering a Private jet can be simple- after you determine which jet is best suited for your Journey, The benefits of a Private Jet include a departure from a Private Airport without the long lines for TSA and long waits for boarding. Business and Vacation Travelers fly Private to save time and enjoy a great experience. Others take a private Jet on a Long Weekend to have more time to relax with their family. Yes we welcome your furry friends.

In a hurry and need “Wheels Up Fast”


On Demand Charters are like Uber or Lyft, you simply pay for the charter hours you fly. No need to join membership clubs with monthly does or buy pricey jet cards which mat cost you from $5,000- to $25,000 and up.

Did you know- over 70 of all flights are under 1,500 miles! If this is your journey look at a Light Jet-

Whether you are on your way to a business meeting or a vacation to Hawaii with your family , private planes are available in a wide range of sizes. Let us help you with some some options:

  • TURBO PROPS are a great choice for flights under two hours. Fly to to St George UT from the Vegas Strip for a day journey and you will pay $6,200- the King Air will seat up to 6 passengers.
  • VERY LIGHT JETS the Phenom 100 Very Light Jet has 4 seats with an interior designed by BMW. A great plane for flights up to 1300 miles–your charter costs about $4,000 per hour.
  • LIGHT JETS the Lear 35A is a fast business jet with up to 7 seats. Preferred by the Business Travel this plane has a range of 4 hours with a price tag of $4,600 per hour.
  • MID-SIZED JET (MidJets) include the Lear 60 with WIFI and a enclosed washroom. This Jet has more space and is WIFI enabled. Hourly fees for $7,000-
  • SUPER MIDSIZE for Coast to Coast Trips–move up to the luxury class Gulfstream 200 or the Challenger with up to 12 Seats. Prices from $55,000 to $60,000 for a 3 day journey to Miami.
  • LARGE CABIN JETS- The Gulfstream IV will take you to Hawaii, London or the Caribbean with 14 seats or 7 sleeper berths. The Gulfstream has a oversized galley, aft baggage area and all the modern features such WIFI and a wide range of entertainment options. A trip to Hawaii for a three weekend will cost you about $76,000.
Very Light Jets the Phenom 100, More Jet less money
Plane TypeRangeSeatsCost P.HourMax Flite Time
Phenom 1001300 M4$3.900-2 Hr. 30 MinVL
King Turbo1800 M6-8$3,800-3.5 Hrs.T
Lear 35 A2000 M6-8$4,800-4-4.2 Hrs.L
Lear 603000 M7$7,000-4-4-2 Hrs.M
Challenger 6015000 M12$9900-5 Hrs.SM
Gulfstream 2004,500 M10$10,200-5 Hrs.SM
Gulfstream IV5000 M14$13,0007 Hrs.L
Gulfstream V7,500 M16$20,0008 Hrs.L
Emb 1352,000 M30$15,0003 HrsC
BBJ 7378,300 M19$22,0008 HrsC
B 737-8005,00054 C$30,0007 HrsC
B 737-9004,000160Y$33,0005 HrsC
B 767 VIP6,500350TBA10 Hrs.C
B 767 30011,000100TBA14 HrsC
Beach-Turbo1,00019$4,0003 HrsS
TBAquotes here

VL Very Light Jet, L Light Jet, M Medium, L Large, C Commercial

Vegas Express Jet compiles the rates based on the hourly rates, plus we include the time required for the return of aircraft and crew to base.


Make your trip a weekend journey, keep your plane on site and reduce close to 50% of your charter costs. It’s simple the aircraft and crew members do not to return to base–this saves you the time and fuel costs. You will be charged minimum hours for extended stays.


Aircraft operators need to return private jet charter aircraft to base without paying passengers- take advantage of great Private Jet savings. Make a trip to Hawaii which normally cost you about $70,000 for a 14 seat Gulfstream IV. With an empty leg you only pay under $40,000. Same big savings on trips to New York, London, Paris. Take a moment, share your dates and budget.

Air Charter support from 50 Plus FAA part 135 Operators

Our Team Members are Certified Dispatchers, Air Concierges and Travel Consultants to address all your needs with a single request. Share your needs, select a jet and we will provide you with several aircraft options. View your flight schedules in local times- Pictures of your plane and seating plans will be displayed.

Your Charter Costs are fully detailed, this includes your flight hours, Taxes and all handling fees. Asks us for a quote.


Las Vegas Private Jets, Privates for Hire, Lease or Cost efficient options- depart from a Private Airport Lounge. Arrive at Signature, Atlantic or Henderson Executive Airport. LAX Signature East/West for Beverly Hills- Santa Monica. John Wayne airport SNA for Disneyland, Carlsbad CA for Legoland and San Diego. Wine trips to Paso Robles, Napa and California Beaches. Las Vegas Strip “Perks” at WynnLasVegas, MGM, AriaLasVegas and Trumphotel. WE LOVE YOUR FURRY FRIENDS

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