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“We are a search engine Private Jet Portal–we provide the information you need to compare Aircraft and Prices.  Jet quotes and Charter Agreements are issued directly to you with Guaranteed Rates and Flight Schedules.- Pay the Charter operator direct.  We “keep it simple” with side-by-side aircraft and prices. Support at Tel:702-336-7345


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Wheter you are a Corporate Executive or plan to upgrade from Commercial Air to the Private Jet.  Take advantage of our “Search Engine System” which provides you with direct quotes from 50 plus operators and hundreds of aircraft types.  We do not sell you anything, our platform allows you to compare plane types and pricing side-by-side.  For more information. or to speak with our Team Members please call, E:Mail us. Don’t forget to Purchase Travel Insurance, whenever and however your travel. For quotes E:mail us.



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The highest quality and safety ratings ARG/US Gold-Platinum.   Support at tel:702-336-7345
Luxury and comfort-visit our fleet, Explore Fall-  Reduced Rates

Most Preferred Jet Charters for 2021, rates from $1,900 per hour. Grab a rate at our Insta Quotes!

  • Phenom 100,  Light Jet with 4 seats, from $1,900 per hour-
  • Citation M2,  Light Jet with 5 seats, from $2,300 per hour. WIFI and washroom.
  • Phenom 300, Midsize Business Jet with 8 seats- from $3,600 per hour, take a look
  • Citation Xcel with 9 seats available Dallas, San Antonio, Houston TX
  • Gulfstream 200, 10 seat Jet- Luxury Casino Charters- Wynn Jets
Discretion and Safety- you need to consider:

Peace of Mind  these Unsettling Times” take advantage of the services provided by “Bedrock Special Projects”– for Free  Consultation contact, Tel:801-392-9999

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During these unsettling times our Travelers are searching for transfer, car rental options.  Explore a wide range of Amenities and Perks at Resorts, Hotels, our National Parks and Exotic Vacation Destinations.


Top Airports 

Teterboro, Burbank, Las Vegas, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, McAllen, San Diego, San Jose, Paso Robles, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, St. George, Reno, Bora Bora, Male

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 The information you need to make an intelligent Charter Booking. Private Jet Prices 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. We have served the Las Vegas Resorts for 15 plus Years!

Citation M2- Luxury at Budget prices.

Take a look at this Jet and visit the Cabin and Floor Plan.  Download here. Select a Jet.

Safety and Security

Bedrock Special Projects provides you with an extra layer of safety. Please visit for details.

Fly the Newest Jets, Citation M2, Take a Tour

Experience this Jet before you fly with an Interior designed by BMW. Take a tour and plan ahead. Need a rate quote?

Experienced Crew

You’re invited to bundle your Private Jet with our Getaway Packages and double your savings.  Shop here!

Midsize, Jets the Preferred Business Aircraft

The  Phenom 300 is the latest Business Jet, take a tour of this aircraft and decide. Seating for up to 9 guests.  The best option for departures from all California Airports. How about a Free Rate Quote-no credit card needed!

Flight “Share Connect”

How about buying a seat on a Private Jet!  Consider sharing your seats with other travelers going the same direction.  Consider our “Flight Share Connect” program.  

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Private Jet
All types 4-30 Seats
Business Jet
 Special Perks &”Signature Upgrades” at the Wynn-Encore and other Strip Resorts.  Visit our Concierge Team for Hotel Deals!
Party, Wedding Jets
Elope, Express and Helicopter Weddings.  Please share your needs, e-mail.
Air Taxi- Available upon request
Air Taxi Shared Seats:  Utah, Arizona, New Mexico.  — Please E:mail with your request.
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