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Costs for a Private Jet

Searching for Private Jet prices? We can help you and discover the secret sauce you need to get a great deal on a Jet Charter to Las Vegas, San Diego, Scottsdale or to any of the 4,000 airports in the US. Brokers and some Jet operators will push you very hard to invest in Prepaid Jet cards or Fractionals, best compared to Timeshares in the Air. Before you make any decisions read on to get your price for a Private Plane

It’s a smart move to Charter a Very Light Jet for trips under 1,000 miles, or about 2.3 hours. In the group you will be able to use the Budget Priced Turbo Props, the Hondajet and the Cessna Citation M2. Please visit our fleet here. Compare the prices below which include all the Federal Taxes of 7.5%, Landing Fees and handling charges. Look at the discounts below average which may apply for midweek flights and open leg options. All the tools you need to get your prices for a Private Jet!

CategoryLowHighAverageQuotes at or below Average
Turbo Props PC12$2,500$5,955$4,11048%
Light Jets, Citation M2, Phenom 300$4,254$9,688$6,69154%
Midsize Jets, Lear 60$5,539$11,000$7,69958%
Super Midsize, Challenger 19 seat$7,023$15,177$10,37658%

Private Jet Costs

All hourly rates are based on actual occupied passenger flight hours from takeoff to landing, are “All-In” and include federal excise tax (FET), fuel surcharges.
Chicago, IL to Las Vegas, NV  Citation CJ3 (Light Jet) $19,000 Hawker 800XP (Mid Jet) $23,850 Challenger 604 (Heavy Jet) $29,000  
Teterboro, NJ to Ft. Lauderdale, FL Phenom 300 (Light Jet) $12,508 Hawker 800XP (Mid Jet) $11,940 Gulfstream G200 (Super Mid Jet) $20,000 Gulfstream G650ER (Heavy Jet) $29,950  
Miami, FL to Aspen, CO Citation XLS+ (Mid Jet) $30,100 Citation X (Super Mid Jet) $35,573 Gulfstream GIV (Heavy Jet) $40,600  
Van Nuys, CA to White Plains, NY Phenom 300 (Light Jet) $31,731 Lear 60 (Mid Jet) $33,325 Challenger 604 (Heavy Jet) $43,000  
Hawthorne, CA to Phoenix, AZ King Air 350i (Turbo Prop) $9,500 Citation CJ1 (Light Jet) $9,500
(The above are sample prices and may no longer apply- please ask us for a quote.)
Rates are in USD$
Charter Rates This weekend
Citation M2, Las Vegas-Monterey-Las Vegas 5 passengers
Roundtrip Golf at Pebble Beach, all in price including taxes and fees
Lear 35 A with 6 seats, San Diego Montgomery Field to Las Vegas, Friday-Sunday.
All Charges included
(Special introductory rate by Operator-Owner)
Citation M2, John Wayne to Las Vegas, weekend Friday-Sunday all inclusive price$11,900

The Costs for a Private Jet

Explore and download our Charter rates from 80 Plus FAA Authorized operators with hundreds of aircraft. Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you—plus we will help you download the best rates with side-by-side pricing.

  • Simple get your charter quote-all it takes is your schedule, destination and number of seats needed
  • Arriving at your inbox, several aircraft types with full details for seating and prices which are displayed side-by-side. You compare and select the best option for your journey .
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for more quotes–You receive a direct proposal-charter agreement from the Operator with Guaranteed rates and flight confirmation.

Renting a Private Jet

Charter or Rent a Jet like you use a rideshare from UBER or Lyft. You only pay for the charter hours. No need for pricey jet cards or memberships with up-front payments from $25,000 to $25,000. Plus you have direct access to the support from our flight planners and concierge team at 702-336-7345

Renting a Private Jet

Are you searching for a Private Jet Charter?—This may be a good time to avoid Fractional ownership[, like Timeshares in the air. Investing in pricey Jet Cards with up-front payments of $25,000 to $250,00 may be a thing of the past for most private jet travelers. Feedback from our clients strongly confirm that you as a Jet traveler demand full transparency, with no hidden fees or charges. We make the difference and fully disclose the prices and aircraft details you need.

During my recent walk at Caesars Forum I noticed that the Ice Cream case displayed a multitude of choices–Jet operators and brokers promote some 150 different jet cards. It appears from you feedback that many of the flavors leave you with a bad taste. You should focus on the following steps before you Sign and Fly!

Many Private flyers requested refunds or compensation for the unused flying hours on Jet Cards- in total desperation many turned for advise to lawyers who are the big winners in the Jet Card Contests. To bad, however you have option you need to consider. For small business and low hour leisure flyers a Jet Card is not your best option—For large corporate flyers the better options may be available at firms like Netjets!

How much to rent a Private Jet

Brokers and Operators will be eager to sell you a Jet Card with an upfront payment of $25,000 to $250,000. Some may offer a combination is flight hours plus membership fees. Other firms will charge you a free or impose an annual fee before they will provide you with a quote. Vegas Express Jet is clearly different with no fees or credit card requirements. Quotes are extended without the need for any private information, fees or charges. Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Portal–

You have choices and options—Consider a Jet Charter, Rental like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. You pay up front and fully understand your costs. No need for memberships or prepaid jet cards. Bottomline you only for your ride. With “On Demand Charters” you only pay for your charter hours. By avoiding the Middleman you will save 30% compared to Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership, Consider the Jet Portal by Vegas Express Jets, it sources quotes from some 80 Plus FAA Authorized Charter operators. The very best quotes are yours to consider with all the detailed prices and seating charts- the tools you need to make an intelligent choice!

  • You simply ask for a Charter quote. All that’s needed is your flight schedule, departure and arrival airport with the number of seats you need. (no credit card or personal information requuired)
  • Arriving at your Inbox, look for a a number of aircraft types and options with seating charts. View interior photos. Plus you charter costs are quote for each plane type. Rates are displayed side-by-side.
  • Feel free to select you best option. You now receive a charter agreement for your review and consideration directly from the Charter Operator. The Charter cost is Guaranteed with you flight schedule. No hidden fees or charges. Just in case we will be able to provide you with more options upon request!

Private Jet Prices and Perks

A team of Jet Experts and our Concierge Air Team will assist with special requests for Ground Services, Car Rentals and Hotels is here to address your needs. Do pay attention to the special offers which we share from our Partners for upgrades, complimentary catering services and custom crafted packages to the Wineries, National Parks (Bryze, Zion, Grand Canyon) and Disney. Feel free to ask us for Formula One, Monte Carlo Races, 2024 Superbowl packages.

Air Concierge Desk 702-336-7345

Your invited to visit our partnership website at Fly Private Vegas. Visit our fleet and discover the best plane for your mission.

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