Month: April 2023

Casino Junkets

Casino Charters, we make the Casino rock!

Inviting your loyal players to you resort is a win-win for your guests and the Casino Floor. For some guests the Crabs Table or Baccarat is a game of choice with lots’ of chances. For the Resort it means money in the casino cage by players who are visiting the Vegas Strip Resorts. Vegas Express Jet is home-based on the Las Vegas Strip. Battle born for the Casino Industry the firm brings players to your resort to enjoy a good time. As a Casino Executive you set your own goals and share some amazing options with your VIP Players.

Casino Flights, select the aircraft and seating

You will be able to select from a wide range of aircraft. From the smallest Very Light Jet to the Boeing/Airbus aircraft with 140-180 seats. The Choice is yours-

  • Private Jets with 4-30 seats including the Embraer 145 Jet with 30 seats. Consider the Challenger Jet with up to 19 seats, The Gulfstream IV with 14-16 seats. For long haul International flights the Gulfstream 650 will fly non-stop from Hong Kong to the Vegas Strip.
  • Boeing and Airbus aircraft with all business class or economy seating for 140-160 guests
  • Also available group seating on commercial airlines, scheduled flights

We customize all the services you need to your specifications. This includes departures and arrivals from Private Airport Lounges (FBO’s). Special check-in receptions for your guests at airports with meeting rooms allowing your team to meet all their VIP Players before departure. Optionally you may schedule your flight with a stop-over in a second city airport on the way to the Vegas Strip.

Casino Flights, cost savers

Our flight planners will be here to coordinate all your charter flights, you may consider an on-going charter programs which reduces you flight costs- Our team will be here to assist you with a flight pattern based on your needs and the location of your guests.

You will be able to offer flight departures from smaller airports which are no longer served by the commercial airlines.

Casino Flights, support at 702-336-7345

We will be here to understand your goals and the needs of your VIP Guests. Taking care of your most loyal Players will be our goal. You may consider midweek programs to increase traffic on the Casino floor or special dates and time periods for your Casino Junkets- Charter programs. Our flight planners will be able to provide you with a series of solutions to help your budget and revenue objectives. All our transactions and customer information is fully confidential. We help you understand and regulatory requirements to ensure that each trips is safe and secure. All contracts are issued by a FAA Part 135 or FAA Scheduled Airline Carrier. The prices and quotes we provide are fully transparent, no hidden prices or fees.