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Las Vegas Wedding, a $1000 Gift Certificate*

Your Private Proposal on the Las Vegas Strip is a little sweeter when you and your Wedding Party arrive at one the Vegas Strip Airports with your own Private Jet. Love is in the air when you depart from your home town with a very special departure reception. The Las Vegas Wedding Connection and Vegas Express Jet like to extend a very special $1000- wedding gift to you. Our way of rewarding when you bundle your Private Plane Charter Jet with a Wedding Program, coordinated for your by the Las Vegas Wedding Connection.

Please accept our very special invitation to plan your Las Vegas Strip Wedding at the Bellagio Fountains Deluxe Private Proposal or Marry Me with the Private Jet Journey and receive a Gift Certificate valued up to $1,000. The Las Vegas Wedding Connection and Vegas Express Invite you to take advantage of our gift to you to celebrate the most romantic proposal on the Las Vegas Strip.

No need to worry about TSA inspections, long lines and early check-in requirements. Travel with your family, friends and wedding guests on Board your own private Jet. No need to worry about lost bags, your wedding gown will be with you at all times. No worries, we do all the work for you. Enjoy your flight and we will provide special catering and bar services. After all this is your wedding journey!

Las Vegas is known at the World’s Wedding Capital. Arriving by Private Jet is a dream. You and your guests will be arriving on a Vegas Strip Private Airport area with your limousine meeting you planeside. The ultimate setting for those photos shoots which will be yours forever.

You’re only minutes from the Bellagio, Wynn, Aria or Caesars. No worries about lost bags or stopovers, arrive safe and secure at your resort within minutes. Select from hundreds of Resorts, on or off the strip at Red Rock, Henderson and Lake Las Vegas.


First you will be escorted to Bellagio in a luxury vehicle! We have the complete scenario to surprise your partner with this romantic proposal.

Imagine proposing to the love of your life on the private Terrazza di Sogno overlooking the iconic Bellagio Fountains .Allow Bellagio to be your celebration destination! Your package includes:

  • One Half Hour of Time at the private Terrazza di Sogno
  • Fresh Rose Petals in the Shape of a Heart for Your Proposal ( optional change with winds)
  • Twelve (12) Long-Stemmed Fresh Roses for Your Beloved
  • One Fountain Show Song to be Chosen from a List of Selections provided
  • Professional Photographer for Proposal
  • 45 minutes of Photography around Bellagio
  • One (1) 8″ x 10″ Print
  • Two (2) 5″ x 7″ Prints
  • One Bottle of Champagne
  • Set of Fine Champagne Toasting Flutes

Luxury Transportation to and from your hotel. After the celebration continue to have iconic photos taken at various locations on the Las Vegas Strip! Your vehicle will whisk you away for one hour before dropping you back at your hotel! The photo tour includes all the images send electronically!

Marquee “Marry Me” Letters an additional upgrade charge

*Your $1000- certificate is good for bookings made through June 15, 2023. Other terms and conditions may apply carefully review your proposals and quotes. Offer may be withdrawn without prior notifications.

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LV Wedding Connection

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Your Private Jet Wedding and Gift Certificate. How does it work:

The $1000 certificate is yours. To ensure that you receive the full credit, take a few simple steps:

Reserve any Wedding Package with the Las Vegas Wedding Connections. The minimum purchase price of you Wedding Package should be $1000-.

Book any type of Private Jet with Vegas Express Jet with a minimum of 14 seats and you receive a $1000- Certificate which is issued at the time you pay in full for your Private Jet. This certificate will be issued on behalf of your Wedding Party to the Las Vegas Wedding Connection. As always, you benefit from the lowest Jet Charter and Rental rates exclusively offered for Wedding Parties by Vegas Express Jet.


Wedding Gift Certificate for smaller parties.

Just in case, you wedding party is smaller, from 8-10 guests, you will qualify for a $500- gift certificate. Aircraft in the Category include the Phenom 300 and the Mid and Super Midsize Aircraft.

Should you travel with a very light jet, with seating from 2-5 passengers, sorry you will not qualify for a ny gift certificate—however Vegas Express will surprise you with complimentary Champagne and full bar services and FREE wifi. On your return flight from the Vegas Strip, You will be our guest for Custom Crafted Sandwiches, Cookies, Snacks and Juices from the Panera Bakery. On of our Team Members and Air Concierges will contact you to ensure that your journey home is a part of your everlasting journeys.

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards- no memberships fees

Take advantage of the lowest Jet Prices with your wedding package. Our Team Members will be here to do all the work for you and provide you with the very best pricing for you and your guests. Don’t forget to share all the available seats with you family and wedding party. Feel free to contact one of our Team Members at 702-336-7345 or ask us for a Jet Quote. Need a bigger jet, ask us for 30 seat and larger B737 aircraft with seating for up to 150 guests!

Planning your Honeymoon

Our Travel Planner travels the World and inspects Hotels and Ground Operators. For you extended visit and Honeymoon may we recommend a secluded resort in Hawaii. Maui is one of the worlds most romantic destinations. For deep sea diving we recommend a visit to the Caribbean, from Aruba to Barbados and the Bahamas. Are you “Searching” for Haute Cuisine and the Culture of Italy may we recommend that your include a visit to Venice, Florence and Rome. How about a Mediterranean cruise. No limits–we will custom craft an itinerary which will fulfill all your wishes. Please contact our Travel Team at 702-336-7345.

Meet our in-house Wedding Consultant- Ms. Joni Moss-Graham

Joni Moss-Graham our Wedding Consultant

For the last 30 years, Joni has been helping couples get married in the wedding capital of the world. her advise get somebody who can help you make the very decision for your lifetime journey. After you have searched each and every Wedding Website you may decide that the wedding should be yours and not a cookie cutter plan from a far away website. We make it your very own wedding and follow your wishes, no last minute surprises.

A 30 minute consultation call is free of charge–no risks or obligations, no need for credit cards. Keep it simple and call Joni direct at 702-236-8728 or feel free to send share a short e:mail message.

Start you journey at the moment you arrive of the Las Vegas Strip, with your very own Private Jet Charter. Or make it a trip to Paradise for your Wedding celebration in Hawaii and arrive at Maui. We love to take care of your wedding at any place in the World. Sounds great! Getting married in Las Vegas can be a unique and memorable experience, and having a team to handle all the details and make it a seamless process can make it even better. With the variety of options on the Vegas Strip and the attention to detail promised by Joni and her team.

Please take a moment to review your Charter Proposal which will detail the processing of your gift certificate and the costs for your Charter flight. Special Bonus offers such as categring, bar services and wifi are fully detailed. We recommend that you ask us for a quote which will include side-by-side rates and charter options.  For Charter and Honeymoon services please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345 or e:mail us.

Find us here: #LasVegasWeddingConnection#LasVegasWedding#Bellagio#BellagioFountains#VegasWeddingCapital


Citation Jets-6-8 Seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Wedding Charters from San Diego to Henderson Executive Airport.

Big savings of our San Diego to Vegas- Henderson Executive Airport. Roundtrip Charters from $11,000 plus taxes for a Midsize Lear 35A Jet with seating for 4-6 passengers. Please contact our Airport desk at 702-336-7345. Limited availability. For details visit us at: San Diego Charters to the Vegas Strip.

How to book a Private Jet?

Renting or Chartering a Private Jet can be a simple process. We can help you with the steps needed to ensure that you know how to navigate the types of airplanes with are best for your trip. Should you consult with a broker or contact the Charter Operator direct. Private Jets can be pricey, download the information you need. Above all understand that you do not need to buy memberships or invest in Prepaid Jet Cards which may be priced from $25,000 to $250,000. Read-on and take control of your decisions.

Vegas Express Jet, Aircraft up to 16 seats. Call us at 702-720-2449

How to book a Private Jet, best prices

Vegas Express Jet is not a Broker or Aircraft Operator. We are your technology Jet Portal which secures quotes on your behalf from our in-house technologies, past flight operations and connections with leading edge search systems. What does this mean for you? You receive quotes which allow you to compare several aircraft types with the very best prices. You view the aircraft details with photos, seating charts and side-by-side pricing.

After you select one of the aircraft options, you receive a direct quote from the Operator with Guaranteed Prices and flight confirmations. You will notice full transparency wince all costs for taxes and fees are fully detailed. Plus the Identification Number (Tail Number) of your Private Jet are displayed with the name of the Authorized Operator. The advantage is yours!

Aircraft on standby for Wheels Up Fat, 702-720-2449

How to book a Private Jet, and save

Jet Brokers will include a commission payment in your quote to cover their mark-ups. This is the price you pay for using a middleman. Some Jet Portals will charge you a annual fee to secure quotes. By contacting Operator direct you may have to deal with firms who have minimal Charter Aircraft and Inventory. Such firms will be eager to sell you their aircraft. Take advantage of the Vegas Express Option which searches of 80 Operators. Vegas Express Jet will search for the best deals. You compare without any fees or charges. The Choice is yours.

How to much to book a Private Jet?

No risks on you part, all it takes is your flight schedule, the number of seats you need? We simply do all the work for you. Our Leading Edge Technology and our Team Members will review each and every quote to ensure that our “Bots” selected the best options for you from 80 Plus FAA Authorized operators. Go ahead and ask for your quote!

  • Ask for a quote–all you need is your flight schedule and seats you need.
  • Your e:mail message will include several quotes. We help you select the best aircraft with several price options. You compare planes and options side-by-side. Notice we included important information such as WIFI, Bar Services, Seating Charts and Washroom Information. We included images of the aircraft interior.
  • It’s up to you to decide, select any of the quotes. After you agree with any you receive a direct message from the FAA Authorized Flight Operator with a Charter Proposal/Agreement which includes Guaranteed Pricing and your flight confirmations. Carefully review! You may accept and hold with a credit card–or send a Bank Check wire. Payment for you charter is due 24/72 hours before your departure. No “hidden fees or Charges”
Golf at Pebble Beach via the Monterey Airport- 1 hour from the Vegas Strip- or visit the California Wineries Napa Valley

How much does it cost to book a Private Jet

Your quote will include a series of special Perks which are extended by our Partners. This include Bar Services, Snacks, Catering and upgrades at Hotels and Resorts. They are yours at no additional costs.

Bar services include a wide selection of Miniature Cocktails and juices, plus bier and wines. Plus you will have a snack basket with a generous amount of chips and nuts.

Complimentary Limousine- Car Driver or Car Rentals are included with all super-midsize and large c abin aircraft. This includes a planeside meet-and greet service at all the Las Vegas Strip Airport, Signature, Atlantic and the Henderson Executive Airport.

Luxury Jets to Hawaii, Europe. Weddings and Business Incentives.

Hotel/Resort upgrades and complimentary breakfast services are yours, complements our Air Concierge Team and the Signature Network. Simply ask us to book your Resort/Hotel and we will take care of the details at the advertised rates by the properties–pay by credit card. Stay at the Bellagio, Caesars, Wynn, Aria, Cosmo or 4 Seasons.

Enjoy custom crafted itineraries by our Travel Planners and the support of our In-House Wedding Consultant Joni Moss-Graham. Ask us about day journeys to Bryce, Zion and the Gran Canyon. Or day flights to the California Wineries (Napa, Central Coast) or a Golf Journey to Pebble Beach. We do all the work for you!

Did you know? One in five Jet Charters departs with one or two pets! We welcome you furry friends at no additional costs. Please share your needs.

How to fly Private, Support desk at 702-720-2449


Private Jet Prices

Get a Price for a Jet Rental, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Searching for a Private Jet Price? Connecting you to 80 Plus Flight Operators without any fees or charges is our mission. Real time intelligent pricing are a combination of leading edge technologies and the support you receive from a Team of Flight Planners and Air Concierges. All charter proposals are addressed to you with Guaranteed Rated and confirmed flights. No need to purchase memberships or invest in pricey prepaid jet cards. You will be able to compare aircraft types and pricing side-by-side, a Vegas Express Jet exclusive. Getting a Guaranteed quote with fully transparent pricing is yours. Download the information and start comparing.

Private Jet Prices at 30% less than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership.

When you shop for a Private Jet Rental you need to compare the aircraft type, seating and the costs for the Charter Hours. You will soon discover that each operator has their own rates, some apply special Dynamic rates for weekend travel. Dynamic rates are applied during peak demand–this may be a holiday or special event in the city or the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas Express Jet is not a Jet Operator or Broker- as a technology and Private Jet Portal we simply provide you with quotes from 80 Plus Operators. The rates are based on most recent flight operations and charges. After you select a quote, the Operator will provide you with a direct offer and charter agreement. This includes a Guaranteed Rate, aircraft and schedule confirmation. The information is fully transparent, no hidden fees or charges. Plus full disclosure of the name and address of your Jet Operator with the Registration (N Number of Tail). Save all the quotes and select the best deal for your next journey.

Hondajet 5 seats! Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Private Jet Prices with Open Legs

No worries, we use the latest technologies to provide you with the very best Jet Charter- Rental options. You receive a custom quote from Vegas Express Jet which includes your “Open Leg Options” typically available within 3-30 days before flight departure. Open leg options will save you from 30-60%, one of the best buys in the aviation industry. It’s a great way to fly private, coast to coast or to places like Paris, London or Rome or closer to Home Hawaii. Just in case, you have not considered Open Legs- feel free to call our support team at 702-720-2449. Open legs are the very best options for travelers who have some schedule flexibility.

Private Jet Prices, how much is my ticket

The entire Private Plane Charter is yours. Feel free to share or sell your empty seats on social media. Private Planes are here in all sizes with 4-30 seats. For shorter trips consider one the of the very Light Hondajets or the Citation M2 with 5 seats. Rates range from $2,300 to $2,600 per hour. Larger planes such as the Challenger or Gulfstream with up to 19 seats will be priced and $5,900 plus per hour. Comparing Private Jets with the costs of First Class air is a good start. You will discover that the rates are very close when you make certain that all seats on your Private Plan are fully occupied. To get you quote simply share you flight schedule and number of seats you need. Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you. No need for credit cards or personal information:

  • It’s simple, include your flights and dates- and the number of seats you need. It’s simple!
  • Your quotes include aircraft photos of the interior and seating charts. Aircraft details include WIFI, Seating and Bar and Washroom Facilities. Prices and aircraft are displayed side-by-side.
  • You select the best options and price. The Flight Operator will provide you with a Charter Proposal allowing you to reserve the aircraft. You may hold the selected airplane with your credit card or pay via a Bank Check. Your Rate is Guaranteed, your flight schedule is confirmed. No hidden fees or charges.

Private Jet Prices, full support from our Air Concierge Team at 702-720-2449

Our Team Members include Flight Planners, Air Concierges and a Full Time Wedding planner. You will notice that your quote includes special offers from our Operators. This includes complimentary Bar Services, WIFI and special options for Limo Services and Catering. Here are some of the special Perks you should consider:

  1. Custom crafted land packages with transfers and upgrades at hotels. This includes properties like the Wynn-Encore. Enjoy daily breakfast services and room upgrades, subject to availability at time of check-in. To secure this benefit ask our Air Concierge Team to make you reservation.
  2. Our Wedding Consultant will offer a Free 30 Minute Phone Meeting. Joni Moss-Graham has over 30 years experience is here to help you discover that very special place.
  3. The Vegas Strip has much to offer beyond the Glitz and Glitter of the Casinos. Consider a daytrip ro weekend to the Grand Canyon , Zion or Bryce Canyon. Make the trip by Helicopter or Private Car, We will customize your trip the way you like it.
  4. Ask us about our day and weekend trips to the California Wineries, Golf at Pebble Beach or a day at Disneyland.
Grand Canyon, Bryce or Zion–we customize your Jet Journey, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

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Casino Private Jets

Invitation Casino Guests Las Vegas

The Private Jet invitation is extended by your Casino Hosts or Vice President of Player development, in recognition of your time and investments on the Casino floor. For those who are experienced Baccarat or Crap Players, you will be recognized with a wide range of Special Perks. This includes complimentary suite accommodations, fine dining invitations and shows

This fall the Wynn Encore is featuring the Heineken Formula One Experience.

Casino Jets and Junkets have evolved over the years, we started with Large Commercial Jet Charters and now offer the personalized services. Vegas Express Jet helps you secure the very best quotes with a series of aircraft options and prices. This information is yours without any up-front fees, or charges. Never a need to sign-up for pricey jet cards or membership fees. With the help of our Resort Partners we simply like to promote the Vegas Strip and your journey with a Private Jet.

F1® Racing and Five-Star Experiences, Only at Wynn Las Vegas

November 16–18, 2023

The most thrilling event in auto racing comes to Las Vegas in 2023, and the only resort venue to offer the full F1® experience is Wynn and Encore.

 Formula 1® has announced its newest race, FORMULA 1® HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX 2023, will take place November 16-18, 2023. Wynn Las Vegas is proud to be an official founding partner of this spectacular event, set against the backdrop of The Strip’s legendary neon lights. Here’s your chance to take part in F1®’s most high-profile race in true VIP fashion, as Wynn debuts a trio of exceptional room and ticket packages, each teeming with five-star amenities available only at our award-winning resorts.

The Concierge Team at Vegas Express Jet will be here to assist with reservations and pricing for the Heineken Silver Package with your Jet quote. You may wish to book early, events for the Grand Prix are in high demand. The City of Las Vegas will be the home of the Grand Prix for the next 10 years. Caesars Palace will be hosting a series of special events. You simply have the be on the Strip to enjoy!

Please talk to one of our Air Concierges and Team Members at 702-720-2449. It’s our safe Google Line.

Anytime you join a Casino Royalty Program at Caesars, The Bellagio, Aira, MGM your activities at the players rooms will be tracked. Don’t overlook you opportunity to join several loyalty programs, compare your options and make certain that you meet with one of the Casino Hosts. Talk about your time at the Resorts and special offers they may extend to you—this may include the opening of an account at the Casino Cage- the word for the Bank where you will be able to use your funds at anytime. Rest assured that the Resorts will keep your information secure and Private, after all your data is the most valued resource within the Casino Industry.

14 Seat Jet, Challenger-Gulfstream.Invite the members of your Golf Club.

Casino Charters Vegas Express Jet

Just in case, you did not receive that coveted Casino invitation Vegas Express Jet a special invitation with a series of amazing incentives we like to extend to you. Or the members of your Golf or Social Club. Here is a sample of the special rewards will be detailed in your Private Jet Quote:

  • Limousine services to your resort with a planeside welcome at your Private Airport at Signature, Atlantic and the Henderson Executive Airport
  • FREE bar services on all Vegas Strip Charters. This includes WIFI
  • One Level Room or Suite Upgrade upon arrival at your resort. Complimentary daily breakfast at the Wynn, Bellagio, Aria or Four Seasons. Reserve your rooms, suites at the time you book your Private Jet. Our Air Concierge Team will be here to confirm your Perks.
  • Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards or Fractional Ownership. No need for memberships.
  • For Private Jet flyers with schedule flexibility, you’re invited to ask us for Open Leg flights with savings from 30-60%.

View the details of all your Perks in you Charter Proposal you receive from Vegas Express Jet. Charter rates, taxes and fees are fully disclosed in a fully transparent quote. You charter agreement includes your Guaranteed rates and confirmed flight schedules. No hidden or last minute fees or charges. Do remember, Vegas Express Jet provides you with the best quotes and prices from over 80 Plus operators- you will have the tools to score a great deal and make an intelligent decision.

Have questions call us at 702-720-2449.

Interior Falcon Jet, Ask Vegas Express Jet for quotes- or call 702-336-7345.


How to find open legs on Private Jets to Vegas?

Finding a Private Plane Rental and finding the right plane at the very best price is now a simple process. No other services provide you with side-by-side aircraft types with fully transparent prices. You get the information for your next business or vacation trip without the need to sign-up for annual memberships fees. Download the information you need, our Team Members at Vegas Express Jet will take the time to customize the quote for you. Make certain that you compare jet prices and aircraft options, we will make it easy to find open legs! Vegas Express Jet is not a jet broker or operator–we are simply a technology portal which help you secure the best prices and deals on Private Jet flights, rentals and open legs.

Light Jet Vegas Express Jet, 702-336-7345

Your empty legs–the advantage is yours:

  • You are Not Required to buy memberships to secure Empty Leg Quotes
  • After you accept a quote for an empty leg you pay the Flight Operator Direct
  • Vegas Express Jet secures quotes from some 80 Plus Charter Operators. All firms are FAA Authorized.
  • We will NOT ASK you for your credit card or personal information to secure a quote.
  • No Worries, we do not sell you any services you do not need, yes you should avoid Pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. We are a Private Jet Technology Portal and simply provide you with the very best options for your next trip to the Vegas Strip!
Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Open Legs to Vegas with savings from 30-60%

We do all the work for you and provide you with a full suite of services, when you ask for a quote Vegas Express Jet will have the ability to search for you flight needs from over 80 FAA Jet Operators and determine which flights best meet your needs and budget requirements. It saves you hours if not days since the availability of Open Legs changes by the minute. Open legs are a part of the Private Jet industry–they work as follows:

For example a Private Jet departs LAX (Van Nuys) or Burbank to Las Vegas. This is a weekend trip and the party leaves at 5:00 PM. The Jet arrives on the Vegas Strip at 6:00 PM. After the passengers arrive on the Strip the plane returns without passengers to LAX. This means that the operator has no paying travelers on the flight from Vegas to LAX. This is considered an empty leg–the flight operator will be eager to sell this flight as an open leg to recover some costs for fuel and flight crews.

Open legs are posted on our system with the availability—they are available to you the public, with discounts from 30-60%. Most flights are booked at a 40% discount. Your seat price from Las Vegas is not reduced from $1200- per person to $600-.

Open Legs, need support call 702-336-7345. You have questions- we are here to address!

Open legs are available to all US Cities and Europe. For example you will find ample inventory and great savings of flights from LAX to New York Teterboro, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami to Las Vegas. Getting Married consider an open leg to Hawaii. Here are a number of questions we received from our visitors:

  • When I ask for a quote, will this include pricing and options for Open Legs?- Answer is Yes, provided you submit your charter requests within 3/30 days before flight departure.
  • When we request a Charter quote about 90 days out will I get a quote for an open leg–-No, open legs are not posted at this time–however you will receive a regular quote which includes a 30% discount since all our prices are 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership.
  • How much time will I have to accept a Open Leg options—be aware that a number of parties will be bidding on your flight. If possible please do not delay since the option is subject to availability.
  • What is the very best way to secure a great deal? If possible provide us with a range of dates, being flexible means that you will hav e more choices and options
  • Do I have to pay to secure a quote for an open leg? No you will not be charged for the services provided by Vegas Express Jet for quote. After you accept a quote you will pay the FAA Part Operator direct.
  • Why should I pay the flight operator direct. The answer is simply, you avoid the middleman and costs and have full transparency, no hidden fees or charges.
  • What happens in the event the charter is cancelled by the operator. This rarely happens, you will not be subject to any charges and receive a full refund. The Team Members at Vegas Express Jet will be here to assist you with a new booking.

Open Legs, all types of aircraft 4-30 seats

You will be able to select any types of aircraft. For travelers on shorter flights from California to Las Vegas, most flights are operated by Very Light to Light Jets. This includes the Hondajet, the Cessna Citation M2 or M 3 or the newest the Phenom 300 with up to 7 seats. Flights with a duration of 4.5 hours are mostly flown with the Lear 60, Hawker 800 for parties up to 8 passengers.

For larger parties you will discover that most aircraft are in the Super Midsize Group. This includes the Gulfstream 200 and the Challenger 601-604 series with up to 19 seats.

The Gulfstream IV is widely available for open legs from LAX and Las Vegas to Miami, New York Teterboro and East Coast cities. For international flights to London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Athens and Dubrovnik the price per seat on open legs is about the same as First Class Air on commercial airline. Now you will be able to fly direct to destinations such as Bordeaux, Marseille France without the need for stopovers. A family of 10 reserved a Private Jet for a family visit in Naples Italy.

Large Jets like the Gulfstream IV, V, 550 include the services of a Flight Attendant. The aircraft has up to 16 seats with a minimum of 8-10 sleeper berth. Our Air Concierge Team at Vegas Express Jet will be here to coordinate you in-flight entertainment and dining options. WIFI are services are typically Free of Charge–however Satellite Services are extra.

Open Legs, how to get a great price on a Private Jet

Simply talk to any of our flight planners, they are here full time and will not hard sell you on any services you DO NOT NEED. We suggest that you avoid pricey jet cards and memberships for regular travel. Should you fly Private over 150 hours per year, please feel free to get our advise, and options.

This week Vegas Express Jet was on TV and interviewed by Judge Angel. We visited with the members of the LV Territory to promote Tourism Nevada. Our guests are staying at Wynn Encore to Celebrate the Superbowl at the Spots Book. Our clients who arrived at the Henderson Executive Airport are enjoying a stay at the Downtown Vegas Circa. Other clients reserved a trip to London, Paris–we also reserved planes and stays at Disneyland and Disneyworld. Just in case you need any assistance with your travel plans, we have a team of Jet Experts, a full time Wedding Planner and Certified Travel Planners on our Team. All our services include special perks and upgrades provided by the Signature Network. All the service options are fully transparent- all taxes and fees are displayed!

Any type of Jet Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

From Open Legs to large cabin Private Jets we are here to meet all your travel needs. From Las Vegas to Naples, to Disneyworld. Meet our Team Members at 702-336-7345.

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Take your dog, fly Private

Take your dog to Europe

Bring your furry friend- get a quote for a Private Jet

G6’s pay-per-seat service, K9 Jets, hopes to run its first flight between New Jersey and London in April. Its flights can take up to 10 people and 10 dogs (depending on the size of the dog), says Golder. G6 has had 2,000 people express interest in the past few weeks. Golder is not expecting seats to be booked by the super-rich; they might be people who are relocating from the US to Europe and are willing to pay about £8,750 for a seat out of, for instance, the proceeds of their house sale. “There’s been quite a lot of stories about mishaps happening when people’s pets are in cargo,” says Golder. “People are more than ever willing to spend more and fly with their pets on a private jet.”

Han Geskes at Vegas Express Jet has been associated with the commercial airlines and understands the challenges, in order to ensure good care for the dogs. The newest 777 Boeing Aircraft have kennels at the lower deck which can be monitored by the Flight Crew. The area is fully climate controled.

Flying with your dog during the hot summer month is problematic. If at all possible avoid this.

Take your dog in the Cabin with a Private Jet

Over 20% of all Private Jets operated by Vegas Express Jet include pets and pet parents. Most aircraft have ample space to accommodate pets- on longer flights, coast to coast it may be a smart move to schedule a short stop-over. Stretch you legs and take a moment to relax and enjoy your furry friends. Most aircraft will be able to accommodate to larger pets, however it’s a smart move the address you needs at the time you search for your flight and secure a quote.

Private Jets with Pets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership, please ask for a quote- no fees or charges for your Pets:

Your dog and Passport or Visa Requirements

Most Pet Owners will consult with their vet to ensure that he is healthy and will be able to enjoy your trip. Most of the domestic states will require you to travel with documents which verify their shots and other details. Traveling Overseas may require you to determine which steps you need to take, before you depart and up-on arrival. We will gladly assist.

Ample space for your Pet on the Phenom 300 Jet with 7 seats and a range of 4 hours- fly to Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle or San Jose. Call us for support at 702-336-7345.

Your dog comfort on a Private Jet

Most of our travelers will bring a blanket and some toys, making you pet feel, comfortable– a harness allows you to use a seat belt to safely hold your dog in a seat. The crew members will be in the cabin to assist and provide you with safety instructions. We always will bring a bowl, however you have to bring the food since we are unable to address any special needs, allergies your dog may have. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our flight planners and Team Members at 702-336-7345 or send us a message.

How much is a Private Jet when you travel with a Pet. Visit us here.

Private Flights Vegas

Vegas Express Jet- Your Jet Portal, a totally different way to fly private, take advantage of our High Tech Portal which provide you with multiple quotes which you can compare with side-by-side pricing. This option allows you to make an intelligent Charter decision without the need for pricey Private Jet Cards and Membership. Feel free to explore your options—Visit us at our new site Fly Private Vegas.

Any Type of Jet, Your way at Vegas Express 702-336-7345


Wheels Up fast- fly to 4,000 airports- depart within 4 hours!

Vegas Express Jet is total focused on your needs, we deploy the latest, leading edge technologies to offer you the very best quote- our Team Members will review each and every quote to ensure that your benefit from a great deal on the very best aircraft for your journey!

Located on the Las Vegas Corridor, Vegas Express Jet takes you to and from the Vegas Strip from over 4,000 Airports. Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Casino Resorts for over 21 years. Call us first or last to receive multiple quotes allowing you to compare several aircraft types and prices side-by-side. Simply ask for a quote, all it takes is your flights and number of seats you need.  We do all the work for you!

Feel free to call us at 702-336-7345. Don’t worry our Team Members are full time and will not sell you on Pricey Jet Cards or Memberships.

We keep it simple-Rent a Jet like you take a ride with UBER of Lyft and only pay for your Charter Hours.  The Airline industry identifies this as “On Demand Charters”. V

Bookmark Vegas Express Jet for the next time you are planning a trip, from the newest Hondajet and the Cessna Citation with up to 5 passengers. For long haul flights with larger cabins consider the Phenom 300 with 7 seats, the Midsize Hawker 800, a Citation Ultra or the Super Midsize Gulfstream 200, the Challenger 601-604 series with up to 19 seats or the Gulfstream IV. V, 500 and 650 for trips to Hawaii, Peking, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Milan. Rome and Frankfurt or Croatia. Our Team Members will be here to help you select the very best aircraft for your trip.

Commercial Jets for Sports, Casino Charters Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345- All types of aircraft for US and Overseas Flights.

On the Las Vegas strip for over 21 years–we earned or wings.
Vegas Express Jet has been on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor for over 21 years, we have coordinated the Public Charter Programs for major casinos including the MGM.  Our most valued VIP Players stay at the Wynn-Encore, The Bellagio, Aria and Caesars. We also take care of incentive-group travel with the Boeing 737 with up to 150 seats for sports and convention travel. Each of our Team Members is a fully certified Jet Expert and Travel Planners—this means that we offer you special upgrades and perks with each quote.  

We specialize in Private Jet Charters and flights with any size of aircraft, This includes Casino Junkets and flights to and from sports events. We enjoy special arrangements with over 80 Alliance Partners and FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators. As a client your will, be able to select from multiple quotes and aircraft options. Take advantage of our quotes with side-by-side aircraft types and fully transparent quotes.  The only place where you will be able to make an intelligent decision. You benefit from greater savings when you work directly with on of the Vegas Express Alliance Partners.

Gulfstream 14 Seat Jet, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Compare this to timeshares in the air. We never ask you to purchase pricey memberships or services you simply do not need.

  • At Vegas Express,  we arrange many flights from the following airports to Las Vegas, NV (KLAS) Reid at Signature or Atlantic and the Henderson KHND airport.

Van Nuys, CA (KVNY)

Burbank, CA (KBUR)

Orange County, CA (KSNA)

Carlsbad, CA (KCRQ)

Oakland, CA (KOAK)

Napa, CA (KAPC)

San Diego, CA (KSAN)

Dallas. TX (KDAL)

Scottsdale, AZ (KSDL)

San Antonio, TX (KSAN)

Our Travel Team will be here to take care of all your trip planning, as a Signature Travel Planner with assist with Suite Upgrades and introduce you to complimentary Limousine Services. Planning a Trip to Disneyland or a weekend in the Wine County. Planning a wedding or golf journey, we will be delighted to take care of your Tee Time at Pebble Beach via a Short Flight to Monterey CA.

Support is here at 702-336-7345

For last minute “Wheels Up” please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

You are invited to take a tour of all our aircraft–enjoy your tour. Please visit our new site at Fly Private Vegas.