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How to book a Private Jet?

Hi, “Welcome on Board” if you travel like I do, you decided to fly to Vegas with a Private Jet. This time you will be sharing your trip with couple of friends. This makes it a party of five for a trip from Carlsbad California to the Vegas Strip. As always, I did a Google Search and found a bunch of listings from brokers and operators. What type of a trip and plane do I need. How much will it cost. I have all these questions and need some help. Do I rent a plane, or do I buy a Jet Card and pay $250,000. Follow the answers to your questions here. 

Jet Charters, Rentals are being charged by the hour. The clock starts at the moment your depart and stops upon your arrival. Jet Cards are like you buy prepaid hours and agree to use a specific type or plane and agree to policies such as the time you will be allowed to make your reservation. You may gain some price and availability concessions. However, in exchange for such benefits you lose your flexibility to shop for the best deal.

Consider a Jet Rental in the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. No Jet Cards, no need for Membership Payments. You simply use a “On Demand Charter”- this is the only Jet Services recommended and offered by Vegas Express Jet..

Vegas Express Jet, Over 90 Operators with hundreds of jet types-4-30 seats, 702-336-7345

How to book your Private Jet to Vegas.

Vegas Express Jet is not a Broker or Aircraft Operator. We are your technology Jet Portal which secures quotes on your behalf from our in-house technologies, past flight operations and connections with leading edge search systems. What does this mean for you? You receive quotes which allow you to compare several aircraft types with the very best prices. You view the aircraft details with photos, seating charts and side-by-side pricing. Please be our guest and take a tour of our fleet- take a tour here.

After you select one of the aircraft options, you receive a direct quote from the Operator with Guaranteed Prices and flight confirmations. You will notice full transparency wince all costs for taxes and fees are fully detailed. Plus the Identification Number (Tail Number) of your Private Jet are displayed with the name of the Authorized Operator. The advantage is yours! Please read-on

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Book my Private Jet, Costs

Jet Brokers will include a commission payment in your quote to cover their mark-ups. This is the price you pay for using a middleman. Some Jet Portals will charge you a annual fee to secure quotes. By contacting Operator direct you may have to deal with firms who have minimal Charter Aircraft and Inventory. Such firms will be eager to sell you their aircraft. Take advantage of the Vegas Express Option which searches of 80 Operators. Vegas Express Jet will search for the best deals. You compare without any fees or charges. The Choice is yours.

Private Jet Prices to Vegas

No risks on you part, all it takes is your flight schedule, the number of seats you need? We simply do all the work for you. Our Leading Edge Technology and our Team Members will review each and every quote to ensure that our “Bots” selected the best options for you from 80 Plus FAA Authorized operators. Go ahead and ask for your quote!

  • Ask for a quote–all you need is your flight schedule and seats you need. No personal information or a credit card needed!
  • Your e:mail message will include several quotes. We help you select the best aircraft with several price options. You compare planes and options side-by-side. Notice we included important information such as WIFI, Bar Services, Seating Charts and Washroom Information. We included images of the aircraft interior.
  • It’s up to you to decide, select any of the quotes. After you agree with any you receive a direct message from the FAA Authorized Flight Operator with a Charter Proposal/Agreement which includes Guaranteed Pricing and your flight confirmations. Carefully review! You may accept and hold with a credit card–or send a Bank Check wire. Payment for you charter is due 24/72 hours before your departure. No “hidden fees or Charges”
  • Do you need more Jet Options and Pricing- please call our Airport Desk at 702-336-7345. We will be here to provide you with additional aircraft options and costs. Do consider open legs which are available in high traffic markets. You save from 30-60%. One of our Team Members will be here to assist.

Private Jet bookings, Las Vegas Jet Airports

Las Vegas has a number of Private Airport Lounges, only minutes away from the Strip Resorts and Event Centers. The Atlantic and Signature FBO (Lounges) serve the MGM, Wynn, Aria and Caesars. This is the premier location for sports events at the Allegiant Stadium and for the Ice Hockey Games at the TMobile Arena. For you visit to any of the Downtown Resorts including the Circa and Red Rock Resorts, Green Valley and the M we suggest the uncrowded Henderson Executive Airport.

Private Vacation Jets

Your quote will include a series of special Perks which are extended by our Partners. This include Bar Services, Snacks, Catering and upgrades at Hotels and Resorts. They are yours at no additional costs.

Bar services include a wide selection of Miniature Cocktails and juices, plus bier and wines. Plus you will have a snack basket with a generous amount of chips and nuts.

Complimentary Limousine- Car Driver or Car Rentals are included with all super-midsize and large c abin aircraft. This includes a planeside meet-and greet service at all the Las Vegas Strip Airport, Signature, Atlantic and the Henderson Executive Airport.

Luxury Jets to Hawaii, Europe. Weddings and Business Incentives.

Hotel/Resort upgrades and complimentary breakfast services are yours, complements our Air Concierge Team and the Signature Network. Simply ask us to book your Resort/Hotel and we will take care of the details at the advertised rates by the properties–pay by credit card. Stay at the Bellagio, Caesars, Wynn, Aria, Cosmo or 4 Seasons.

Enjoy custom crafted itineraries by our Travel Planners and the support of our In-House Wedding Consultant Joni Moss-Graham. Ask us about day journeys to Bryce, Zion and the Gran Canyon. Or day flights to the California Wineries (Napa, Central Coast) or a Golf Journey to Pebble Beach. We do all the work for you! For more options, please visit the Las Vegas Territory Site.

Did you know? One in five Jet Charters departs with one or two pets! We welcome you furry friends at no additional costs. Please share your needs.

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