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Private Jets, save from 30 to 60%

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Private Jet Charter can be pricey, however you have options to substantially reduce your costs of a Luxury Charter. Explore your options with us at Vegas Express Jet and discover the secret sauce towards bigger savings on your next Private Jet Charter. Read-on and explore all the options you need to consider. Download the options for Open Legs, One Ways and Charters with savings of 30%. Here you find all the options for Private Jets with savings from 30-60%.

Private Jets, open legs

Over 2/3 of all Private Jet flights include Open Legs. Each and every time a charter customer reaches their destination, the aircraft and crew members return back to base. This means that the flight operates without passengers, and without any revenues for the Owner Operator. The same open legs take place when the Aircraft needs to Pick-up passengers.

For example a flight which operates from Las Vegas to Burbank with 4 passengers- on the return this same Jet will return empty. By the numbers the typical price for a light Jet one way is around $6,500-, this includes all Federal Excise Taxes and Fees. When you purchase an open leg your costs will be reduced by 40-60%. Your charter rates for a Private Jet Flight now range from $3,900 to $2,600 or as low as $650- per person.

Hondajet- seating for 5, Vegas Express Jet

Private Jets, How to locate empty legs

Vegas Express Jet, Team members have full access to all open legs posted on our Technology sites from 70 Plus operators. Open legs will be sold to the highest bidders– in most instances the lowest discount is 30-40%. The Maximum may be as high as 60%. Closer to departures rates will be the lowest since the operator is highly motivated to secure some revenues to pay for Crew Time and Fuel costs. Please download this information:

  • How far ahead are Open Legs Posted by the Operators- Anticipate availability of postings from 3-13 days before flight departure. This will include the type of aircraft and seating availability.
  • Vegas Express Jet will secure the open leg on your behalf–remember several travelers may be bidding for this flight.
  • It’s now up to the Operator to send you a special quote for your Open Legs–it will be a short window of time for you to agree and accept.
  • Securing a series of flights for a Roundtrip Journey requires some flexibility–our Team Members will be delighted to assist.
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Private Jets, One way Charters

One way charters allow you to fly one way only, or remain at your destination for an extended time–helping you reduce the costs for extended stays and crew members at airports. For example a roundtrip from Orlando was reduced from $89,000 for a 14 seats jet to $78,000 using two one way charters. Our Team Members will be here to assist and help you secure the best aircraft at the lowest costs.

Private Jets, Empty leg considerations

Empty legs are a great solution for Private Jet Travelers who have a flexible schedule. You should be prepared for last minute changes which be made by the charter clients who booked the original flights. Rest assured that you will be fully updated on flights and potential time changes.

Private Jet, Confirmed flights

Just in case, you need to arrive at your destination for a business meeting. Our partake in a special event. May we suggest our Charter which are 30% less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. You simply charter, rent a Private Jet like you take a ride with UBER of Lyft. No need for costly memberships or on-going obligations. You simply pay for your flights, that’s all. With all our flights you will retain full flexibility to select the best price and the aircraft and seating which meet “Your requirements”. You will benefit from Guaranteed Pricing and Flight schedules.

Private Jets, Get your quote:

  • Take advantage of our Three Click System and we do all the work for you. Simply share your flight schedule and the number of seats you need.
  • A message will be hiding in your e-mail with details and photos for several aircraft types. Vie the inside of your plans and the seat maps. Best of all you will be able to compare pricing for the different jet types “Side-by-Side” a Vegas Express Jet exclusive.
  • The Choice is yours–select any of the options and accept the Charter Quote–you may hold the plane with your Credit Card and pay the charges within 24/72 hours before departure. Our pay by Bank Check/Wire.
  • Carefully review you quote, it will include special “Perks for Catering and Bar Services”, WIFI and Limousine services.

Private Jet Concierge Services

From the moment you place your booking, one of our Team Members will be here to assist and share all the details of your charter. This will include the Registration (Tail Number) of your Private Jet and the Name of your authorized FAA Charter operator.

Private Jet Perks are included in your charter quotes, please explore:

  • Complimentary Bar and WIFI servces
  • Limousine Transfers
  • One Level Suite Upgrades at Resorts/Hotels
  • Custom Crafted Itineraries for trips to Wineries, Golf and National Parks
  • Special catering services from the Las Vegas Strip

The complimentary services are detailed on your Charter Quote provided by the Concierge Team.

For support services please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Private Jets Vegas

Start you Private Jet Trip here and explore how to Rent a Private Jets with some simple steps your can make. Download the tools you need to secure the best prices and fly like you take a trip with UBER of Lyft. Here you now will be able to make an intelligent decision and manage you budget, type of plane and seating you need. View charter costs for several aircraft side-by-side.

All Jet Types 4-30 seats!

As your Private Jet Advisor we are here to do all the work for you and save you long hours, if not days with your take a Private Jet to and from Las Vegas. Compare and review all the options you need to consider:

  • Private Jets, 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership
  • Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles
  • Very Light Jets, the Hondajet and Citation M2
  • Double your savings with OPEN LEGS
  • The Phenom 300, most preferred business jet
  • How much is my Private Jet

Private Jets to Las VegasPrivate Jets, 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

Rent a Jet like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. No need to purchase a Prepaid Jet Card with prices from $25,000 to $250,000. You will not be required to pay any membership fees. Jet Card firm will require you to make early reservations, or reserve a specific aircraft type. Fractional ownerships are like Timeshares in the air- this option let’s you buy 10% of 1/7th share of a plane with all the Ownership, Crew and Maintenance costs. This may be a great option for the CEO who spends hundreds of hours in the air each month. It’s not the better option for a small business firm or leisure traveler.

PRIVATE JETS FROM VEGASOver 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles

Most flyers traveler about 2.3 hours and need 2-3 seats. The newest group of high tech and fuel efficient jets include the Hondajet and the Citation M2

Hondajet 5 passengers, Vegas Express Jet 702-720-229

The Hondajet and the Citation M2 are great options for trips from LAX Bob Hope or John Wayne to Las Vegas–or from Las Vegas to Dallas, Salt Lake City or Phoenix. Roundtrip rates from $12,000 to $14,000.

OPEN LEGS will save you an additional 30-60%. Open legs are flights operated without passengers, for example a flight takes travelers from Las Vegas to Monterey Ca and returns to base without passengers–this flight will operate without any revenues-income for the operator. Such flights are posted on our “In House System” with price reductions from 30 to 60%. Expect to pay “Half Price”. You cost per seat will be reduced from $3,000 to $1,500 roundtrip for a Vegas Weekend from most So.Cal airports. Remember, open legs are a great option for travelers with a Flexible Schedule–you flights may change in the event to travelers who booked the original flight change schedules or cancel their flight.

7 Seat Phenom 300 Jet, Vegas Express Jet 702-720-2449

Private Vegas JetsPhenom 300 Business

The newest Phenom 300 Business Jet has a standup cabin and will compete with any pricier Midsize Jet with hourly charter costs from $3,500 to $4,000. This plane make it feel like you are in a much bigger jet with a Standup Cabin. With a luxury interior designed by the BMW this plane will take you from Las Vegas to Seattle or LAX to Vancouver, Chicago to Phoenix. This plane is a high demand–we encourage you to book early.😊

How much is a my Private Jet?

Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you and secure your quote from 70 FAA Approved Private Jet operators. Take advantage of full “Transparency” with fully detailed quotes, no hidden charges or fees- no last minute upcharges.

  • Simply indicate your flights, to and from with the number of seats you need. No credit card or personal information needed.
  • View your e:mail for a message with Several Aircraft types and options. Details include interior seating and charts. Sid-by-side costs for a number of jets. You select the option that meets your seating and budget needs.
  • Receive a proposal from the Operator direct to you with Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations. You now know how much your flight will costs. All taxes and fees will be displayed no hidden charges or fees.
  • You may approve or ask for additional quotes- call our airport desk at 720-720-2449.
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Private Jet Las Vegas, deals

You’re invited to carefully review your quotes with special PERKS extended by our 70 Plus Alliance Partners. Enjoy upgrades, complimentary Limousine Transfers. Invitations for Jet Trips to the California Wineries, Golf at Pebble Beach or a daytrip to Disneyland.

Airport desk Support at 702-33-7345

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How to Fly Private

All types of Private Jets-4-30 Seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Flying Private is a very special experience. Total freedom of choice with your ability to select any type of plane with seating for 4-30 passengers. Fly to over 4,000 airports, only 800 airports are served by the commercial airlines. Take advantage of the tools provided FREE of Charge and select how and where you secure the very rates, deals and options.

Discover which options meet your needs, explore each option before you shop:

  • Open Legs with cost savings from 30-60
  • One way Charters
  • Share your empty seats
  • Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Charters & Fractional Ownership

How much does it cost to fly Private?

Open legs, save from 30-60%

Open legs are flights which are operated to return the aircraft back to base after passengers have been delivered to their destination. The same open legs take place when the crew and aircraft meet passengers for their return trip. Operators are eager to sell the open legs at deep discounted rates- flight are advertised on Operator Technology Systems from 3-13 days before departure. Your savings could be as follows:

  1. Purchase an open leg on a light jet, one way full price about $1,000 per seat
  2. Open leg costs will be reduced to $400 to $600- per seats.
  3. Great options for travelers with “Very Flexible Flight Schedules”
  4. Potential risks for others who are required to be-on-time and maintain a schedule for work/business/

Start the process with your flight plans–do you have the flexibility to make changes. Remember to book your roundtrip or fly back via commercial air. Do you have options when the original flights are cancelled?

Falcon 1000- Vegas Express Jet 9-10 seat

One Way Charters

One way charter are a best buy and great choice when you stay at your destination for an extended time–you will not be charged for the crew and aircraft expenses when you are at your destination—Whenever your stay exceeds 3 days, opt for 2 one way trips. The difference between a trip from Jacksonville to Las Vegas was close to $15,000-

One way Jet, Big Savings

Share your empty seats

The smallest Jets have from 3-5 seats, midsize aircraft have from 6-10 seats. It’s perfectly acceptable to offer any empty seats you may have to friends an family. Selling your open seats save you money. Vegas Express Jet will be here to help you sell your open seats to travelers going your way (within 24/72 hours of your flights). We fully protect your privacy and will contact you, and ask your approval before we make the connection. You privacy and security is critical–you decide. Remember inviting guests on-board is your choice.

Carefully consider your privacy, risks and flight changes you make before you collect any payments. Vegas Express is unable to assume any risks you may take in such transactions.

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.

Fractional Ownerships allow you to purchase 10% or 1/7th of a Private Jet. In this process you assume the partial costs for aircraft ownership, crew member salaries, maintenance and insurance. Vegas Express Jet provides you with total flexibility of choice–no need to purchase Pricey Jet Cards with prepaid amounts from $25,000- to $250,000. No Membership Fees or Obligations.

Are you contemplating the purchase or lease of your own airplane–ask us for cost projections and special features which allow you to offset you costs. Please contact our airport desk and ask for the Private Jet-Consult programs.

Citation Jet CJ3 seating for 6 travelers, Vegas Express Jet

How much is a Private Jet

  • Vegas Express Jet secures the very best rates from over 70 FAA Authorized Jet operators. With the help of leading edge technologies and special support from the Operators- you will receive the very best quotes. Vegas Express Jet does all the work for you.
  • All you need to do, is simply share your flight schedule and number of seats you need.
  • You may expect a series of aircraft options- view seating charts and photos of the interior. Discover details such as Bar Services, WIFI and the locations for the washrooms. The Services of a flight attendant. All the prices including all taxes and fees are displayed side-by-side. Full transparency. No hidden fees or last minute charges
  • Like to proceed, receive a Charter proposal with GUARANTEED rates and FLIGHT CONFIRMATIONS. You simply hold the aircraft with a credit card or check and make full payment 24-72 hours before flight departures.

One of our team members will contact you to help you select catering, ground transportation or any special services you may require. Members of our Concierge Team will be able to help you with Hotel and Resort upgrades and complimentary breakfast services and suite upgrades.

Vegas Express Jet provides flights to the Napa Valley Wineries for daytrips and weekends. Golf trips to Pebble Beach via Monterey and Disneyland via the John Wayne Airport. For details please call our Airport desk at 702-336-7345

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Vegas Express Jet secures rates from 70 FAA Part Operators to provide detailed quotes and side-by-side aircraft options. Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or in-direct Charter Operator and does not own aircraft. Travelers who share seats for sale assume full responsibility for the transactions. Vegas Express Jet does not collect any funds- you pay the FAA Charter Operator Direct.

Support at 702-336-7345

Private Jet Sharing of Seats

Sharing a Private Jet can be a big money saver. It’s also a good move to travel environmentally friendly. You carbon burn is based on all the seats of your Private Plane Charter or Rental. Please allow us to introduce you to our Private Jet Sharing options. Flying Private means that the entire plane charter is yours. Welcoming other guests may be an important safety consideration. Cost savings may be paramount in your decisions. Consider your options, you decide.

How do I share the price of my jet

The choice is yours, over 70% of all charter flights are under 1,500 miles. About 2,3 hours. Typical departures are with 2-3 passengers. The newest group of very Light Jets will accommodate up to 5 guests. You will be able to travel with at least one other couple.

Hondajet, seating for 5 passengers, range 2.3 Hours, speed 380-400 MPH.

Hourly charter rates for the Hondajet range from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. When you ask us for a quote the costs for your flights are fully transparent. It will show you the Taxes of 7.5% and all other charges that may apply. No hidden charges of fees.

  • Vegas Express Jet will show the entire costs for your charter and the pro-rated costs for each seat.
  • Helping you use all your seats is our mission, this will include the posting of your available seats.
  • Travelers who are departing to your destination within a 72 hour period, will receive a special message which details your flight schedules, type of plane and costs for each seat.
  • Vegas Express Jet will fully protect your privacy. For the Charter Clients, this is an opportunity to verify that the additional passengers have your prior permission to join your flight.
  • Throughout the seat sharing process, expect full transparency. As the Charterer your fully authorized to invite other participants. Most FAA Part 135 Operators are “Not Authorized to Consolidate Private Seats”