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How much is a Private Jet

Flying Private, it is important to know what charges are incurred and services for which you pay. Most of the charter costs are based on a variable hourly rental fee. The Price you pay is based on the total flight time, including the passenger occupied time and the flight time to return the aircraft to base. A Federal Excise Tax (FET) of 7.5% applies to all domestic flights. Download and use the prices as a guide. Operators will impose a surcharge during peak holidays such at Labor Day and the New Years holidays. Discover the “secret sauce” of your ability to view multiple side-by-side quotes. Full transparency is your with no hidden charges of fees.

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.

Please ask for a quote, no obligations on you part, no need for credit cards or personal information. You will soon learn “How much is my Private Jet”

Additional variable private jet charter costs include the following:

  • Hourly fuel surcharge, which varies by aircraft type and fuel cost.
  • Airport landing fees.
  • Overnight Crew fees and Aircraft parking charges
  • Supplemental Crew charges (Applies for International flights)
  • International charges, when applicable.
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Charter Costs by Plane Type

How much is my Private Jet by the Hour?

Aircraft Type
Very Light Jet (Vision Jet 1 pilot only)*
Hondajet, Citation M2-M3
2,100 – 2,300
Hourly Charter
$1,400- $1,700
$2300 – $4,000
Midsize- Phenom 300, Hawker 800, Falcon 10006 – 82,200 – 3,500$4,000 – $4,900
Super MidsizeGulfstream 200, Challenger10 -123,000 – 4,200$5,200 – $6,100
LargeGulfstream IV, V, 550 9 – 193,500 – 7,800$5,900 – $7,500
Ultra Long RangeBBJ and Global Jets10 – 193,500 – 7,800  $8,500 – $14,000
* Limited to Westcoast, Florida Price Leader, limited range.
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How much is a Private Jet for Vegas?

Here is a sample of the destination flights, understand that the rates are frequently updated and changed. All rates are for one way flights only, please double the amount for roundtrips. When you request a quote you will automatically receive special options for Open Legs and One Ways. Available 3-13 days prior to departure.

FromTo-One Way PricingLight JetMedium JetLarge Cabin Jet
Las VegasJohn Wayne SNA$5,600$6,900$11,000 to $15,500
Las VegasLAX, Van Nuys, Bob Hope$6,100$7,700$13,250 to $14,500
Las VegasDallas, Ft Worth $16,700$19,000$26,000 to $32,000
Las VegasSacramento $5,100$7,200$14,250 to $15,500
Las VegasMonterey- Paso Robles$8,200$9,250$14,500 to $17,220
Las VegasChicago$15,800$17,500$22.500 to $25,500
LasMiamiNA$25,500$37,000 to $45,000
Las VegasNew York “Teterboro”NA$29,000$51,000 to $54,000
Las Vegas-LAXLondonNA$120,000
Las Vegas-LAXMilanNA$135,000
Las Vegas-LAXParisNA$125,000
Las VegA-laxHong KongNA$150,000
New YorkSeattleNA$160,000
New YorkMiami$9,950$12,250$22,000
Double your prices for a roundtrip- better jet, ask for a quote. No risks or obligations.

Private Jet Prices

How much is my private jet–get a quote

Vegas Express Jet will secure your charter quote from 50 Plus FAA Approved Charter Operator. Our leading edge technologies will search for the best quotes. You will be able to compare aircraft, seat maps and all details such as catering and Wi-Fi services. Experience a better way to fly Private–we do all the work for you.

  • Click One: Simply ask for a quote. All you need is your departure airport, date and time and number of passengers. We take care of all your needs
  • Click Two: Open your e-mail message and view photos and seating plans of several aircraft. Prices are displayed side-by-side. You compare fully transparent pricing, no hidden fees or charges. You compare and decide.
  • Click Three: The Charter operator will provide you with a Charter proposal, this includes your Guaranteed Charter Costs and confirmation of your flights. You will receive the aircraft registration and tail number. Hold the aircraft with a credit card, no payment needed.
  • Pay for your trip 24-72 hours before departure. Use you credit card or pay via a Bank Wire Check.

Private Jet Concierges

The moment you secure a quote, access Free Concierge services. Special Perks include Complimentary Wi-Fi Services. Special Bar Catering with a wide range of cocktail options, beer and soft drinks. Enjoy a generous snack basket! Ask us for special menu options.

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“Terms-Conditions” Vegas Express Jet LLC and Fly Private Vegas.  All charter agreements are extended by FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.   Full transparency with Aircraft Identification (Tail Number) and Name and details of the Flight Operator.   Vegas Express Jet LLC is not a direct or indirect aircraft operator.   Charter Agreements are issued by the operators directly to the Charter Party. Insurance is provided by the Charter operators.    All ground services provided by Royalty, TRUE Registration 99901760. The purchase of a Travel Policy is highly recommended, please ask for details.

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