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Private Jets Download Prices

Private Jets, way to secure big savings

Private Jets are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like a Timeshare in the Air). Here are the tools you need to enjoy big savings on your next Private Jet Rental. We provide your with the tools “how to charter a private Jet” and benefit from 100% More Peace of Mind. No worry, up front investments in Pricey Prepaid Cards are not required. You can take a flight like you enjoy a trip with UBER or Lyft and only pay for your flight hours.

Sidestepping the Middleman and Brokers. Make an intelligent decision without the need for extra costs.

  • Request a quote, prick a date, time and destination—how many seats do you need?
  • No need for a credit card to secure a quote–get yours here or call us at Tel:702-336-7345
  • You receive a number of quotes for different aircraft, you compare seating plans and options such as WIFI. Prices are fully detailed for each quote (estimate) Remember aircraft are constantly on the move!
  • Did you select a plane and costs– the Flight Operator will provide you with a “Guaranteed Quote” with flight confirmations.
  • You are free to decide and approve the Charter Agreement and pay the Flight Operator of your Jet Aircraft Direct. You pay the Jet Operator Direct and avoid the “Middleman and Extra Costs”

Private Jets, Casino Guests

How much is a Private Jet, first time flyers and experienced Luxury Travelers are searching for the best deals. It can be complicated with a wide range of options. A search on Google will include Jet Operators, Brokers and Companies which are promoting Jet Cards and Memberships. Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Jet Portal which let’s you compare and select which options are your best choice. We provide you with the tools allowing you to make an intelligent decision. No need for Credit Cards–never any risks on your part.

Private Jets, Invitations extended by Casino

The Casino Resorts will be extending special invitations to VIP Guests and Players for the fall of 2021. Make certain that you are on the Invited Guests lists. Understand that many of the of the most influential Hosts are now working the floor at Resorts World. Don’t hesitate to contact the Resort to make new connections and benefit from generous “Comps”. Don’t delay and make certain that you name is now registered on the VIP List.

  • Contact you host and make certain that your name is on the VIP List
  • It’s a smart move to place some funds in the Cage
  • Maximize your comps such as Suites, Dining Options
  • Tickets to the biggest and most desirable shows like Celine Dion

Private Jets, special rates extended by Vegas Express Jet.

Just in case you do not receive a special VIP from your Resort. Vegas Express Jet will help you secure the very best rate and aircraft options. This includes the most desirable Super Midsize Aircraft like the Gulfstream 200 or the Challenger 604 series with up to 12 seats. We will coordinate you arrival and request a Resort Limo for your arrival and departure at the Las Vegas Strip Private Charter Airports. If you wish–our Senior Team Members will be pleased to handle you casino introductions. All your requests will be “confidential”. (Call us at 702-336-7345)

Citation Very Light Jet with 5 seats, rates from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour.

Private Jet Costs–How to control your costs, download here:

  • Did you know that over 70% of all Charter Flights are under 1,500 miles or about 2,3 hours. Most flights operate with two to three passengers only.
  • A Very Light Jet like the Phenom 100 with 4 seats, or the Citation M2 with 5 seats and a fully enclosed washroom will be great choices.
  • Very Light Jets are very affordable with rates from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour.
  • Have a larger party, need to cover more distance–it may be time to upgrade to a bigger jet. Consult with one of our flight planners and consider your options. Quotes for all aircraft types with 4-30 seats.
  • How to determine the costs of your Charter?–it’s simply based on your flying time from Point to Point–this includes the time needed to return your jet back to base. Many Travelers will Charter a Jet for a daytrip retuning home the same evening. This is a cost saver- no empty legs with cost reductions of 50%
  • Dynamic Prices may increase you charter costs up to 25%—This pricing process is based on high demand travel dates such at the 4th of July and other major Holidays. It also applies to specific sports events, concerts at your destination. Very much in place in Vegas and Orlando.
  • If possible, schedule your flights midweek- demand lower, score a better deal. Your charter costs may be reduced by an additional 20-25%.
Seating Plan for a Citation CJ3 with seating for 6 travelers.

Private Jets, save up to 30% with Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Jet is a Technology and Travel Portal- we are here to provide you with quotes which are submitted from 50 Plus Private Jet Operators. Each firm is ARG/US Platinum or Gold Rated, the highest quality and safety protection in the Private Aviation Industry.

Plus you receive multiple quote options with aircraft and pricing. You compare each option side-by-side. View the photos of the interior seating plans and aircraft. Understand the availability of WIFI, Washrooms of your Charter Jet options.

Compare prices and detailed quotes—after you like a quote ask for a Guaranteed Rate quote directly from the operator. Review your quotes and if you decide, sign and approve.

Choices and Options, you compare and decide- Vegas Express Jet provides you with smart technologies. Tel:702-336-7345

No need to take any risks since the quotes you receive are detailed and include a series of options. No need for a Credit Card to secure a quote. Need help, Support Tel:702-336-7345.

Private Jet Vacations

Travelers are avoiding the over crowded and understaffed commercial airports–two hour check-in periods are now the normal. Compare this with a Private Jet departure from a Private Lounge or a planeside boarding from your car. No TSA Lines with Non-stop flights to 4,000 Airports. Arrive at the airport 15 minutes for your flight–your Captain and First officer will be waiting for your arrival. you bags will be on-aboard in minutes. After you board you own private Jet it’s time to relax, enjoy a beverage and relax.

Our Team Members will be pleased to take care of any dining requests you may have. Enjoy alcoholic beverages and a very generous snack basket.

Amsterdam- Summer 2021-22

Private Jet Perks and Amenities for your enjoyment.

As a Jet and Technology Portal, you select the very best Jet Pricing and Jet Options. You’re invited to take advantage of our Team Services which include the Custom Design of Business and Vacation programs. It’s like having your own Personal Vacation Planners in the air–consider lower rates through better technologies, plus the expert advise from our Travel Planners.

  • Rates are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownerships. No need to invest in costly memberships which may cost you up to $25,000-
  • All your Hotel and Tour Packages are coordinated by our Jet Concierge Team–special Perks include hotel/suite upgrades at time of check-in, complimentary breakfast services, spa and boutique credits. All yours at no extra costs. Available at the 4 Seasons Resorts and on the Vegas Strip at the Wynn-Encore, Bellagio and Cosmopolitan. Expect the same benefits in Hawaii, Europe and the Pacific Rim.
  • Share your wish list with our Travel Designers for any destination in Europe, a Luxurious Villas Stay or a Greek Island Yacht Charter. Start early, this is a great time to plan for 2022.
  • One of our Team Members as Personal Travel Advisors will be here to handle all the details, including last minute changes before and during your trip. Each of Travel Team Members visit the Luxury Hotels each year to ensure that you will not be disappointed. For support Tel: 702-336-7345 or E:Mail our Travel Team.

Private Jets–how much is my Jet Charter?

As a Private Jet Technology Company we have the latest tools to provide you with several quotes for your journey, you simply compare and decide. All quotes are sourced from FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings. Amongst the very best standards in the US Aviation Industry. For full clarity Flight Operators will identify aircraft registration numbers and their owner/operator details.

Vegas Express Jet LC and Vegas Jet NV is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations.

Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Flights will be operated by a direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier, as applicable, which will have operational control of the aircraft

How much is a Private Jet Vacation

Be prepared to understand the latest pricing in the Private Jet industry, driven by the Pandemic. Charter Operators are discovering that the tools deployed by the major airlines can be useful for owners and operators by private Jets. the Secret sauce here is named Dynamic Pricing. Explore your options and manage your costs. Vegas Express Jet will be delighted to provide you with a series of quotes. Consider a date range for your Charter Quotes. Vegas Express Jet is based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor–we are the Premier Operator for VIP Travelers visiting the Wynn, Resorts World and the MGM Bellagio.
Select the Best Buy and Jet for your Trip,

How does is work-understanding Dynamic Prices

Multi layered software programs are designed for operators, or in some cases designed by IT Departments and are most driven by high demand and peak travel days. Commercial airlines have a long history of demand periods and upload major events such as sports events, concerts and major conventions into their systems. For instance:

  • Expect higher hourly prices and fees on peak weekend periods
  • Special Holidays, Labor Day, 4th of July and New Years Period
  • Systems will be adjusting during high demand periods with very limited period. Like with commercial airlines prices will be updated daily or even hourly.
  • Expect a very unpredictable pattern of price changes which may not be under the control of the Flight desks.

Securing the best deals for your Journey.

High demand periods will trigger increased rates–early bookings may provide you with the lower rates–make certain to ask us for a Charter Agreement and Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations.

Consider one the newest VLY Light Jets. This includes the Phenom 100 and our preferred Citation M3 with 5 seats. Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles–you do not need a bigger jet for a short flight. Hourly rates range from $1,900 to $2,300–however such rates may increase by up to 25% with Dynamic Pricing.

Rates for Light Jets from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour/ Support
Tel: 702-336-7345

How much is a your Private Jet- impact of Dynamic Pricing

  • We are here to assist you with a number of options. Compare aircraft types with rates and options you should consider to lower your costs
  • Exclusively yours “Multiple Quotes” from Vegas Express Jet. No need for credit cards, no risks on your part
  • Avoid pricey Jet Cards or Membership fees. Vegas Express Jet “Uberizes the Private Jet”- you only pay for your flight hours and charter costs.
  • Need help, support call our support desk at Tel:702-336-7345

Private Jet Vacations

Many of our Travelers are new and discovered the Private Jet during the Pandemic for essential business travel. This very same person is now using the Private Jet for their family vacation. Our specialty is a handcrafted one-of-a kind custom itinerary for the vacation you’ve always dreamed of- here are some of the programs that belong on your wish list:

  • Experience the very best of the National Parks, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon with a personal Guide Escort- Photographer. Star gazing in the Grand Canyon or pursuing your wanderlust. Our Travel Team knows the ins and outs.
  • California Wineries in Napa Valley and the Central California Coast are great options for day excursions or weekend trips. Our Travel Team will take you to the mecca for wine lovers, with some of the finest varietals. Make it a complete feast with fine food and great wine tastings.
  • Share you wishes, members of our Flight Team and Travel Advisors will custom craft a full flight and tour itinerary for you consideration.

Explore our Tour Options, Around the World by Private Jet- or your very own Wine Tasting or trip to Disney

Around the World with Abercrombie & Kent, visit their itinerary, air travel Team will take care of your booking and provide you with Business Class Air to join the tour. Talk to our Air Concierge Chef at Tel:702-336-7345

Abercrombie & Kent is offering the 23-day Cultural Treasures: Around the World by Private Jet next spring. The trip departs from Seattle and stops in Taiwan, where you can discover Taipei’s fusion of modernity and tradition and hike through a marble gorge in Taroko National Park. Other highlights include a helicopter ride over Mount Everest in Nepal, a hike up to Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan, and a tour of the Taj Mahal in India. Cap off the journey in Palermo, where you can explore the surrounding countryside in a vintage Italian sports car. May 28–June 19, 2022. From $136,000 a person.

Vegas Global Jet 14 seats
Luxury Jets for your Vacation Journey

Wine trips to Napa Valley or Central California Coast- daytrips, weekends. 4-19 seats!

Custom designed trips for you from any airport to Napa Valley or Paso Robles, Santa Barbara. Make it a day journey or weekend. Depart from your hometown airport and meet your Wine Guide Driver upon Arrival. Make it a day journey and return in the early evening and enjoy stops at you most favorite wineries to enjoy the finest Merlots and Cabernets. We arrange for wine pairings and special luncheon receptions. For weekend trips may we suggest the wine train and a special invitation to a secluded winery with a tour conducted by the owner. Our Travel Team will Custom design your trip to meet your every wish including options for Golf and Spa Visits. Make it a very special journey reward your sales associates or celebrate a wedding. Rates start at $2,500 per person for a day journey from most California Cities and the Las Vegas Strip.

Opolo Winery Paso Robles, Patio Reception for Vegas Express Jet

Disneyland from the Vegas Strip

A Day Journey is custom crafted for Las Vegas guests who look for a very special family day. Depart from your resort after breakfast for a short transfer to a Las Vegas Strip airport for your planeside boarding—your Private Jet Charter will take you in one hour to the John Wayne (Orange County Airport). A Private Car and Driver will transfer you to Disneyland. All the details will be taken care off and prepaid. Return in your late afternoon from Disney to the Vegas Strip. Aircraft options include the Very Light Citation M2 with 5 seats or the Citation 3 with up to 9 seats. Trips are custom crafted to meet your special requirements–Availability may be limited since Disney requires reservations. Please talk to our Travel Team at Tel:702-336-8345

Disneyland CA, Daytrip or weekend with Vegas Express Jet

Private Jet Vacations- You select the destination, our Team Members take care of all the details.

It’s not complicated, you share your wishes with one of our Team Members, you schedule, destination and number of guests and we handle all your travel arrangements. From your home to your destination. We also welcome small groups. You’re invited to E:Mail us or call Tel:702-336-7345.

Vegas Express Jet LC and Vegas Jet NV is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.  In partnership with Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Full disclosure of Aircraft and Operator data in accordance with DOT and FAA Regulations. All Travel services are provided by

Vegas Express Jet LLC  is not an aircraft operator or a direct air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Flights will be operated by a direct air carrier or direct foreign air carrier, as applicable, which will have operational control of the aircraft

Private Jet Costs!

Private Jets can be pricey–download and secure the costs and options for your Jet Charter. Use our tools to compare before you decide!

Hundreds of Charter Operators compete for your business—some firms have a couple of aircraft, other operate large charter fields. Our technology systems are here to provide you with better aircraft options at the lowest possible prices.

  • Get a number of quotes allowing you to compare prices and aircraft types.
  • Dynamic Pricing is here–software programs will generate different rate structure to maximize charter costs during peak demand periods. Your hourly charter prices may increase up to 20-25%.
  • Brokers and Operators will be offering Pre-Paid Private Jet Cards with up-front price tags of $25,000- such programs may work for the Road Worrier who uses a Private Jet Charter for 100-250 hours yearly.————————————————————————————————————-
  • For most travelers, the Uberized flight concepts of “On Demand Charters” are a best options–no risks no obligations you only for your charter flights. ———————————————————————————————————————
  • Plus- Vegas Express Jet provides you with Charter Agreements which are provided to you after you accept our Charter Cost Estimate. Rates are fully Guaranteed with your Flight Confirmations.
Challenger 601-04 with 12 Seats, Party Jet with Best Pricing. Tel:702-336-7345

Private Jets

We keep it simple and help you:

  • You provide us with your preferred flight schedules, dates, times and number of passengers. No Credit Card needed
  • Vegas Express Jet provides you with quotes, you compare
  • View photos of the interior and exterior of your plane options
  • Compare seating plans and costs for Charter Hours, Landing fees and Taxes
  • Prices as quoted are estimates only–Vegas Express Jet will use a in-house system to re-verify rates to improve accuracy. Expect special upcharges for Peak Holiday Weekends and on weekends. Potential cost savings are your during midweek travel days. Aircraft are constantly on the move.
  • Save big with the newest category of Very light Jets–a great solution for flights under 2.3 hours. This category of Jets is available with Hourly Charter costs from $1,900-.
Citation Jet with up to 10 Seats CJ3 Tel:702-336-7345

Your Charter Agreement is issued directly to you by the Charter Operator–avoiding the “Middleman and Broker is a Cost Saver”

The FAA Charter Operator of your Jet Rental will issue the Charter Agreement directly to your e:mail address. It’s you decision to determine which options and prices meet your needs. You approve the Charter Agreement and Pay the Flight Operator Direct. (Not Vegas Express Jet). It is our mission to provide charter buyers with the best options.

5 Seat Citation M2, Great Prices

Vegas Express Jet- full time support Tel:702-336-7345

One of our Team Members will be assist you with the services you need for a “Hasslefree” Journey:

  • The Selection of the best Jet and Pricing
  • Assist you with the completion of the Charter Agreement after you select a Jet and Pricing.
  • Complete all your travel arrangements, including car rental or car and driver services. We will be here to assist you with a customized itinerary which includes hotels, transfers and sightseeing. Asks us about the National Parks, Sports events and wine trips.