Month: January 2021

Private Jets, Big Savings

Private Jet flyers have the ability to reduce the costs of their Private Jet Charters and Rentals. You may download lot’s of quotes and compare prices–however a you can take a number of steps towards cost savings.

Save 30% get our Express Quote

Reduce you costs by 30% by avoiding Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. This without the need to sign-up for Pricey Memberships and annual renewal fees. For individuals who travel under 150 hours per year Memberships and Jet Cards do not offer any benefits. Brokers and Jet Operators love the inflow of cash- before you consider seek the support of an accountant and legal advisor.

“On Demand Charters”

A simple option, you only pay for your charter and do no have any further obligations—it’s like you take an UBER of Lyft. Our business options address the needs of small business. We will gladly assist large corporate firms with travel options which include Long Term Leases, Ownership or leasing options. Ask us for a quote, e-mail.

Day Charters- Avoid overnight stays

Over 42% of all Business flyers are avoiding overnight stays. Make it work for you, your business or a special family trip. Depart in the early morning hours and return in the early evening. You discover that this is the most convenient way to travel. It’s cost efficient and provides you with more flexibility to set your own schedule. During your flight you will have full access to WIFI and a IPad for entertainment. Consider the 5 Seat Citation M2 or the larger Falcon 1000 below with up to 10 seats.

The Benefits and savings

Chartering a jet for day is a cost efficient, the plane and crew members will remain at your destination and will be waiting for your return. Business travelers may include multiple stops. If needed you can adjust your flight schedules at the last moment. You save on charter costs since the aircraft will stay with you and not return to base without passengers.

A day journey from the Vegas Strip to Bakersfield for under $5,000 need an Express Quote?

Our client chartered a Citation M2 Aircraft, year 2016 with seating for 5 guests for a daytrip to Bakersfield CA. He departed at 9:00 AM and arrived at 9:45 AM. His advantage a full day to meet with his clients and enjoy a casual business lunch. He returned at 4:00 PM arriving on the Vegas Strip at 4:45 PM. His total investment only $4,650-. At the same time he avoided an overnight hotel stay. The M2 Citation will be able to accommodate up to 5 travelers with a low/low cost per seat.

Helping you plan, reduce your costs and travel safely!

Take advantage of our “Touchless” flights, no need to travel to and from busy terminals. Board you side planeside at a Hangar and Park your card, safe and secure in the Hangar Space. You will be asked to board the jet with a mask–likewise we ask your guests to help us follow the latest Covid 19 Protocols. Our Team Members will fully detail your trip and update you on Local City, State and Federal Protocols. You aircraft is deep cleaned and fully disinfected- additionally the latest HEPA Air filters have been installed to keep you safe.

A mix of Zoom and Person to Person meetings

Closing a business deal may require a person to person meeting—it may provide your business with a special advantage over your competitors. We know that you need to determine how to successfully manage and grow your business during the Pandemic. Each of our Team Members will be here to provide you with Cost Efficient options to ensure that your business trip is fully coordinated and fully meets your business objectives. Each of our quotes provides you with multiple aircraft options allowing you to compare aircraft and prices side-by-side.

For support, contact our airport desk at P.702-336-7345

Unbiased “Advise to address your needs”

Vegas Express Jet is not a broker- nor are we a Private Jet operator with a fleet of aircraft which we need to promote and “Push”. As a Technology Jet Portal we source Private Jet quotes from 50 Plus operators who essentially compete for your business. For our Jet Travelers, Resorts Partners we offer an intelligent process to compare aircraft and pricing side by side. Need an Express Quote?


Protecting you

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Quotes are sourced on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operators.

Charter Agreements are issued by the operators with Guaranteed Rates, and Aircraft-Operator Registration Details. Vegas Express Jet is not an indirect flight operator and does not own or operate aircraft.

Ground Services provided by our in-house Concierge and Signature Agency. Benefit from Special Perks such as upgrades and bar and boutique credit.

Covid-19 Protocols are followed for you safety and protection.

Updated 09/01/2020 Vegas ExpressJet LLC.

* Vegas Express Jet LLC, Jets does not own or operate aircraft and is a Private Jet Charter Technology Portal .with Full Disclosure of Aircraft Registration and Identification of FAA Part135 Authorized Operator.

Vegas Express  Jets does not own or operate aircraft. A  Private Jet Charter technology  Portal, ,which secures competitive quotes on behalf of travelers from 50 Plus Alliance Partners.

How much is a Private Jet

You are very much in control, explore how to save on your Private Jet. For your download consider the following. Over 70% of all Private Jet flights are under 1,500 miles–about 2,3 hours with a typical load of 2.3 passengers. If you’re flying only a short distance consider a Very Light Jet- the newest Jets are fuel efficient and budget friendly. For example the Phenom 100 Jet with an interior designed by BMW is only $1,995- per hour. This jet has seating for up to 4 travelers with a large baggage compartment.

The Citation M2, is also in the category of Light Jets with seating for 5 passengers, this late model 2016 Jet has a fully enclosed washroom–you will be able to use Ipads for movies and texting. All included in the Hourly Charters rates from $2,300 per hour. The entire aircraft is yours, you strangers and an extra layer of safety.

Bigger savings $$$

Vegas Express Jets are 30% lower than Jet Cards & Fractional ownership. No need to purchase Jet Cards—with on-demand-jets you fly Private with no strings attached. Simple ask us for a quote and and we handle the details. You will be able to compare several quotes and aircraft types and select the aircraft which meets your needs. Your quote includes photos of your aircraft types with side-by-side rates.

Better options for travelers who fly under 150 hours per year- for quotes call us at P.702-336-7345

Who is traveling?–the Loyal Casino Guests at the Bellagio, Wynn and Caesars receive special invitations for the Casino Hosts. Special incentives include resort accommodations, fine dining and special guest services. Other travelers use the Private Jet for family travel to keep the most at risk family members safe and secure. Many of our guests will travel with Family Pets. Our Air Concierge Team will be hear to introduce you to Touchless Flights—this includes plane-side boarding services away from busy terminals and lots of crowded places. The latest Covid Protocols are in place with full aircraft disinfections and the latest HEPA filters, All details are addressed in your fully detailed quote.

Citation Jets with seating for up 12 passengers