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Vacations by Private Jet

Jet Vacations with Special Perks, Free Nights, Upgrades- Relax at the National Parks, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Join our 2021 Tour by Private Jet to France. 30% Less Than Jet Cards, 100% More Peace of Mind. When it comes to travel and Private Jets, you're looking for Vegas Express Jet

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Private Jets

Private Jets, a safer way to Fly!

Air Travel has changed, and will continue to change.  Many travelers have postponed travel or decided to stay close to home pending the availability of a vaccine.  Just in case you need to travel, please let us share a number of options you need to consider.  You will learn that you will be able to select from a wide range of Private Plane types, compare prices and determine how you can benefit from big savings. 

Learn how Covid-19 protocols are followed to ensure that you risks are limited.  Renting or Chartering a Private Plane may be a smart way to avoid personal risks and crowds at airports.  With the help of one of our Team Members you will to take advantage of a cost efficient plane charter.  Just in case”, feel free to ask us for a quote,” No Credit Card Needed.

Consider your options- go ahead and ask for a quote- Citation Light Jet. P.702-336-7345

Private Jet, types of planes you should consider

Over 70% of all Private Charter flights are under 1,500 miles.  Travel is the Western states is between Los Angeles Airports, Van Nuys, Bob Hope, Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne and Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City.  No need  to charter a big expensive jet. Arrive on the Las Vegas Strip at Atlantic, Signature or at the Henderson Executive Airport.

A light Jet may be a best solution–This includes the Phenom 1oo Jet with an interior designed by BMW or a Citation with up to 5 seats.  Planes in this category are big fuel savers and have a range of about 3.2 hours of flying time.  Hourly charter rates from $1,990- to $2,00- per hour.  Don’t hesitate to “ask us for a free quote”.  For support contact our airport desk at P.702-336-7345.

King Air Twin Turbo- P.702-336-7345


Private Jets–more options:

For short flights you may select a Twin Turbo—this plane will seat up to 7 travelers and will be able to operate at the smallest airports.  The King Air is a great budget option- this aircraft may be operated by a single pilot which lowers the charter costs to $1,700- per hour. 

Just in case you are planning a long haul flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, or Dallas to LAX a Midsize Jet which includes the Lear 60 with seating for up to 6 travelers is a great choice.  This Jet is fast and let’s you save on charter hours.   Hourly charter rates from $3,500 per hour. Some passengers take a Very Light Jet to save costs–you may need to agree to make a fuel stop.  A great option for travelers with Pets!

Saving from 30-60% on Private Jets!– Vegas Express Jet is better option.

Some travelers visit every single website to secure charter costs and rates.  This may be a painful experience since some operators, brokers may force you to buy Memberships or Pricey prepaid Jet Cards.  Save time and confusion by securing a quote from Vegas Express Jet- end confusion and compare options , aircraft types and secure the lowest prices!

  • Step 1, ask for a quote–all you need is a departure date, time and destination. No credit card needed.
  • Vegas Express Jet will let you compare several aircraft types with seating plans, photos of the interior seating and exterior of your plane.
  • Vegas Express Jet offer rates, 30% less than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Compare several planes and rates side by side. (We do not offer memberships or pricey jet cards)
  • The rates supplied by Vegas Express Jet are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance Partners and a Private Jet portal which is based on the latest technologies.  Instant savings are applied, this includes a 7.5% price reduction since the Federal Excise Tax does not apply for 2020 flights.
  • If you fly during the next 30 days- our system will search for “Open Legs”.  Flights which operate to meet travelers or fly empty to return to base allowing you to save from 30-60%

Rates 30% Less Than Jet Cards, 100% More Peace of mind.

Your invited, ask us for a quote- no credit card needed “FREE quote” you only need your departure airport, date, time and number of passengers.  Our Team Members provide you with multiple quotes allowing you to compare aircraft, prices.  Plus we will include photo’s of the aircraft! Now you will have the tool you need to decide and benefit from the latest technologies to view quotes from over 50 Alliance Partners at FAA Part 135 operators. 

Vegas Express Jet, Las Vegas Strip Charters

For a last minute departure contact our airport desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345.  “Wheels Up” in hours, not days without the need to buy memberships or purchase pricey jet cards!



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