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Take your dog, fly Private

Take your dog to Europe

Bring your furry friend- get a quote for a Private Jet

G6’s pay-per-seat service, K9 Jets, hopes to run its first flight between New Jersey and London in April. Its flights can take up to 10 people and 10 dogs (depending on the size of the dog), says Golder. G6 has had 2,000 people express interest in the past few weeks. Golder is not expecting seats to be booked by the super-rich; they might be people who are relocating from the US to Europe and are willing to pay about £8,750 for a seat out of, for instance, the proceeds of their house sale. “There’s been quite a lot of stories about mishaps happening when people’s pets are in cargo,” says Golder. “People are more than ever willing to spend more and fly with their pets on a private jet.”

Han Geskes at Vegas Express Jet has been associated with the commercial airlines and understands the challenges, in order to ensure good care for the dogs. The newest 777 Boeing Aircraft have kennels at the lower deck which can be monitored by the Flight Crew. The area is fully climate controled.

Flying with your dog during the hot summer month is problematic. If at all possible avoid this.

Take your dog in the Cabin with a Private Jet

Over 20% of all Private Jets operated by Vegas Express Jet include pets and pet parents. Most aircraft have ample space to accommodate pets- on longer flights, coast to coast it may be a smart move to schedule a short stop-over. Stretch you legs and take a moment to relax and enjoy your furry friends. Most aircraft will be able to accommodate to larger pets, however it’s a smart move the address you needs at the time you search for your flight and secure a quote.

Private Jets with Pets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership, please ask for a quote- no fees or charges for your Pets:

Your dog and Passport or Visa Requirements

Most Pet Owners will consult with their vet to ensure that he is healthy and will be able to enjoy your trip. Most of the domestic states will require you to travel with documents which verify their shots and other details. Traveling Overseas may require you to determine which steps you need to take, before you depart and up-on arrival. We will gladly assist.

Ample space for your Pet on the Phenom 300 Jet with 7 seats and a range of 4 hours- fly to Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle or San Jose. Call us for support at 702-336-7345.

Your dog comfort on a Private Jet

Most of our travelers will bring a blanket and some toys, making you pet feel, comfortable– a harness allows you to use a seat belt to safely hold your dog in a seat. The crew members will be in the cabin to assist and provide you with safety instructions. We always will bring a bowl, however you have to bring the food since we are unable to address any special needs, allergies your dog may have. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our flight planners and Team Members at 702-336-7345 or send us a message.

How much is a Private Jet when you travel with a Pet. Visit us here.

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