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Private Jet Prices

Has the price for a Private Jet been reduced? During the Pandemic demand increased by 38% and Prices for Jet Charter Hours and Fuel spiked at 40%. Now–Demand is slowing and you will experience more availability. Experience a totally new way to secure a great deal on a Private Jet Charter. Unlike most charter Brokers and Operators Vegas Express Jet compares all available options. This includes “Open Legs” with savings from 30-60%, One ways and you best options for the newest Very Light Jets which includes the HONDAJET.

Hondajet with seating for 5, WIFI

Private Jets, the Price you pay

Explore and discover that all Jet costs are different- each operator will determine the price you pay. Upcharges may apply for busy weekends and special holidays. Plus you may be required to pay for a minimum number of charter hours, event during a short weekend stay. Before you start you search, do include the following options:

  • Very Light Jets, this includes the Hondajet and the Citation M2 are great options for a trip of 2.3 hours or 1000 miles. The Vision Jet with 3-5 seats is a great budget option with flight hours under $2,000 per hour.
  • Just in case you have a flexible schedule, do consider Open Legs–this term applies to Jet flights which are operated after the passengers are delivered to their destination. The Aircraft and Crew need to return to base. Operators will be eager to sell you the open leg at savings from 30-60%.
  • For example a one way trip from Bob Hope on a Very Light Jet is from $5,500 to $6,000. As an open leg this flight may cost you around $1,000 per seat. You save $2,000.
  • One Ways are a flight option you need to consider when you stay at your destination for an extended time–you will be able to avoid the fees and charges for aircraft parking and overnight crew costs. For example a part who visits Vegas from Florida with a GIV Gulfstream decided to purchase two one ways–they reduced the costs of the Roundtrip Charter by $13,000
The Newest Hondajet Charters Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

How much is my Private Jet?

Vegas Express Jet does all the work for you and let’s you save hours, if not days to determine the actual costs of your Private Jet Flights. Explore and download the tools we provide free of Charge:

    • Simply ask for quote–all it takes is your flight plan and destination with the number of seats you need.
    • View your in-box for a message with several aircraft types, seating plans and side-by-side pricing by plane type. View details such as a seat map, WIFI, Washrooms and Bar Services.
    • You select the quote and aircraft which meets your needs- Vegas Express Jet provides you with a Charter proposal which includes Guaranteed rates and a confirmed flight schedule.
    • Do you like to reserve your Jet Rental- simply use your credit card–payment for you charter is due/payable 24/72 hours before departure. Optionally you may pay via a Bank Wire Payment. Our Concierge department will be here to assist you during this process. You always pay the Operator Direct- one more level of safety and security
  1. HIDDEN VALUES: With the support of our partners we offer, Open Bar and a generous selection of snacks. On the ground special Perks apply at Resorts with Room and Suite Upgrades. Please take a moment to review your quote for all details. Call, or text us at 702-336-7345

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