The Private Jet and the Environment

Most recently we have seen an increase of messages with concerns which are focused on the environment and the use of a Private Jet. A number or news released address key figures and politicians traveling for the World Forum in Switzerland by Private Jet. The aviation industry is addressing concerns with the assistance of the various Governmental Agencies in Europe […]

Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is an effective way to reward and motivate employees by offering them a unique and exciting experience that they will remember for a long time. It can help to build loyalty, improve morale, and increase employee engagement, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. To ensure a successful incentive travel program, it is important to work […]

Sports Team Charters

As and Executive or Coach, taking a Sports Team on the Road can be a challenge. You will be considering the lowest priced options and compare rates and schedules. Soon you will discover that the low cost options for Group Travel pose serious cancellation fees. A Charter option may be costly, however returning home after an evening game may be […]

Private Jets to Vegas

Looking for a great deal on a Private Jet to the Las Vegas Strip? The possibilities are unlimited, we help you decide which type of Jet should be on your shopping list and how to secure a cheap deal with all the luxury services you have on your wishlist. We help you with flights like you take a trip with […]

Fly Private Vegas

Flying to the Vegas Strip is a dream come true for Business and Vacation Travelers. Arriving on-board your very own Jet Charter or Rental makes this a lifetime experience. Each of our guests have a very different mission. Some travelers receive invitations from the resorts like the Wynn, Bellagio, Aria and MGM to enjoy complimentary suites, upgrades. For some this […]

How much is the Price for a Private Jet

Private Jets can be pricey, how can you travel private and make your trip affordable. Comparing the prices for a Private Jets is you first step. How do they compare with a Commercial Airlines like First Class Seats on Delta or American Airlines. You may be amazed and surprised to learn that a Golf Party from Jacksonville FL decided to […]

Cheap Private Jets

You don’t need to be lucky to get a great deal on a Private Jet. Don’t worry, you will not be required to buy Pricey Prepaid Jet Cards or Annual memberships. We will help you download all the tools you will need to enjoy a Private Jet Rental with a trip to over 4,000 airports. Know which planes are your […]

How much is a Private Jet

Know the price, and compare your options. You will be able to manage the costs for a Private Jet Rental and be in control of the price you pay when you follow a number of simple steps. No need to watch a series of a “how to videos ” when you need the numbers and prices. Let us take you […]

Las Vegas Wedding, a $1000 Gift Certificate*

Your Private Proposal on the Las Vegas Strip is a little sweeter when you and your Wedding Party arrive at one the Vegas Strip Airports with your own Private Jet. Love is in the air when you depart from your home town with a very special departure reception. The Las Vegas Wedding Connection and Vegas Express Jet like to extend […]

How to book a Private Jet?

Renting or Chartering a Private Jet can be a simple process. We can help you with the steps needed to ensure that you know how to navigate the types of airplanes with are best for your trip. Should you consult with a broker or contact the Charter Operator direct. Private Jets can be pricey, download the information you need. Above […]

Private Jet Prices

Searching for a Private Jet Price? Connecting you to 80 Plus Flight Operators without any fees or charges is our mission. Real time intelligent pricing are a combination of leading edge technologies and the support you receive from a Team of Flight Planners and Air Concierges. All charter proposals are addressed to you with Guaranteed Rated and confirmed flights. No […]

Casino Private Jets

The Private Jet invitation is extended by your Casino Hosts or Vice President of Player development, in recognition of your time and investments on the Casino floor. For those who are experienced Baccarat or Crap Players, you will be recognized with a wide range of Special Perks. This includes complimentary suite accommodations, fine dining invitations and shows This fall the […]

How to find open legs on Private Jets to Vegas?

Finding a Private Plane Rental and finding the right plane at the very best price is now a simple process. No other services provide you with side-by-side aircraft types with fully transparent prices. You get the information for your next business or vacation trip without the need to sign-up for annual memberships fees. Download the information you need, our Team […]

Take your dog, fly Private

Take your dog to Europe G6’s pay-per-seat service, K9 Jets, hopes to run its first flight between New Jersey and London in April. Its flights can take up to 10 people and 10 dogs (depending on the size of the dog), says Golder. G6 has had 2,000 people express interest in the past few weeks. Golder is not expecting seats […]

Private Flights Vegas

Vegas Express Jet- Your Jet Portal, a totally different way to fly private, take advantage of our High Tech Portal which provide you with multiple quotes which you can compare with side-by-side pricing. This option allows you to make an intelligent Charter decision without the need for pricey Private Jet Cards and Membership. Feel free to explore your options—Visit us […]

Places to go by Private Jet

Where do you go with a Private Jet? Vegas is on of the places where your arrival with your own Private Jet is a very special events. You will be welcomed at Royalty with a planeside welcome. Your limousine will be waiting for you to take your via the Vegas Strip to one of the Magic Resorts like the Wynn-Encore […]

Vegas Casino Jets

Private Jets on the Vegas Strip arrive at the Private Airport Lounges at the Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airports. Many visitors receive special invitations from Casino Hosts for Complimentary Accommodations. To get a great deal on a Private Jet Jet flight you will need to be a high rated and most valued player at the big name resorts which […]

What’s the Price for a Private Jet?

Most visitors are searching for a great deal on a Private Jet. We are here to help those travelers who are upgrading from Commercial air and experienced Private Jet Flyers who are searching for lower cost options with more flexibility. Discover a number of simple steps you can take to reduce your Charter Costs by 30-60%. Download and save the […]

Private Jet Charters

Private Jet Rentals Private jet charters allow you to rent an entire aircraft for a one time flight, rather than purchasing a fractional ownership or buying a set number of hours on a jet card. This can be a more cost-efficient option for individuals or groups who only need to fly privately on occasion. Very Light Jets (VLSs) are a […]

How much is a Private Jet

Jet Rentals and Charters are on top of our quote requests we receive each and every day. We are here to provide you with full transparency and the information you need to secure a great deal on your Private Plane Charter. You will be able to determine which type of Private Jet is the best and cost efficient. Meeting your […]

How much is my Private Jet to Vegas

Welcome to the most innovative Private Jet Charter firm. The Jet Portal which offers the most efficient way to charter or rent your Private Jet. Welcome to Vegas Express Jet the firm which innovated side-by-side charter rates and offers fixed prices. Making the very best use of your time to enjoy more time for business or leisure activities. We are […]

Private Jet Prices

Has the price for a Private Jet been reduced? During the Pandemic demand increased by 38% and Prices for Jet Charter Hours and Fuel spiked at 40%. Now–Demand is slowing and you will experience more availability. Experience a totally new way to secure a great deal on a Private Jet Charter. Unlike most charter Brokers and Operators Vegas Express Jet […]

Private Jets for Less

More Private Jet for Less Money, introducing you to special Perks and Prices extended to you for new bookings through December 2022. Start your savings with Private Jets, 30% less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Plus you receive special Perks extended by our Alliance Partners when you reserve your Private Jet Rental before 11/30/2022. Experience Private Jets for less, […]

Boeing Jet Charters

The Americas-Europe-Asia-Australia. Group and Commercial Aircraft with seating from 58 to 320 seats with Boeing 737, 777, 787 and Airbus A320 aircraft. Business Class Seating for Sports Teams and product launches for commercial firms. Our Commercial Team has the ability to provide you with any type of jet. Welcome aboard! Our Team Members, with decades of charter experience in the […]

Private Fly Costs

Searching for a Private Jet price can be challenging. With hundreds of Jet Charter and Rental options, Brokers and Operators will be competing for your business. You will encounter 150 plus options for Jet Cards, Fractional Ownership options and Membership packages. We help you decide which Jet options are best for you. Discover that the decisions you make, could provide […]

How much is a Private Jet

Flying Private, it is important to know what charges are incurred and services for which you pay. Most of the charter costs are based on a variable hourly rental fee. The Price you pay is based on the total flight time, including the passenger occupied time and the flight time to return the aircraft to base. A Federal Excise Tax […]

Fly Private Vegas

Coming soon, a totally new website which introduces you to the newest Private Planes and Jet Vacation packages. Designed to introduce you to Luxury Travel options with double-double Jet and Vacation programs. Totally new, we will be able to help you secure Luxury Accommodations with last minute “Open Legs” and “One Way Jet Charters”. Renting a Luxury Jet for you […]

Luxury Jets

Are you planning a trip from Florida or Texas to Hawaii, Las Vegas or Mexico? Don’t overlook the option to Charter or Rent a Larger Luxury Gulfstream or Global Jet with up to 14 seats. For better pricing consider the Super Midsize Category which includes the Challenger Jets with 12 seats. We here to introduce you to the very best […]

Private Jet Wine Country

ROOM TO EXPLORE-FEEL FREE TO SPEND SOME PLAYTIME IN WINE COUNTYRY-California’s Sonoma County may be one of the great wine-and-dine destinations. Bring the family, the places are all kid-friendly. Sonoma County airport is 15 minutes away from Healdsburg. The Montage has spacious rooms- two pools and a kids club. More play time for the adults and the kids—we get you […]

How Much is my Jet

Jet Prices are lower at Vegas Jet Express We are here to assist with–Private Jets, 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership. No need for Pricey Membership. Enjoy Private Plane Charters like you take a Ride with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for the flight hours. Simply ask for a quote and receive prices for several aircraft types. […]

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