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How to find open legs on Private Jets to Vegas?

Finding a Private Plane Rental and finding the right plane at the very best price is now a simple process. No other services provide you with side-by-side aircraft types with fully transparent prices. You get the information for your next business or vacation trip without the need to sign-up for annual memberships fees. Download the information you need, our Team Members at Vegas Express Jet will take the time to customize the quote for you. Make certain that you compare jet prices and aircraft options, we will make it easy to find open legs! Vegas Express Jet is not a jet broker or operator–we are simply a technology portal which help you secure the best prices and deals on Private Jet flights, rentals and open legs.

Light Jet Vegas Express Jet, 702-336-7345

Your empty legs–the advantage is yours:

  • You are Not Required to buy memberships to secure Empty Leg Quotes
  • After you accept a quote for an empty leg you pay the Flight Operator Direct
  • Vegas Express Jet secures quotes from some 80 Plus Charter Operators. All firms are FAA Authorized.
  • We will NOT ASK you for your credit card or personal information to secure a quote.
  • No Worries, we do not sell you any services you do not need, yes you should avoid Pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. We are a Private Jet Technology Portal and simply provide you with the very best options for your next trip to the Vegas Strip!
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Open Legs to Vegas with savings from 30-60%

We do all the work for you and provide you with a full suite of services, when you ask for a quote Vegas Express Jet will have the ability to search for you flight needs from over 80 FAA Jet Operators and determine which flights best meet your needs and budget requirements. It saves you hours if not days since the availability of Open Legs changes by the minute. Open legs are a part of the Private Jet industry–they work as follows:

For example a Private Jet departs LAX (Van Nuys) or Burbank to Las Vegas. This is a weekend trip and the party leaves at 5:00 PM. The Jet arrives on the Vegas Strip at 6:00 PM. After the passengers arrive on the Strip the plane returns without passengers to LAX. This means that the operator has no paying travelers on the flight from Vegas to LAX. This is considered an empty leg–the flight operator will be eager to sell this flight as an open leg to recover some costs for fuel and flight crews.

Open legs are posted on our system with the availability—they are available to you the public, with discounts from 30-60%. Most flights are booked at a 40% discount. Your seat price from Las Vegas is not reduced from $1200- per person to $600-.

Open Legs, need support call 702-336-7345. You have questions- we are here to address!

Open legs are available to all US Cities and Europe. For example you will find ample inventory and great savings of flights from LAX to New York Teterboro, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami to Las Vegas. Getting Married consider an open leg to Hawaii. Here are a number of questions we received from our visitors:

  • When I ask for a quote, will this include pricing and options for Open Legs?- Answer is Yes, provided you submit your charter requests within 3/30 days before flight departure.
  • When we request a Charter quote about 90 days out will I get a quote for an open leg–-No, open legs are not posted at this time–however you will receive a regular quote which includes a 30% discount since all our prices are 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership.
  • How much time will I have to accept a Open Leg options—be aware that a number of parties will be bidding on your flight. If possible please do not delay since the option is subject to availability.
  • What is the very best way to secure a great deal? If possible provide us with a range of dates, being flexible means that you will hav e more choices and options
  • Do I have to pay to secure a quote for an open leg? No you will not be charged for the services provided by Vegas Express Jet for quote. After you accept a quote you will pay the FAA Part Operator direct.
  • Why should I pay the flight operator direct. The answer is simply, you avoid the middleman and costs and have full transparency, no hidden fees or charges.
  • What happens in the event the charter is cancelled by the operator. This rarely happens, you will not be subject to any charges and receive a full refund. The Team Members at Vegas Express Jet will be here to assist you with a new booking.

Open Legs, all types of aircraft 4-30 seats

You will be able to select any types of aircraft. For travelers on shorter flights from California to Las Vegas, most flights are operated by Very Light to Light Jets. This includes the Hondajet, the Cessna Citation M2 or M 3 or the newest the Phenom 300 with up to 7 seats. Flights with a duration of 4.5 hours are mostly flown with the Lear 60, Hawker 800 for parties up to 8 passengers.

For larger parties you will discover that most aircraft are in the Super Midsize Group. This includes the Gulfstream 200 and the Challenger 601-604 series with up to 19 seats.

The Gulfstream IV is widely available for open legs from LAX and Las Vegas to Miami, New York Teterboro and East Coast cities. For international flights to London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Athens and Dubrovnik the price per seat on open legs is about the same as First Class Air on commercial airline. Now you will be able to fly direct to destinations such as Bordeaux, Marseille France without the need for stopovers. A family of 10 reserved a Private Jet for a family visit in Naples Italy.

Large Jets like the Gulfstream IV, V, 550 include the services of a Flight Attendant. The aircraft has up to 16 seats with a minimum of 8-10 sleeper berth. Our Air Concierge Team at Vegas Express Jet will be here to coordinate you in-flight entertainment and dining options. WIFI are services are typically Free of Charge–however Satellite Services are extra.

Open Legs, how to get a great price on a Private Jet

Simply talk to any of our flight planners, they are here full time and will not hard sell you on any services you DO NOT NEED. We suggest that you avoid pricey jet cards and memberships for regular travel. Should you fly Private over 150 hours per year, please feel free to get our advise, and options.

This week Vegas Express Jet was on TV and interviewed by Judge Angel. We visited with the members of the LV Territory to promote Tourism Nevada. Our guests are staying at Wynn Encore to Celebrate the Superbowl at the Spots Book. Our clients who arrived at the Henderson Executive Airport are enjoying a stay at the Downtown Vegas Circa. Other clients reserved a trip to London, Paris–we also reserved planes and stays at Disneyland and Disneyworld. Just in case you need any assistance with your travel plans, we have a team of Jet Experts, a full time Wedding Planner and Certified Travel Planners on our Team. All our services include special perks and upgrades provided by the Signature Network. All the service options are fully transparent- all taxes and fees are displayed!

Any type of Jet Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

From Open Legs to large cabin Private Jets we are here to meet all your travel needs. From Las Vegas to Naples, to Disneyworld. Meet our Team Members at 702-336-7345.

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