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Private Jet Prices

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Searching for a Private Jet Price? Connecting you to 80 Plus Flight Operators without any fees or charges is our mission. Real time intelligent pricing are a combination of leading edge technologies and the support you receive from a Team of Flight Planners and Air Concierges. All charter proposals are addressed to you with Guaranteed Rated and confirmed flights. No need to purchase memberships or invest in pricey prepaid jet cards. You will be able to compare aircraft types and pricing side-by-side, a Vegas Express Jet exclusive. Getting a Guaranteed quote with fully transparent pricing is yours. Download the information and start comparing.

Private Jet Prices at 30% less than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership.

When you shop for a Private Jet Rental you need to compare the aircraft type, seating and the costs for the Charter Hours. You will soon discover that each operator has their own rates, some apply special Dynamic rates for weekend travel. Dynamic rates are applied during peak demand–this may be a holiday or special event in the city or the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas Express Jet is not a Jet Operator or Broker- as a technology and Private Jet Portal we simply provide you with quotes from 80 Plus Operators. The rates are based on most recent flight operations and charges. After you select a quote, the Operator will provide you with a direct offer and charter agreement. This includes a Guaranteed Rate, aircraft and schedule confirmation. The information is fully transparent, no hidden fees or charges. Plus full disclosure of the name and address of your Jet Operator with the Registration (N Number of Tail). Save all the quotes and select the best deal for your next journey.

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Private Jet Prices with Open Legs

No worries, we use the latest technologies to provide you with the very best Jet Charter- Rental options. You receive a custom quote from Vegas Express Jet which includes your “Open Leg Options” typically available within 3-30 days before flight departure. Open leg options will save you from 30-60%, one of the best buys in the aviation industry. It’s a great way to fly private, coast to coast or to places like Paris, London or Rome or closer to Home Hawaii. Just in case, you have not considered Open Legs- feel free to call our support team at 702-720-2449. Open legs are the very best options for travelers who have some schedule flexibility.

Private Jet Prices, how much is my ticket

The entire Private Plane Charter is yours. Feel free to share or sell your empty seats on social media. Private Planes are here in all sizes with 4-30 seats. For shorter trips consider one the of the very Light Hondajets or the Citation M2 with 5 seats. Rates range from $2,300 to $2,600 per hour. Larger planes such as the Challenger or Gulfstream with up to 19 seats will be priced and $5,900 plus per hour. Comparing Private Jets with the costs of First Class air is a good start. You will discover that the rates are very close when you make certain that all seats on your Private Plan are fully occupied. To get you quote simply share you flight schedule and number of seats you need. Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you. No need for credit cards or personal information:

  • It’s simple, include your flights and dates- and the number of seats you need. It’s simple!
  • Your quotes include aircraft photos of the interior and seating charts. Aircraft details include WIFI, Seating and Bar and Washroom Facilities. Prices and aircraft are displayed side-by-side.
  • You select the best options and price. The Flight Operator will provide you with a Charter Proposal allowing you to reserve the aircraft. You may hold the selected airplane with your credit card or pay via a Bank Check. Your Rate is Guaranteed, your flight schedule is confirmed. No hidden fees or charges.

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Our Team Members include Flight Planners, Air Concierges and a Full Time Wedding planner. You will notice that your quote includes special offers from our Operators. This includes complimentary Bar Services, WIFI and special options for Limo Services and Catering. Here are some of the special Perks you should consider:

  1. Custom crafted land packages with transfers and upgrades at hotels. This includes properties like the Wynn-Encore. Enjoy daily breakfast services and room upgrades, subject to availability at time of check-in. To secure this benefit ask our Air Concierge Team to make you reservation.
  2. Our Wedding Consultant will offer a Free 30 Minute Phone Meeting. Joni Moss-Graham has over 30 years experience is here to help you discover that very special place.
  3. The Vegas Strip has much to offer beyond the Glitz and Glitter of the Casinos. Consider a daytrip ro weekend to the Grand Canyon , Zion or Bryce Canyon. Make the trip by Helicopter or Private Car, We will customize your trip the way you like it.
  4. Ask us about our day and weekend trips to the California Wineries, Golf at Pebble Beach or a day at Disneyland.
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