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How much is the Price for a Private Jet

Private Jets can be pricey, how can you travel private and make your trip affordable. Comparing the prices for a Private Jets is you first step. How do they compare with a Commercial Airlines like First Class Seats on Delta or American Airlines. You may be amazed and surprised to learn that a Golf Party from Jacksonville FL decided to compare and concluded that the Private Jet had much more to offer, close the to same price they paid for the Gulfstream Jet Charter with 14 seats. They used all their seats and secured complimentary suites at a Vegas Strip Resort with Golf Outings on the Strip playing a round of Golf on the Big Names TPC, Paiute, Snow Mountain, South Shore. All in exchange for some time at the Tables at the Resort. As a matter of fact some became very lucky and paid for their trips with their winnings–it’s time to plan for the next trip. The Resort included fine dining options and show tickets–making the total journey a great Extravaganza only possible on the Vegas Strip.

As a big bonus, they enjoyed the luxury of fine dining with a custom breakfast for the Morning departure which was served by their flight attendant. The Gulfstream 500 provided the group with ample space for baggage and their shopping spree on the Vegas Strip. This was a weekend to remember with a Thursday Departure and a Sunday Return.

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Private Jets on the Vegas Strip arrive at the Private Airport Lounges at the Atlantic, Signature and Henderson Executive Airports. Many visitors receive special invitations from Casino Hosts for Complimentary Accommodations. To get a great deal on a Private Jet Jet flight you will need to be a high rated and most valued player at the big name resorts which include the Wynn, Bellagio, Aria, MGM, Caesars and the Resort World. Here are some valuable tips for your next visit to the Vegas Strip. Follow and download our tips, read-on:

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Vegas Casino Jets, Casino Loyalty Programs

You need to sign-up for Casino Loyalty and Sports Books programs to partake in the very best Comps Vegas has to offer—don’t worry about Privacy Concerns. Each Resort will keep your information without sharing, your name and contact are amongst their most valued resources. For you as a Casino Player the information will be used to invite you to special events, complimentary room packages or upgrades and above all free travel. Upgrade your chances by opening your account in the Casino Cage. Get to to know your Casino Host. He is your connection to lot’s of freebies and special gifts. Try your skills at Baccarat, Crabs and partake in Poker Tournaments. Great options to improve your skills and be rewarded.

Vegas Casino Jets by Vegas Express Jet

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership– with total freedom of choice and your ability to compare all type of Plane Charter Options. Charter or Rent a Private Plane to the Las Vegas Strip, the very same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. No obligations or long term commitments. You simply pay for your Charter Hours. No need for Pricey memberships. Avoiding Jet Cards which require you to buy a prepaid jet card with prices from $25,000 to $250,000.

Vegas Casino Jets, How much is my Jet Charter?

Vegas Express Jet will provide you with the very best prices and aircraft types, All the work is done for you. Simply compare the best rates for several aircraft. You will be able to compare seating, WIFI options and Bar and Beverage Services. Take a look at the costs for each plane with side-by-side pricing, the information which allows you to make an intelligent decision, the choice is yours. No fees or charges, no credit card needed to secure a quote:

  • Get a quote- all it takes is your flight schedule and number of seats you need
  • Compare several airplanes, side-by-side view interior photos and seating maps. Pick a plane, if you wish.
  • Receive a charter proposal with Guaranteed Pricing, Flight Confirmations and the registration for your airplane– directly from the Flight Operator. It’s safe and secure and by booking direct with the operator you benefit from big savings
  • Feel free to reserve your plane with a Credit Card or pay via a Bank Check Wire. Final payment is due 24/72 hours before your flight departure.
Hondajet seating for 5 travelers

Our Team of Flight Planners, Our Travel Planners and Wedding Consultant will be here to answer your questions and provide you with more options. Don’t overlook “Open Legs” and “One Way Charters”. Our Team Members will be here to help you select the very best options.

Vegas Casino Charters, Introductions to Casino Hosts

We are well connected and will be delighted to introduce you to one of our Casino Hosts at Caesars or at the Wynn. You will receive a special welcome and directly benefit from special Perks. You will always benefit from the Private Flights and options provided by Vegas Express Jet. No request is to small, with all types of Private Jet Charters with 4-30 seats.

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