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The Private Jet and the Environment

Most recently we have seen an increase of messages with concerns which are focused on the environment and the use of a Private Jet. A number or news released address key figures and politicians traveling for the World Forum in Switzerland by Private Jet. The aviation industry is addressing concerns with the assistance of the various Governmental Agencies in Europe and the United States. Commercial airlines which Include Delta and other firms have been very successful in the use of fuel blends which include Bio Fuels. Here are some sample questions which we try to address, like many of our partners in the Aviation Industry we are here to address your concerns and provide you with meaningful solutions—here are some of the questions:

Do I have options, I need to visit a place and airport which is not served by the commercial airlines.

Select from Hundreds of Jet Options–Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Environmental steps you should consider before you fly Private

t’s great to see that you are concerned about the environmental impact of flying and want to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. When flying private, there are several things you can do to ensure that you are being responsible and sustainable.

  1. Choose an operator that uses sustainable practices: When selecting a jet operator, ask about their sustainability practices. Do they use biofuel or carbon offsets? Do they have programs in place to reduce their environmental impact? Choose an operator that prioritizes sustainability and has a track record of implementing sustainable practices. Vegas Express Jet has over 90 plus Alliance Partners at, last count over 20% of the Operators offer some type of Fuel Alternative.
  2. Opt for biofuels: Biofuels are a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuels and can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your flight. When booking your flight, ask if the operator has the option to use biofuels. Anticipate that the use of Bio Fuels may increase your charter costs from 30-40%.
  3. Purchase carbon offsets: Carbon offsets are a way to balance out the carbon emissions from your flight by investing in projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as reforestation or renewable energy. Many private jet operators offer carbon offset programs, so be sure to ask about this option.
  4. Fly on newer, more efficient aircraft: Newer private jets are designed to be more fuel-efficient and emit less carbon than older models. When choosing an aircraft, opt for a newer, more efficient model whenever possible.
  5. Minimize your travel: While it may not be possible to avoid flying altogether, consider other modes of transportation for shorter trips. When traveling for business, consider video conferencing or other virtual options whenever possible.

We help you with a Private Jets which meets your sustainable standards.

When it comes to getting information from the jet operator, here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Do you have a sustainability program in place?
  • Do you offer biofuel or carbon offset options for flights?
  • What is the carbon footprint of the aircraft I will be flying on?
  • Can you provide information on the efficiency of the aircraft I will be flying on?
  • What steps do you take to reduce your environmental impact?

If you are still struggling with this issue, you may want to consult one of our Team Members- availability of BIO, fuels may be a consideration, flying one of the newest Very Light Jets should be considered. Fuel consumption will be substantially less.

The Carbon Burn is mostly based on the size, weigh of the aircraft–don’t charter a larger Jet than you actually need. Whenever possible use all your seats.

The Private Jet and the environment, solutions by Vegas Express Jet- we can assist:

Ask us for a quote and include a message addressing the steps you wish to take to make your flight environtal responsible. We will provide you with a number of options for your consideration. Special Upcharges for BIO fuel and Carbon Offsets will be detailed in your pricing. Experience total freedom to select a Private Jet which meets all your requirements and is budget friendly.

Phenom 300 Jet

Private Jets which are environmentally better options

Over 70% of all Charter Flights are under 1,000 miles. About 2,3 hours and travel with 2-4 passengers. The newest category of Very Light Jets include the Hondajet, Citation M2 and the Phenom 300.

Hourly charter/rental rates range from $2,300 to $3,500 per hour. For example the Phenom 300 has seating for up to 7 passengers and a range of 4.5 hours. Unique to this aircraft is a center stand-up cabin. The interior is designed by BMW. You will be delighted with the comfortable seating and fully enclosed washroom. Take this Jet from Dallas or Austin TX to the Las Vegas Strip–or fly from LAX to Chicago.

Private Jets- How much is my charter flight?

Experience the difference. Each quote comes you way without the need for Credit Cards, or an up front Fee to secure the services and full transparency you receive from Vegas Express Jet. Compare several aircraft charter options with detailed side-by side pricing. Take a moment to view the Seating Chart and images of each aircraft. Rates you receive from the Charter Operators are fully Guaranteed without any upcharges or fees. No need to purchase pricey prepaid jet cards with up-front payment of $25,000 to $250,000.

Private Jet Support from Vegas Express Jet at 702-336-7345

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Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is an effective way to reward and motivate employees by offering them a unique and exciting experience that they will remember for a long time. It can help to build loyalty, improve morale, and increase employee engagement, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

To ensure a successful incentive travel program, it is important to work with a group of Travel Experts who can provide a wide range of options tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your team. This includes choosing the right destination, planning engaging activities and experiences, and managing all logistics to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip.

A number of incentive trips include a number of special events and seminars to recognize employees who deserve special recognition for their work and innovative way to generate new business.

By offering a unique and memorable travel experience, you can incentivize your employees to work harder and deliver better results, knowing that their efforts will be rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime trip. This can help to create a culture of excellence, where employees are motivated to do their best and strive for success.

In summary, incentive travel is a powerful tool for motivating and rewarding employees. By working with a team of Travel Experts, you can design an unforgettable experience that will inspire and energize your team, leading to increased sales and improved customer service. Vegas Express Jet has a Team of Travel Incentive Planners who will be here to understand your business objectives. This with the objective to provide you with a wide range of options.

Private Jets

Incentive Travel, places to go! Make it Sizzle!

Your options are unlimited, will it be a trip for a single employee. Or will you invite a specific group of employees with outstanding accomplishments. Or are you inviting your Franchised Holders to a destination for a new product launch. Destinations may include Las Vegas, Orlando or any overseas location.

Las Vegas

Incentives which are well deserved!

Options may include a special allowance, this provides the employee with the ability to select his very own destination—-this is a very flexible option. The employee would be able to work with a designated travel planner. Such gifts will be taxable under current IRS Rules

Combining incentive travel with seminars—a win/win for your employees, business and customers.

You and your firm may decide to conduct of-site-seminars which allow you to update your employees on new products, sales policies. You will be able to recognize top performing employees at special events.

Let us do the work for you–total freedom and flexibility.

First, it’s important to identify the specific goals and objectives of the incentive program. This could include increasing sales, improving employee performance, or promoting brand awareness, among others.

Next, it’s important to consider the size and format of the incentive program. Based on the success of the smaller incentive meetings for the Pharma Industry, it may be worthwhile to consider hosting smaller group events rather than large-scale conferences or conventions.

Additionally, it’s important to establish clear communication and a strong working relationship between your executive team, marketing group, and our travel planners. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Finally, it’s important to evaluate the success of the incentive program after it has been implemented. This will help to identify areas for improvement and ensure that future programs are even more effective.

Overall, developing an effective incentive program requires careful planning, communication, and evaluation. By working closely with your travel planners and marketing team, you can create a program that meets your specific goals and generates positive results.

Group Travel

May we assist you? We have the experience, knowledge and solutions to address your budget need with full transparent plans and options.

Just in case, this is the very first time you consider incentive travel. Consider options which allow you to combine employee, or client recognition with a combination of Training Seminars and a totally new travel experience. We suggest that you review such options with your tax advisors. Based on your needs and recommendations we will be here to provide you with a series of options which include the following:

  • Private Group or Business Jet Travel
  • Meeting rooms and overnight accommodations
  • Special catering options
  • Meeting facilities
  • Guest speakers

Incentive Travel, Any place, any time

We provide you with a side range of options—we welcome the opportunity to work and partner with your in-house travel experts. You will benefit from full transparency with net/net rates and your ability to execute charter and room block agreements directly with the suppliers.

Vegas Express Jet will provide you with Consulting Services and Expertise. A services agreement will apply for all the services you may require. This process allows you to fully control the programs and your expenses. After all a great Incentive journey should be a win/win for all concerned.

Incentive Travel, Product Launches-day trips

When you consider your options, include your ability to fly your clients and franchised holders for a day visit to locations like Las Vegas and Orlando for a one day product introduction–you will be able to fly participants on morning flights returning in the early evening. Las Vegas is an excellent destination with ample space for presentations and displays. Midweek events allow you to negotiate for the lowest possible rates and special concessions.

Incentive Travel, Contact us at 702-336-7345

  • A fully accredited Travel Portal and Signature Agency through a partnerships
  • Team Members are Jet and Travel Experts with the CTC Designation
  • Over 90 Alliance Partners provide the lowest possible charter costs for Private Jets

Sports Team Charters

As and Executive or Coach, taking a Sports Team on the Road can be a challenge. You will be considering the lowest priced options and compare rates and schedules. Soon you will discover that the low cost options for Group Travel pose serious cancellation fees. A Charter option may be costly, however returning home after an evening game may be a cost saver. You may considering a special invitation for your fan club members. We are here to provide you with a winning combination of great travel options and include special incentives for your loyal followers. We do all the work for you, allowing you to focus on your team. We are here to make it a winning combination for your team, your players and your Fan Club Members.

Sports Team Travel, did you know we are here to assist!

A Team of Jet Experts, Travel Advisors backed up by leading technologies is here to help you with the very best solutions. Our focus and recommendations will be based on your specific needs which will be addressed in a proposal for each game and event. You will be able to compare options and costs. The safety of your team and fans will be critical component in all the options we share. Please take a moment to review your Charter Jet, Group and Coach Travel. We have taken thousands on complicated itineraries overseas. We are confident that we have meaningful solutions that work for you and your team.

All types of Private Jets
  1. Determine the best mode of transportation: Depending on the distance of the game location, you may need to decide whether to travel by bus or air. While traveling by bus may be cheaper, air travel may be more comfortable and faster. Consider the number of team members, equipment, and travel time when deciding which mode of transportation to use.
  2. Book transportation early: Once you have decided on the mode of transportation, book it as early as possible to avoid any last-minute changes or difficulties. This will also give you time to negotiate better rates, especially if you are traveling as a group.
  3. Arrange accommodations: Research and book accommodations early, as hotels near popular sporting events tend to fill up quickly. Consider factors such as proximity to the game venue, availability of transportation to the venue, and amenities offered.
  4. Plan for team meals: Coordinate meal arrangements for the team, including pre-game and post-game meals. Ensure that meals are nutritious and provide adequate fuel for the team’s performance.
  5. Consider the fans: If you have a fan club, consider arranging for their transportation and accommodations as well. This will make it easier for them to support the team and boost team morale.
  6. Plan for downtime: Plan for some downtime during the trip to allow team members to rest and relax. This will help prevent exhaustion and boost team performance.
  7. Communicate with team members: Keep team members informed about the trip itinerary, including transportation and accommodation details, game schedules, and meal plans. Ensure that everyone has the necessary information to avoid any confusion or last-minute changes.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your sports team’s out-of-town games are successful and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Seating for 30, 55, 160, 310 passengers

Sports Team Charters by Vegas Express Jet

With a Team of Flight Planners, Dispatch Agents and Travel Advisors–it will be our objective to understand the need of your Executive Office, Team Coaches and your marketing group which will focus on your Team Fans and Followers— What makes Team Travel Different?

  • Team Members may be covered by a contractual agreement which dedicates seat types, room accommodations and travel times.
  • Using a Private Jet allows you to schedule late PM flights at times when scheduled flights are bot available.
  • The use of low cost group fares will be considered and addressed in each quotes submitted by Vegas Express Jet.
  • You will experience full transparency with all quotes which provide you with multiple flight opens and cost projections. Deposits, payment procedures and potential cancellations fees with be fully disclosed.
  • Consider special program options which allow your fan based and social membership groups to partake–expanding your membership will greatly enhance the team experience and the value of your membership benefits.

Each Team has very special needs, we do not offer you simple cookie templates and help you analyze your timelines and risks which may be a part of group rates—-we are here to effer solutions that work for you!

Airbus Cabin for Executive Travel

Sports Team Support at 702-336-7345

Vegas Express Jet and our partners at Fly Private Vegas will be here to understand the needs of your organization. It will be our objective to provide you with a detailed itinerary which addresses your travel options. You will be able to compare Charter Costs with Group rates and the benefits and restrictions which may apply. We will be delighted to meet with you via ZOOM or on site to fully understand your need. Our handling fees are amazingly affordable. We ask you to consider our Credentials:

  • Extensive background in airport operations and customer services. Group handling of Sports Equipment
  • Managed charter fleet of 18 Commercial Boeing Aircraft
  • VP Leisure Marketing Major Airline, programs and incentives for Loyalty Programs
  • Consulting projects for FAA Part 135 Charter Operators, Station Manager at a Las Vegas Strip Hangar

Sports team invitations:

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Private Jets to Vegas

Looking for a great deal on a Private Jet to the Las Vegas Strip? The possibilities are unlimited, we help you decide which type of Jet should be on your shopping list and how to secure a cheap deal with all the luxury services you have on your wishlist. We help you with flights like you take a trip with UBER or lyft and recommend that you download the best solutions to make a smart decision, download the information you need and start your journey here: let’s get you started with your own Private Jet Rental or Charter to the Vegas Strip:

Gulfstream jet with 14-16 seats, Business Trips, Weddings and tours.

Private Jets to Vegas- the best plane for your trip

You need to know! Over 80% of all Jet Charter Flights and Rentals are under 1000 miles, or about 3.2 hours and are operated with only 2-3 passengers. The newest group of high tech and Very Light Aircraft are very affordable with hourly rates from only $1,900 per hour. Review you options and decide:

Cirrus Vision Jet

The Cirrus Vision Jet with 3-5 seats

This Jet is high tech with a self landing system and a parachute build-in. This jet is a great choice for 3-5 passengers. You may need to use the last row of seats for baggage. Operated by one or two pilots this is your best buy for flights from Santa Barbara to Vegas or from LAX to San Diego. Upgrading to next category of aircraft may be a great option.

Citation M2 Jet with seating for 5

Cessna Citation M2 with seating for 5

The Cessna Citation M2 has seating for 5 guests- the interior designed by BMW make it feel like a big luxury jet. This plane is your with WIFI entertainment and a fully enclosed washroom (just in case). Take this Very Light Luxury Jet for a weekend to the Vegas Strip from LAX, Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne. Costs for a weekend range from $12,000 to $14,000 (That’s about $3,000 per seat) and may save you up to 10 long hours on the 15 Freeway during a peak weekend.

The Phenom 300 Business Jet with seating for 7

The Phenom 300 Jet, most demanded by Business Flyers

The Phenom 300 is a light jet designed by Embraer with seating for 7 guests. This plane will take you from LAX to Austin TX or from Dallas to the Vegas Strip. The interior is spacious with a standup cabin which is a unique feature. This jet has a fully enclosed washroom and forward mini bar well stocked with your favorite drinks and wide selection of snacks. Luxury comes at a price with Charter costs ranging from $3,500 to $4,000 per hour. Early bookings are highly recommended due to an inventory shortage.

Private Jets to Vegas, how much will I pay?

PRIVATE JETS AT 30% LESS THAN JET CARDS & FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP—Vegas Express Jet and Fly Private Vegas are partners in a Private Jet Portal which helps you secure the very best pricing from 90 Plus Alliance Partners–all FAA Authorized Jet Operators with extensive fleets of Private Aircraft for Charter Lease or Rentals. Ask for a quote and we will do all the work for you—better rates, no hidden charges with full transparency, you decide and compare:

  • Ask for a quote, all it takes is your flight schedule and number of seats you need
  • Your e:mail inbox will provide you with a series of aircraft options with side-by-side pricing. The options allow you to compare seating charts and aircraft options such as baggage space and WIFI. Simply select the aircraft and pricing which meets your needs.
  • Now you will receive a Guaranteed and Direct quote from the Charter Operator with the Aircraft Registration and details of the Charter Firm. You may select to proceed and approve the Charter Agreement–or ask for additional quotes and options.

You now have the option to accept your aircraft charter and pay the operator via your credit card or via a Bank Wire Payment. Your charter costs will be due/payable 24/72 hours before your departure. Feel free to call us for additional option and pricing.

Private Jets, Wedding Certificate $1000-

Red Rock Wedding Las Vegas

Make it a very special Wedding proposal, arrive on the Vegas Strip to propose to that very special person in your life and accept a $1000- Gift certificate from Vegas Express Jet and the LV Wedding Connection when you bundle your wedding celebration with a Private Jet Journey.

Private Jets Vegas, 24/7 Support at 702-336-7345

Our Team Members include Flight Planners, Wedding Consultants and Travel Advisors. We are here to help you and are prepared to address all your needs. Please call our airport desk- No request is too small.

Fly Private Vegas

Flying to the Vegas Strip is a dream come true for Business and Vacation Travelers. Arriving on-board your very own Jet Charter or Rental makes this a lifetime experience. Each of our guests have a very different mission. Some travelers receive invitations from the resorts like the Wynn, Bellagio, Aria and MGM to enjoy complimentary suites, upgrades. For some this includes fine dining and show tickets extended through rewards extended by loyal players.

Other visitors are here with friends and family to enjoy the pools, nightlife or celebrate a Wedding Proposal or visit to the Grand Canyon. Vegas Express Jet in partnership with the LVWedding Connection is extending a $1000- Ask us for a copy of your certificate, please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Fly Private at rates which are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. Charter a jet in the same way and manner you take a ride with Lyft or UBER and only pay for the Charter time. No need to purchase pricey Jet Cards with up-front payment of $25,000 to $250,000. Take a moment to download the (secret sauce) of the Private Jet Charter and Rental industry.

Phenom 300 Jet- standup cabin with seating for 7 guests.

How to Fly Private to Vegas

Take charge and ensure that you compare rates and aircraft types. This applies to the experienced Jet Flyers and for travelers who are upgrading from commercial airline seats to the benefits of flying private.

  • Take a very light jet with prices from $1,900 for the Cirrus Vision Jet with 3-5 seats
  • Consider open legs with cost savings from 30-60% and reduce you costs for a weekend from Vegas to LAX from $600- per seat to under $300-
  • Avoid weekends a Peka Holidays to benefit from the lowest prices
  • Vegas Express Rates are 30% Less Than Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership.
  • For larger jets and extended stays on the Vegas Strip consider two one ways, you will avoid the costs for crew members and aircraft parking on the Strip Airports.

How to Fly Private, compare rates and aircraft.

Charter Brokers will be strong contenders for your business if you plan to buy a Jet Card with an up-front investment of $25,000 to $250,000. This may be a great choice for Top Tier Executives with big budgets. Operators will show you the availability of their own fleet of aircraft–this may limit your choices, options and bottomline costs.

Vegas Express Jet is a Jet Technology Portal, it secures direct quotes for you from some 90 Plus operators. We will introduce you to the very best quotes and options and let you decide. Rates and aircraft are displayed side-by side. The choice is yours- Guaranteed rates will follow with a charter agreement is you wish to proceed. No risks or obligations- the choice is yours. We simply do all the work for you. You benefit from full transparency, no personal information needed. No fees for quotes or support.

How much is the Price for a Private Jet

Private Jets can be pricey, how can you travel private and make your trip affordable. Comparing the prices for a Private Jets is you first step. How do they compare with a Commercial Airlines like First Class Seats on Delta or American Airlines. You may be amazed and surprised to learn that a Golf Party from Jacksonville FL decided to compare and concluded that the Private Jet had much more to offer, close the to same price they paid for the Gulfstream Jet Charter with 14 seats. They used all their seats and secured complimentary suites at a Vegas Strip Resort with Golf Outings on the Strip playing a round of Golf on the Big Names TPC, Paiute, Snow Mountain, South Shore. All in exchange for some time at the Tables at the Resort. As a matter of fact some became very lucky and paid for their trips with their winnings–it’s time to plan for the next trip. The Resort included fine dining options and show tickets–making the total journey a great Extravaganza only possible on the Vegas Strip.

As a big bonus, they enjoyed the luxury of fine dining with a custom breakfast for the Morning departure which was served by their flight attendant. The Gulfstream 500 provided the group with ample space for baggage and their shopping spree on the Vegas Strip. This was a weekend to remember with a Thursday Departure and a Sunday Return.

How much will you pay, let us do the work for you. No need for memberships or credit cards, contact us at 702-336-7345 or

Cheap Private Jets

You don’t need to be lucky to get a great deal on a Private Jet. Don’t worry, you will not be required to buy Pricey Prepaid Jet Cards or Annual memberships. We will help you download all the tools you will need to enjoy a Private Jet Rental with a trip to over 4,000 airports. Know which planes are your best options and how the pricing for a Private Jet becomes the bottomline the next time you book a Private Jet Flight.

Cheapest Private Jets

The very newest and fuel efficient aircraft includes the “Very Light Jets”. Fly like you take a ride with UBER of Lyft and only pay for your trip. No need for on-going memberships fees or long term obligations on your Part. The Very Light Jets are “Fuel Efficient”, provide the latest technologies and offer attractive purchase and ownership costs. All those cost savings mean lower hourly charter rates for you.

Cheap Jets, how much

When you rent or charter a Private Plane, the price you pay is based on the total hours for your charter. This includes the flight time for your jet to return to base. It’s time to share the best and cheapest Jets:

The Cirrus Vision Jet has a total of 5 seats, a Price Leader with a range of 500 miles.

The Cirrus Vision Jet is a great choice for trips under 500 miles. This plane will take you to Vegas from Santa Barbara or from Dallas to Houston. Hourly charter costs from under $2,000. Consider this your cheapest Jet Option. The jet has the latest safety technologies with a Build-in Parachute and a self landing system.

The Hondajet is the darling of the Very ight Jets with seating for 5 passengers, a complimentary Wi-Fi service and a fully enclosed washroom. Vegas Express Jet

Over 70% of all Charter flights are under 1,500 miles, the Hondajet or the Citation M2 are best choices with hourly charter costs from $2,300 to $2,700. Each aircraft has a comfortable layout with complimentary Wi-Fi and a fully enclosed washroom. Features which you do not expect to find in a Cheap Jet.

Cheapest Jet prices

Hands down, Vegas Express Jet helps you secure the Cheapest Costs. You will be receiving quotes from over 70 Private Jet operators with various types of jets with interior photos and seating plans. Vegas Express Jet will compare all the options and provide you with the very best aircraft. Prices will be fully detailed and transparent with your costs for Charter Hours, Excise Taxes and fees.

How much is a Private Jet

Know the price, and compare your options. You will be able to manage the costs for a Private Jet Rental and be in control of the price you pay when you follow a number of simple steps. No need to watch a series of a “how to videos ” when you need the numbers and prices. Let us take you from Airplane types to hourly charter costs. We recommend that you download our shopping list which details your options–in some cases the results may surprise you. Just for the record Vegas Express Jet is not a Broker or Charter Company–we are a Technology Jet Portal which shares the best rates and options from up to 100 Charter firms. You compare costs and options and decide to receive a direct proposal for several aircraft options. No hidden prices, you benefit from full transparence with the ability to determine how much you will be paying for a Private Jet. Take your time and save the information you need to compare prices for Private Jets. Become an expert and understand the difference between Very light, Light, Midsize, Super Midsize and Large Cabin Aircraft.

Private Jet Prices, Very Light Jets!

You may be surprised to learn that over 70% of all flights are under 3.2 hours and cover a distance of under 1,000 miles. The aviation understree responded and aircraft builders like Cessna, Hondajet and Embraer created a series of Very Light Jets build from the latest high tech materials and mated the aircraft with a new generation of Jet Engines. One of the more recent additions is the Vision Jet which is known for the high tech features such as a build-in parachute and a self landing system. Compare the different jets and the Hourly charter costs. You may take a Very light Jet on you next trip and enjoy big savings.

Cirrus Very Light Jet
The 3-5 Seat Vision Jet is available at the LAX and Santa Barbara Airports, Vegas Express Jet will be pleased to provide you with a quote.

The Vision Jet with 3-5 seats

Are your searching for a short flight, from John Wayne to Santa Barbara this is the plane you should select. The Vision Jet does not have a baggage compartment. We recommend three passengers only allowing you to use the rear bench seats for you baggage. Expect hour charter prices from $1,900 to $2,300. Plus a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax. It’s a best buy and value within the category of Very Light Jets. The Vision Jet is a great option if you are focused on Cheap Budget Jets.

The Hondajet, Vegas Express Jet, highly recommended

Hondajet- Free WIFI and fully enclosed washroom

The Hondajet stands out with engines build over the wings and not attached to the main frame of the aircraft. This jet has a spacious cabin with seating for 5 travelers, the interior includes a fully enclosed washroom and is yours with Free WIFI services. Expect hourly charter rates from $2,300 to $2,700. The higher rates apply on weekends and on special holidays. Booking early is a good choice.

The Citation M2 with seating for 5 Guests, Interior is designed by BMW

Cessna Citation M2, how much is this Private Jet

One of the most favorite light jets the Citation M2 sports wide seats and an interior designed by the German BMW group. This jet makes you feel like you travel is a much larger jet. For you comfort this plane comes with a WIFI entertainment system which is downloaded on the aircraft and a full beverage and bar kit. This jet is operated by a Captain and First officer. This plane will satisfy the need of the most demanding travelers, Hourly prices range from $2,200 to $2,800. Get a quote and compare your costs.

Light and Midsized Jets. The Price you pay for a bigger Jet

The Midsize Jets offer a major advantage for travelers who need a cover a great distance–most Very Light Light Jets have a range of up to 3.4 hours, Midsized Jets will take you on flights up to 4 hours. For example you will be able to fly from Chicago to Las Vegas or LAX with a midsize jet. Or take a flight from Houston to LAX or from LAX to Seattle, Portland or Vancouver CA. The prices for a Midsize Jet with seating for 7 to 8 passengers will range from$3,500 to $4,000. Midsize Jets include the Lear 35A, Lear 60, Hawker 800 and the newest Phenom 300.

Phenom 300 Jet with 78 seats,

The Phenom 300 is the most favorite aircraft for the Business Flyers. This Jet has a standup cabin which gives your the feel of a much larger aircraft. You also benefit from a fully enclosed washroom and ample storage space. This Jet is yours with FREE WIFI and typically charters with rates from $3,500 to $4,100 per hour. This aircraft is available at LAX and at Carlsbad CA.

Lear 35A, Vegas Express Jet

Midsize Jet the Lear 35

The Lear 35A is a very fast aircraft, some have been updated and now have long range capabilities. You will be able to take this Jet with seating for 6 guests from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Orlando. Expect hourly rates from $4,500 to $5,000 per hour. Since the Lear 35A is very fast, your total charter hours may be lower providing you with surprising savings.

Super Midsize Jets

This group of aircraft will take you from Coast to Coast–or to Hawaii, Paris or London. Amongst the best buys and values is the Challenger 601-604 series which may offer you great efficiency with 12-19 seats. Prices for the Challenger, Falcon 1000 and the Gulfstream 200 will range from $4,900 to $5,400 per hour. This group of jets is very much in demand for Casino Charters to the Las Vegas Strip and for Sports events. Don’t forget to talk to you Casino Host–he may be willing to make a deal for Complimentary Suites, Fine Dining and Show tickets during your stay on the Vegas Strip.

Falcon Jet with seating for 10 guests, Vegas Express Jet

Large Cabin Jets

Planning a trip for a Wedding or a extended visit to Europe, Hong Kong the Gulfstream IV, V, 550 and 650 will meet all your needs. Some of the aircraft will offer up to 19 seats. What makes this jet soo different? First it has a vast baggage compartment which may be accessed during your flight. The forward galley has sufficient space to accommodate multiple meal services. With a large washroom this aircraft is certain the to check all the boxes for the ladies in your group. Expect hourly rates from $5,900 and UP! This plane is in high demand for wedding parties to places like Maui Hawaii or Barbados in the Caribbean.

A $1000- Wedding Proposal Gift Certificate

Vegas Express Jet and the Las Vegas Wedding Connection offer you a $1000- Gift certificate when you bundle you Wedding with a Private Jet Honeymoon Package. It’s yours to start you Wedding Proposal at the famous Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains. (bookings are accepted through June 15, 2023)

Cheap Private Jets

Many shoppers for Private Jets have discovered the 30-60% savings when they shop for open legs–As a matter of fact Open Legs are flights which operate without passengers. For example a couple takes a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Las Vegas and makes it a one way only, the flight and crew may be returning back to base without any revenue passengers. Operators will post empty legs and make a last minute deal to secure some type of income to offset the costs for crew and fuel. Vegas Express has a long list of open legs and receives frequent update. Simply share your needs, and on of our flight planners will do all the work for you. The best time to search and book and open leg ranges from 3-30 days before departure. If you have a flexible schedule, this is a great choice.

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

Searching for a Private Jet can be confusing and bewildering for some. Charter brokers will be here to sell you over 90 types of Jet Cards which require up-front investments of $25,000 to $250,000. Other firms will ask you to become a member and pay $100- for free quotes. Be aware, you have different options which provide you with total freedom of choice.

Experience the Vegas Express Jet difference, no risks or obligations- no need for Credit Cards and personal information

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal which searches for the best rates from Hundreds of Private Jet Operators. Within this category flight operators have a large fleet of aircraft. Our flight planners will match your request with all available aircraft within ou in-house technologies and view all posted open legs. Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you.

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Private Jet Prices

Shopping for a Private Jet should include you ability to view several aircraft options and pricing. Vegas Express Jet will help you compare aircraft types and the cost for each jet side-by-side. You will be able to view the seating charts and the interior seating and layout of the cabin. Catering and bar services are detailed in the quote. Experience the difference, you quotes are fully transparent with no hidden fees or charges. At all costs, you should avoid Pricey Jet Cards with big up front investments and a vast array of booking requirements and restrictions. All quotes issued by Vegas Express Jet are a combination of data secured from our leading edge technologies and a personal review by on of our Flight Planners. The lowest priced jet may not address your needs when you travel with children and Pets.

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