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Sports Charters

Coaching a team can be a challenge–winning is great, in between all your activities you may be required to prepare for a tournament. We know that you constantly need to deal with schedule changes for your Team and your loyal followers. This is why we take some extra time to provide you with solutions that are budget friendly and provide you with flexibility of choice. Travel can get more complicated when you visit smaller cities and communities with limited air services. It is our mission to provide you with options and solutions. We have been able to provide all types of aircraft, from the 30 Seat Embraer 135 to the B737 or the RB 2ith 150 seats. We take care of all the details with departures from FBO’s. We will be here to take care of your Sports Charters.

One of you very first options by air may include blocked-space and group rates with commercial airlines. Providing you with discounts from 10-20% plus your ability to make name and schedule changes at no or minimal costs.

Whatever your needs, one of our Sports Team Members will be here to provide you with solutions. We will consider the travel times and fitness of your team with flight schedules before and after the tournament or games. We understand your need for last minute changes and unexpected events. Additionally, if you have a loyal fan base, they deserve to be present. On the ground hotel accommodations and dining options are cost critical. We help you develop a task list which will help you and your coaches.  Help is here from our Airport desk at 702-336-7345.

A number of teams have contractual obligations which deserve your review before you make any travel arrangements. Please share your specific needs with our Sport Team Coordinator. Plan ahead whenever possible. Each and every sports charter is different–we understand and provide you with options and solutions for your Sports Charters.

Sports Teams Vegas

The Vegas Raiders are at the Allegiant Stadium, only five minutes from the Signature Private Airport lounge of the Vegas Strip. The Atlantic terminal is the ideal airport lounge for a visit to the Vegas Golden Knights at the TMobile. For the Silver Knights the Henderson Dollar Loan Center is only 15 minutes away. For Formula 1 we suggest that you consider the Henderson Executive Terminal which has ample parking for aircraft. The same applies to Superbowl 2024. Please consult with our Team Members for Charter Jet Options and Group Travel–discover how we take care of all the details for your next Sports Event.

Sports flights to Vegas

Coaches, we are with you. Your in the middle of your players, owners and families who are here with here to help you plan all your trips. We share the pain and are here to assists. We have access to charter companies in the air and the ground. We are here to help you coordinate your schedules and flight requirements—this takes a great deal of patience and special care. 

Have policies in places which guide you. For example at what time will you use motorcoaches for long distance travel–or upgrade to air services. Is this based on the distance or travel time. An 8 hour bus ride with rest stops may be and exhausting experience and directly impact the performance of your team. Just in case you need assistance, we will be here to help you plan with your schedules and aircraft needs. Remember, we have been able to help other teams and provide you with solutions that work! Winning is our goal. For support please call our airport desk–we are eager to help your set you very own goal posts! Please call us at 702-336-7345 and ask for the Sports Desk.

You will be able to secure group space on commercial airlines with discounts ranging from 10-20%. When you fly commercial you need to address the TSA screening procedures and the airline’s requirements for baggage allowances or excess fees for sports gear. Airlines may require you to submit names or you group may be subject to cancellation fees.

A Private Jet is one of the very best solutions providing you with the ability to make flight and schedule changes on a need bases. Aircraft capacity ranges from 30 to 140 seats. Most team will use of a Boeing 737 or Airbus 319 Jet with 140 to 160 seats. Hourly prices for a commercial Jet will range from $16,000 to $21,000.  Should your team need an aircraft for a tournament special charter issued should be addressed to enusre that you benefit from full time aircraft and availability with a standby crew.

Don’t overlook the needs of your fans–this is a perfect option to invite your loyal fans with special programs and options. A great opportunity to offer a special event, ticket prices at your out-of-town games. We are here to provide you with options and programs which will be designed as user friendly bookings and potentially merchandising options. The sky is the limit. It could be a perfect fundraiser.

Sports Team Travel, did you know we are here to assist!

A Team of Jet Experts, Travel Advisors backed up by leading technologies is here to help you with the very best solutions. Our focus and recommendations will be based on your specific needs which will be addressed in a proposal for each game and event. You will be able to compare options and costs. The safety of your team and fans will be critical component in all the options we share. Please take a moment to review your Charter Jet, Group and Coach Travel. We have taken thousands on complicated itineraries overseas. We are confident that we have meaningful solutions that work for you and your team.

All types of Private Jets
  1. Determine the best mode of transportation: Depending on the distance of the game location, you may need to decide whether to travel by bus or air. While traveling by bus may be cheaper, air travel may be more comfortable and faster. Consider the number of team members, equipment, and travel time when deciding which mode of transportation to use.
  2. Book transportation early: Once you have decided on the mode of transportation, book it as early as possible to avoid any last-minute changes or difficulties. This will also give you time to negotiate better rates, especially if you are traveling as a group.
  3. Arrange accommodations: Research and book accommodations early, as hotels near popular sporting events tend to fill up quickly. Consider factors such as proximity to the game venue, availability of transportation to the venue, and amenities offered.
  4. Plan for team meals: Coordinate meal arrangements for the team, including pre-game and post-game meals. Ensure that meals are nutritious and provide adequate fuel for the team’s performance.
  5. Consider the fans: If you have a fan club, consider arranging for their transportation and accommodations as well. This will make it easier for them to support the team and boost team morale.
  6. Plan for downtime: Plan for some downtime during the trip to allow team members to rest and relax. This will help prevent exhaustion and boost team performance.
  7. Communicate with team members: Keep team members informed about the trip itinerary, including transportation and accommodation details, game schedules, and meal plans. Ensure that everyone has the necessary information to avoid any confusion or last-minute changes.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your sports team’s out-of-town games are successful and enjoyable for everyone involved. Your team members and sports fans will love to fly Private!

Seating for 30, 55, 160, 310 passengers

Sports Team Charters by Vegas Express Jet

With a Team of Flight Planners, Dispatch Agents and Travel Advisors–it will be our objective to understand the need of your Executive Office, Team Coaches and your marketing group which will focus on your Team Fans and Followers— What makes Team Travel Different?

  • Team Members may be covered by a contractual agreement which dedicates seat types, room accommodations and travel times.
  • Using a Private Jet allows you to schedule late PM flights at times when scheduled flights are bot available. Return flights after the game are an option to save on hotel nights, meals.
  • The use of low cost group fares will be considered and addressed in each quotes submitted by Vegas Express Jet.
  • You will experience full transparency with all quotes which provide you with multiple flight opens and cost projections. Deposits, payment procedures and potential cancellations fees with be fully disclosed.
  • Consider special program options which allow your fan based and social membership groups to partake–expanding your membership will greatly enhance the team experience and the value of your membership benefits.

Each Team has very special needs, we do not offer you simple cookie templates and help you analyze your timelines and risks which may be a part of group rates—-we are here to effer solutions that work for you!

Airbus Cabin for Executive Travel

Sports Team Support at 702-336-7345

Vegas Express Jet and our partners at Fly Private Vegas will be here to understand the needs of your organization. It will be our objective to provide you with a detailed itinerary which addresses your travel options. You will be able to compare Charter Costs with Group rates and the benefits and restrictions which may apply. We will be delighted to meet with you via ZOOM or on site to fully understand your travel requirements for you and your team members. No request is too small.