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Fly Private Vegas

Coming soon, a totally new website which introduces you to the newest Private Planes and Jet Vacation packages. Designed to introduce you to Luxury Travel options with double-double Jet and Vacation programs. Totally new, we will be able to help you secure Luxury Accommodations with last minute “Open Legs” and “One Way Jet Charters”. Renting a Luxury Jet for you Business or Pleasure travel is now made seamless. Share your wishes here.

Explore Jet Vacations at the California Wineries at the Napa Valley, the Central Coast. Our make it a round of Golf at Pebble Beach via the Monterey Airport. Our Concierge Team will take care of all your arrangements at Disneyworld or Disneyland–for a day or weekend. For the first time you will be able to take a Jet Journey to Maui or Europe. Read-on

Gulfstream 650-14 Seats, Long Haul Large Cabin Jet,

Fly Private

Hundreds of Aircraft are available, we help you decide which Jet Aircraft will be best suited for your party, the distance you fly and the price you pay. Vegas Express Jet will be able to secure rate quotes from 50 Plus FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators–as a matter of fact each firm competes with your business. Utilizing our high tech system we will share the best options with you. You’re invited to explore our Three Click System which is designed for those who are planning a Private Jet Journey–read on.

  1. Click one- simply share your flight schedules, dates and times with the number of seats you need. We do the rest saving you hours, if not days.
  2. Click Two- you receive the very best quotes we received from our 50 Plus Alliance Partners. You will be able to review aircraft options, photos of the interior seating and seats maps. View your charter rates and options which are displayed side-by-side. A Vegas Express Jet exclusive.
  3. Click Three- You simply select the quote which best meets your needs and budget. The Jet Operator you selected will provide you with a fully transparent charter proposal with the tail number and operator registration. Your Charter rate is Guaranteed with your flight schedule as requested. Should you wish to proceed, request your charter agreement for approval- and the payment of a deposit to hold your aircraft. Use a credit card–or pay via a Bank Wire Check. Final payment is due 24/72 hours before your flight departure.
Gran Canyon, Private Driver Guide or Helicopter-Concierge Team at 702-336-7345 at Vegas Express Jet

Fly Private Jet flights

Explore and download your Private Jet benefits. We do all the work for you, allowing you to experience Luxury in the air to and from 4,000 airports.

Your departure—

Fly from a FBO (Fixed Base Operator) Private Airport Lounge. You will notice a large area with comfortable seating and a reception desk. No lines, no TSA. It’s OK to arrive for your flight 15 minutes early. One of your Pilots or flight attendants will meet you in the lobby. Should you arrive by Limousine, the airport team will escort you directly to your plane for “Planeside Boarding”. Your baggage will be loaded instantly, no waiting. During your flight you will be able to relax, preplan your meetings are enjoy time with your family. Most aircraft offer a wide range of entertainment programs and WIFI Services.

Arriving with no lines at the baggage carousel!

Arriving on the Vegas Strip or at the Henderson Executive Airport is a very special experience–you will be minutes away from the Vegas Resorts. This includes the MGM, Aria, Bellagio and the Wynn. You will be one block away from the 4Seasons a non gaming property, much preferred by our Luxury Guests.

Dining Options

Air Concierges

A Team of Jet Concierges will be here to assist you with your entire trip, from the moment you leave your home to the moment your return. Help is only a phone call away:

  • All your catering options will be reviewed from the moment you reserve your Charter Jet. From standard catering options such as a fully stocked bar to Sandwiches, Fruit or Fish Platters. And full menu options for long coast to coast or overseas flights. Vegas Express provides complimentary breakfast services for all Mid and Super Midsize Jets with departures before 10:00 AM
  • Special arrangements for your Pets, this includes Pet Approval and safety for your furry friends.
  • We help you customize your itinerary with Resorts Reservations at all major hotels. Expect complimentary room upgrades and breakfast services. Please ask for details and the need to reserve with a one night deposit
  • Custom Crafted Vacation packages to the National Parks with a Private Car and Tour Guide. Optional Helicopter tours with savings from 30-60 to the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion
  • Daily Wine Charters to Napa Valley, the California Central Coast with wine pairing and special events for families or small business groups
  • Disneyland Excursions with departures from all Strip Resorts and a Private Jet flight from the Strip Airports to the John Wayne Orange County Airport.
Falcon Jet-10 seat, Hawaii, Mexico, Maui and Coast to Coast. 10-12 Seats

Private Jets to Las Vegas

Plan your Business Trip or Vacation now, you will be able to compare hundreds of Jet types. Take advantage of Jet Rates, 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. No need to purchase pricey jet cards from $25,000 to $250,000 or up. Simply take a Private Flight like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. No obligations or any risks on your part. Get a quote now! or call our Airport Desk at 702-336-7345


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Vegas Express Jet LLC is a Private Jet Technology Portal which secures quotes for travelers. Bids are secured from 50 Plus Alliance Partners and FAA Part 135 operators. Best available quotes are shared with the consumer for review and consideration. Travelers may opt to select a quote and directly receive a Charter Agreement from the operator which is fully transparent with Guaranteed Rates, Full disclosure of Flight schedules and the identification of the aircraft (Tail Number and Operator Details.) Travelers pay the operator direct via a Credit Card or Bank Wire.

Vegas Express Jet does not collect any payment or owns or operates any aircraft and is NOT a direct or indirect air carrier. Liability insurance is provided by the FAA Part 135 operator. Carefully review your Charter Agreement before you sign and approve- cancellation terms and conditions may apply. Concierge Services for Vegas Express Jet are provided by a TRUE 99901760 Registered Agency. Fly Private Vegas is a sister company of Vegas Express Jet LLC.